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Afrita - A Musical Encounter in Kathmandu

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Video Details

Team: Girl Rising
Duration: 4 minutes and 10 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
License: All rights reserved
Producer: Martha Adams, Tom Yellin, Richard Robbins
Director: Richard E. Robbins
Views: 55
Posted by: girlrising on Jan 30, 2014

A month ago, as I was walking in the streets of the Nepali capital. I noticed one girl. In the middle of the charming disorder of the Naya Bazaar neighborhood and its permanent concerto of car horns, she was singing with a very delicate voice while hanging her family's laundry to dry. I crossed the street to ask if I could take her photo and after a couple of shots, she asked in a perfect English if I wanted to see her room. Quite intrigued by both the kindness and the beauty of the girl, I followed her to her room. Her name was Afrita.

Like so many young girls in Nepal, Afrita could have been vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Instead, she is in school, where she is safe, and given the opportunity to thrive and become the famous singe she hopes to be.

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