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Kai Liu - Anren, China - Sichuan (Global Lives Project, 2008) ~03:15:18 - 03:30:19

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Hey Pal, please get out of the way. Whose chives are these? How much of the chives? 2 yuan a catty Give me a bunch It's easy to get good lotus roots in the morning Please cut off the ends for me Hey Well, the lotus roots Cut the ends off. One hundred and sixty,one hundred and sixty-five catties Well? You can feed rabbit with the ends (of the lotus roots) What about the price? What? The price? Seller: 2 yuan a catty Where is your knife? I cut them off myself This lotus root is better than ChenXiaohua's ChenXiaohua's is so bad Listen We cut some, and buy other vegetables later Watch, do it like this I don't want tip and ends Okay, that's okay Cut more Tips and ends One hundred and sixty-five to one hundred and seventy catties Okay, I'll come back later Cabbage Cowpea Let me check it Today I need one hundred and thirty, it's enough See if it's enough for three or four days Seller: it's all good quality. Don't worry It's a little worse Seller: no, it's neat One hundred and thirty catties One hundred and thirty catties Give me a bag Give me a bag Seller: don't worry about it The price? dont be harsh Seller: you need gentleness? Seller: I pack them for you. All nice powpeas. Don't worry Well, okay Seller: I pack them for you. That guy wants one hundred and sixty catties Okay Seller: I am back soon Any cabbages? Seller: forty-five cents a catty I need good quality. Seller: one cigaretteļ¼Ÿ I want 100 catties 100 catties Seller: It needs peeling Why? I have to peel the skin off Seller: like this, look? That's okay Listen, the outer layers must be peeled peel Look, the outer layers. Seller: peel off. Get it done well. Well? Give me a bag I pack them for you I don't trust you. Look, pack like this Seller: yes, right I'll be back later Seller:pack them like this. Ginger. Have any winter melons left? Winter melon No? Seller: maybe some there 2, 230 catties Do you have 230 catties left ? No? They are too small. Weigh these winter melons and carry them outside Carry them outside Seller: We don't weigh them before you have selected them I select, and weigh later It's too small. It's almost okay Ch

Video Details

Duration: 15 minutes
Country: China
Language: Yi, Sichuan
Producer: Ya-Hsuan Huang, Yi Han
Director: Ya-Hsuan Huang
Views: 104
Posted by: glm_yh on Jan 5, 2010

Kai arrives at the market. He visits the lotus root vendor, the long bean vendor and the cabbage vendor outside of the main tent.

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