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Detailed leacrtue on Sufism by Imam Mahdi Gohar Shahi part 3/8

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Till Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] was present --- then behind this Imam PBUH the telephone was fixed in the front --- those gifts went up. Now, there is no any Imam having a telephone --- how you’ll send up, now? The home where telephone is installed, the gifts went up through that telephone. When that gift goes up, then it becomes the journey of a Momin. This is called Momin! There is also sainthood beyond this; that is within you. Saints who come do not fall from skies. They are within us and you. Everyone has the secret of sainthood inside them. Whoever child came in this world even if he is a child of an infidel --- he, too, came with the secret of sainthood. Who knows he will become a Muslim? Ask for repentance? And history is the witness that the children of infidels turned out to be Muslims and became saints of highest rank. If infidel’s children can become saints, why the children of Muslims can’t become saints? What is that secret of sainthood? You would have seen while sleeping at night you wander in other city. That’s not you but your inside’s creature which is called Nafs (Self). That keeps on wandering in satanic congregations and entered into your body when this returns back. There are several types of such souls inside you which are spiritual entities (Lataifs). There are seven spiritual entities (Lataifs). When those (Spiritual entities) get ‘Light of God’/Noor --- those start nourishing with this ‘Light’ (Noor). When these are nourished with Light of God (noor) then you see that you are sleeping at night and you in the feet of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] with the help of those creatures when those are strengthened. Then, which those creatures are? When Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] went on Meiraj 'the Night of Ascension' Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] led a prayer at Bait-ul-Moqaddas (al-Quds al-Sharif) before reaching. The prayer which was led before; to whom it was led? To the souls of saints and prophets and when went up and got the ‘prayer’ --- for whom it was given? It was given for the people of nafs (self) so that they get purified through this prayer and will enter into ‘that’ prayer (prayer of soul). Even today if someone will purify himself and prepare his soul then, he is entered in ‘that’ prayer. This (prayer of physical body) is Shariat-e-Muhammadi. Here the Holy Body of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is called to be Muhammad [PBUH]. The name of the Holy Body of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is Muhammad [PBUH], and this is called Shariat-e-Muhammadi. And the name of the Holy Soul of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is called Ahmed [PBUH] any soul that reached His [PBUH] soul enters in Shariat-e-Ahmedi. The name of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] up there is Ahmed [PBUH]. Then, once you would come up in front of Allah, then that place is called Makam-e- Mehmood (Station of Mehmood). There Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is named as Mehmood [PBUH]. Bhit shah (Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai) says “prayers and fasting is an easy task but that way is another”. Prayers and fasting are indeed good deed, but that way is another one. The prayer and fasting leads to paradise, do not leads to God; the way to reach God is another one. We saw people in mountains with very long rosaries, they are doing Allah-Allah they are doing a lot of worship but didn’t found Allah. Saw in caves, didn’t found Allah. Saw in mosques --- thirty-forty years have gone offering prayers. Upon asking did you found Allah? Answered NO! Then, who has found God? Those found God who explored in their hearts --- they found God --- because the connection of God is with hearts. Now, the prayers which you are offering it have the connection with paradise and we give you a proof for it. You might have offered many prayers, might have counted rosaries, might have offered midnight prayers too but whenever you have prayed (Dua), then you must have asked this that “O’ God grant me paradise”. You did for paradise that is why you asked for paradise. Recall! Have you ever asked, “O’ God I need you”? You never said so! Because you didn’t ever performed that act for God. When you will start chanting Allah-Allah in your heart --- then that path leads towards God. When Allah will come into your heart, then you will never ask that God I want paradise. You’ll ask, God I want you when Allah will be found, He will not keep you sit beside Him --- you will be sent to paradise ultimately. Then paradise will be given without asking for it. There are so many sects, they says vision of God is not possible. Many (sects) say that vision of God is possible. The vision which Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] had, was happened with His [PBUH] holy body and vision which is happened to saints is actually through their inner creatures. God has planted those satellites within you. He (The almighty) created seven skies, by catching one creature from each sky; put it in your structure. Don’t know if he would be fond of visiting Malakoot (first sky) after preparing his Qalb (The Heart) he will walk around in Malakoot. Maybe he is fond of going to Jabaroot (second sky) then he will strengthen the Latifa rooh/soul and will go to Jabaroot. It is possible he is fond of having a vision of God. Maybe he is fond of Seeing God. Then, he will strengthen Latifa Ana (spiritual entity Ana which is in the forehead) and will approach in front of God. Whenever someone prepares these creatures (spiritual entities). This Latifa (spiritual entity) Ana which is in the forehead its zikr /commemoration is ‘Ya Hu’, it gets prepared with ‘Ya Hu’. He becomes just like an angel. That time person thinks “lets’ see what is happening up there”. The person thought and he flies up. He (Latifa/spiritual entity Ana) is dependent on him. The angels stop him. He doesn’t stop. They say whoever it is will be burnt going beyond Bait-ul-Mamoor (the celestial Archetype of kaabah) ) because even angles can’t go beyond the Bait-ul-Mamoor and he goes even beyond Bait-ul-mamoor. He reached there, where God is. That time angels utter that “the man really is a superior of creations”. That time he is to be called ‘superior of creations’ now he is not. When he reached there with great effort, he reached after a lot of sacrifices. Don’t know how much time he has spent in preparation, it must take minimum 12 years. Those people who went to the jungles they could offer their prayers at homes also. Then, why they went to the forests? They went there to prepare their creatures. Once one approached to the court of God, then they see each other with great love & affection. Then Allah says: “I see you and you see me.” They look at each other with love & affection. Then, Allah’s image makes its way to his (Saint) eyes, from eyes it travels to his heart, when it approaches in his heart then Allah instructs him to go back to the people now on “whoever will see you, will see Me”. This is one who is called Perfect Spiritual guide (Kamil Murshid). “Seeing to such spiritual guide/murshid is like millions of pilgrims to me” and such a spiritual guide/murshid is eligible for bait, who makes one approach to God. And those who get sold are actually sold themselves for such a spiritual guide/murshid. Now, the question is that in our area and wherever we walk around, there are Gaddi Nashin (The Shrine Sitters) and Sajjada Nashin (The Shrine Beholders) all of them have made themselves to be spiritual guide/murshid. Now, the spiritual guide/murshid which we chose, that we chose in order to seek God. This body doesn’t approach Allah but the inner things of the body use to go towards God. If he (murshid) doesn’t know how to make these things reach there, then how big a culprit he is? Only wali/saints is eligible to make people bait. As there if anyone is not prophet but declares to be a prophet, is infidel and his followers also becomes infidels. Likewise, if someone is not a saint and pretends to be a saint reaches near to infidelity. The one was an infidel he was infidel for himself

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Posted by: theallfaith on May 10, 2010 This address was delivered by His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi in Azad Kashmir (Pakistan).

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