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Sulik vs. Schulz

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We should still about who should stick to what criteria, for a moment pause and and I would like to introduce you to someone who says that Greece should withdraw from the euro, and this is one with colleagues who ever fought for entry into the euro zone now and almost caused a minor scandal. In October 2011 sees the whole of Europe in Slovakia. Parliament should approve the euro. He was the hero of the discussed Richard Sulik, President of the Parliament, said it eurovalu. He and his party voted against increase in eurovalu and triggered riots across Europe. In the second round but finally passed the euro, but fell to the Slovak government. On March tenth declared new elections. A Richard Sulik is now with us. Mr. Sulik, why why are you so rigid in Greece? But it is not nekompriomisné, práveže is a chance for Greece. It's for them as a jacket, no chance to survive with the euro, economy because countries are too different. For example, tourism in Greece is quite large compared with the economy. Waiter earns 12 euros there and in neighboring Bulgaria earns only 2 euros. You can tell the Greeks that pitch, there is a crisis, by tomorrow it will be only € 6. And then will be riots in the streets, perhaps even civil war. The second option would be if the Greeks said that you have the 12, but already it is not euro but drachma. That is all. So it's impassable for humans, such a reduction. At these prices with these salaries as the most productive, there is no chance. It would be a relief for Greece if they leave the Euro. In the discussion we are now saying that it is a political project for solidarity and why can not feel solidarity with the Greeks, too? I am also sympathetic, but it should also have significance. And I have to ask, that all with whom we have to be in solidarity? Albania? Somalia? The whole world? They do not have the Euro. Bruce Willis recently saved the world, but I do not know whether such. Germany and some countries even have the power to save all. From p. Schulz, it sounds nice that we have to save Greece, and Mrs. Watwová says that we must save and Hungary, but it financial strength are not enough to rescue everyone. If they say they can save, fine, but I and also in our country because the government had fallen, I say that Slovaks must first help themselves. We are the poorest country in the Eurozone. Pensions in Greece are 4 times higher than us. And then someone comes out of Brussels and say well, Slovaks, still need to save, increase your taxes and zachraňujte. It just do not explain to people. And yet the question. Do not you think that Slovakia still into a similar situation can also get? But if the Socialists in power, yes. They like to spend money, especially other people's money. To be in the blood. To make only the socialists? They do the most. But surely we all do. It is the plague of Western Europe. In Germany, in 75 was the year when it was adhered to a balanced budget. In France 30 years doing a debt is once it ends. A Greece to this point came first. Greece and Portugal followed, of course, it's just the illusion of saving the country. Most of the euro money also flowed into Greece after all. I do not know how much 200 billion already was? Even before the crisis to support the economy. Where A is the result? Nothing. According to your logic, would thus countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy had out of the Eurozone? No, not Italy. Italy is the richest country in the EU. When you compare people's property with the country's GDP. Italy has the third largest gold reserves in the world. Italy has hundreds of state enterprises. Just have to start selling them. But really would be stupid if it is easier to push your hand and ask the ECB to purchase bonds they need more money. They do it very cleverly. Yes, this whole trio is handy. Even the man from Greece, and those of the ECB. They are all colleagues of one bank. Yes, it is quite them. Do you want us to go into the ring? Go ahead, we continue at the table. Continued p. Schulz. then p. Bochub and p. Sulik. I want to say something p. Sulík. You were proud to as former Speaker of Parliament, that you are on the Ministry of Finance Your countries have the lowest tax rate of 19%. Did I ever. The lowest tax a marked outflow of capital from EU countries and Germany, which also pay billions in EU funds, which benefited countries like Slovakia. And then comes a point where this country which has benefited greatly from the EU is requested to be in solidarity. All are in solidarity. Just not Sulík. Despite their low taxes, the supply of capital from our country and EU funds. Huge solidarity with them and once they are asking for solidarity and refuse. You know how I call such behavior? Shameful. Mr. Sulik, that you were well supported and is now fair to refuse to help? First Slovakia is also a lot of money to Brussels has been done. Yes, thanks to you that the EU economy has grown. First, the lowest tax. There are countries that have a lower tax. Eg. Ireland has only 12%. Germany has about 480 exemptions in their tax legislation. Slovakia is 25th If Germany struck most of the exceptions and would introduce a flat tax, it would also suffice 19% percent. Although these tax revenues compared with the country's GDP Slovakia are comparable with Germany. And of course, pay taxes in Slovakia. The euro area has been built to certain rules. And as the Lisbon Treaty which is the fundamental EU treaty, says that each country is responsible for their own debts. It did not fall from heaven this rule. And then you come and say, that some solidarity. They violated the rules, for example. ECB would not buy bonds and make it. Each country is responsible for their own debts. Why is it violates? And if someone is against it stand up and say that it is against this violation of the rules, then to hear from you. But because of that speech has never been! You should say something. In order to Slovaks. You are only very minor part of the Slovaks. Why do you personal? All other parties your country see it differently and I'm glad it does. And whom you represent? For Slovakia gained much solidarity from the EU. Why are you now private? Why is personal? You are only one side of the head. And you're the boss of what? Whom you represent? Who you chose p. Schulz. 760 754, I was president of 754 representatives in Parliament. And they represent. I voted for 300 000 people. You have been removed. Of course we were recalled. Because we are not allowed to tell Brussels. Next question. Why buy land in bankruptcy, a new army tank? Why should the poorest pay the unions while millionaires moving possessions abroad? Not another cent to the government. These tanks are produced in Germany and go to Greece. It's a question of justice as saying p. Sulik. How do you explain the poor countries, that the Greeks must pay for this? For me it is inexplicable. But for the army. Greece has 135 000 troops. 11 135 000 million-strong country! Slovakia is a half and has 14 000 troops. So one tenth. They therefore indulge in a great army. Mr. Schulz, you have a very generous man. Let's set up eurobond that the Greeks had less interest. You are still in distributing foreign money, but I would say. Germany has undertaken to guarantee 211 billion for these countries. Now comes the permanent Euro and it is another $ 200 billion. Now Germany has 30 billion could be what you have written off, This is where Slovakia did not participate. With a tiny party that succeeded fortunately this transfer of Slovak flag, because it is tossing money out the window. And I would wonder how much would you give of your money p. Schulz, you're very generous, but only with taxpayers' money. To make all politicians. Germany could have ... p. Sulík move the issue further ... I understand solidarity, when West Germany to help East Germany, and understand and solidarity from northern to southern Italy, as well as western Slovakia in solidarity with výchoným. The country is ok. But you have seen voluntary solidarity with the citizens of the country completely foreign country? Now you think that Germany will say that we have to be in solidarity with Greece, but now why not Albania? Why not all countries in the world? For outside the euro area. How to choose p. Schulz ...

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Sulik vs. Schulz

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