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Jen Aniston

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Cut, Cut, Cut! Hi - How you doing? - I’m good What are you doing? I’m lip-synching! Ya, I know that, and that’s really really adorable! But ah, do you- do you know any songs about water? No... Hi, I’m Jen Aniston and I’m here to talk to you about SmartWater. But in this day and age apparently I can’t just do that, can I? I can’t just tell you that SmartWater is the smartest, best tasting water that’s out there. I have to make a video apparently that turns into a virus! Viral So, We need the video to go viral. Right, sorry viral! Thank you. This is why I have these three lovely internet boys here to help me, so, apparently, well, animals are huge on line. Do we have animals? Oh your, ah, so sweet! Can you say: “I love SmartWater”? No, no, no, out of there. “I love SmartWater”. Rachel, I love your hair Ok. That’s enough, I don’t want, let's try to think of something else. Okay, well that’s adorable, look at you guys! Look at them, this... wait! What are you doing? No No No! No dirty dancing, babies. It will get us more views It will also get us arrested Babies stop that, you really can’t do that, yet, where’s the mummy? Full on. Double rainbow all the way across the sky! What’s going on? Oh, my God Hi, honey, are you okay? It's so beautiful! What? Come on, let’s get you up! Here, have some SmartWater. What did they do to you? Anything else? What’s left? Oh, my God, Jen Aniston, I have been in love with you forever. Sorry, apparently, that’s worth about 100,000 hits! Not for me. God! is it, is it hot in here? I’m fired! Well in closing, I would like to say that SmartWater is the purest tasting water there is! What are we gonna call this video? Jen Anniston’s sex tape? I love it!

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Duration: 2 minutes and 45 seconds
Country: United States
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Posted by: totleigh on Apr 2, 2011

ad for smartwater

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