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Venus Project in Portugal (Part 10)

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when you look at a city, it's spread out, it's inefficient, it uses a lot of energy waste, 'cause building are different sizes, there's no plan. The roads wind all over the place. Trolley cars and buses travel at the ground level. They have to stop at every corner, spewing poison gas out the back of the cars. All over the world, there's traffic lights and this cars stop, they jam, they louse up the environment. The cost of your cities could be saved by designing cities that are cost efficient and more humane. Don´t you see... your cities have accidents. We'd have proximity devices so cars can't hit. People can't be burnt in a fire 'cause everything in a building is fire proof, need no fire engines, in other words... When you say: "Why can't we go back to the charming days, when we lived in a city and learned to like it." That's why I said, if I go to your house and take out all the electric lights and give you a gas light and kerosene lamp, you'd like that, if you're brought up with that. But today, you want electric lights, you don't want a kerosene lamp, you don't want a gas lamp. When it blew out, the all family died in the old days. Did you now that? - a old city Lisbon. We don't live in the same way as we lived in three hundred years ago, here in this city. So, why not think about the progress... - Because compared to the cities that even Jacque has designing, you are living in the past, like they did three thousand years ago or three hundred years ago. The direction of The Venus Project is to produce a very high standard of living for everyone, all over the globe and if you say you want to maintain these cities that are a tremendous cost in terms of resources and energy and the health of people with the pollution and the dangerous areas and the very high cost of waste disposal, then you're depriving other people of a higher standard of living. You can get conditioned to anything. - Let me ask a question. Do you have a laptop, sir? - I do. - Do you have a laptop? - Yes, I do. - You do. I'm surprised you don't keep the pen. Anyway, any other questions? - Yes. I have three... - Hello. Can you hear me? Ok. Well, first of all... To Roxanne and Jacque... - Can you hold the mic closer to your mouth. We can't quite hear you, yeah. - Ok... My first word would be to thank you both to Roxanne and Jacque to actually be in Portugal, I realize it's the first time Jacque Fresco is visiting our country so please, fell at home, and I hope you enjoy your stay. It's a privilege for most of us, if not all, to actually meet you hear. Now, thank you. - Thank you. - I have two questions, which I put in one question and I hope I get answer to both. It's been over thirty years that your amazing ideas are trying to get some... to see the light. Fresco, if you look back, I'm sure there were moments that maybe you invested time and strength in one direction, to pull though and maybe things didn't work out the way you planed, 'cause you were dealing with human beings, with different agendas. If there's anything, that you could tell people, to go in particular directions, to see your ideas through, what would be your friendly warning? I mean, is there anything that we should learn from your past experience, so that we don't go in the same... difficult areas or difficult direction? Is there... some fields that we should avoid, is there any particular lobby that we should be aiming for? I mean, is there anything that we can learn directly and just please tell us, where not to go and just move forward in a particular direction that maybe over thirty years, you've learned so far. - If there's anything that you can advise from your past that you can help people not to make the same mistakes that you might have made and tell them where to go. - Because, mainly I believe we're dealing with a mountain of issues that go beyond what people might agree with you or not. And the second part of the question is... - One question. - I haven't finished. - One at a time. - I can recommend certain books, that are on our website. One is called Tyranny of Words, by Stuart Chase. That's one. Language and thought in action. Goes into, when politicians speak, they say: "America bla bla bla bla bla. War bla bla bla bla." They don't say anything. Just make noises. You should be proud to be a Filipino. Just noise, no information. When a teacher says to a kid: "That's wrong." Those words have no information. Think about it. When you say to a kid: "That's wrong.", he doesn't know what's wrong. But if you...if he spells cat with a K, then you say: "Very close, we just change the K, except in certain countries where they use K, to a C. And he comes around with a C facing the wrong way. Say: "Much closer." Isn't it? It's much closer than spelling it with a K. So, you don't ever use language like: "That's not what I told you." There's no information on those words. You just say: "Your landing gear it's too short, the propeller will hit the ground." Stuff like that is information. Where did I get that from? Years ago, I wanted to know how airplanes fly. Of course, I asked my parents, they didn't know. My relatives, they didn't know. So, I went to the library, but this is years of frustration. I wanted to know very... how can I fly on this thin stuff? And when I got the book, I opened it great anxiety, I went to the library, was called The Wright Brothers and it starts out with: "It was a sunny day in May." And this is all: "The Wright was hanging clothing on the line." That bothered me, knowing. I wanna know how plains fly. I didn't wanna know about the sunny day in May. That all book was sunny day in May. Near the end of the book, they killed the pigeon, and they put wires in his wings to keep' em out and they moved the wings forward, backwards to find central balance. That was information. I had to plough throw all that bullshit to get to that one point. So, I learned how to read books and scratch the bullshit and just... Like, if a doctor made a wonderful contribution to medicine, I didn't want to know that he lived in Palos Verdes, he has three children, Janet, Jennifer and Mildrid, I didn't wanna know that, and the doctor loved to play golf. Who the hell gives a shit? I just wanna know what he did? So, in the books of the future, they'll tell you what a person did, if you wanna know about the guy, that will be on the bottom. There's so much information in the world today, we cannot afford sunny day in May. You understand that? Now, writers get payed by the amount of books they write, not the words they can stick in a book. All that's commercial and it takes it away from the information. And I had a... I was teaching a course, a five year course, and the students were learning it in one month. And the principal came up to me: "Hey Jacque, this is a five year course." That means, he doesn't give a shit about people. He just interested in the money. To prove that your government doesn't care about you. Cigarets will not be available in any sane society. Cigarets always, not sometimes, always produce cancer, in fifteen or twenty years, it takes time. So, telling kids not to smoke... We would show movies of a guy dying of choking, of cancer. We'd show fresh lung tissues that stretches. After you've been smoking for twenty years, it tears when you pull off. We show people grasping for breath, dying of cancer. Real film. That's the best way of saying: "No to drugs." Now, what the hell is that. Some pinhead wrote that. The wife of president, what was his name? - Reagan. - Ronald Reagan. - Yeah. - Nancy Reagan said: "No to drugs." What a stupid woman. That doesn't work, that doesn't do anything. You have so many stupid people in government, powerful people, in the army and in the navy. I wanna tell you a little bit about president Truman. Oppenheimer and Einstein went to see Truman and they said: "Now that we have the atom bomb, please, don't drop it on Japan. Drop it thirty miles of the coast. Say: "We have a terrible weapon, we rather not use it, please surrender." And Truman said: "I don't want those bums here anymore." And he dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They won't forget that. You killed all this thousands of people in a few seconds. Now, don't you think that's gonna have a memory in the race? The Japanese people won't forget that. You drop bombs on cities and burn the people down there. That's not the answer to problems. That's an answer five hundred years ago.

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Venus Project in Portugal (Part 10)

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