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Now in this video we're going to be checking out the state of the art innovative camera system that the Super Duty has to offer. Cameras have been positioned to enhance visibility all around the truck especially areas your mirrors don't cover. What we wanna do it take a look at the 360 degree camera because that gives you a nice view around the truck. On the right, you can see the bird's eye view. He dropped that tank right behind me. I could see it, I didn't have to get out, I didn't even look up. I want to show you the split screen view. It allows you to kinda peek around the corner if you will. See the truck? Yeah, so now it's safe to go by. So if you're reversing out of a parking spot or your construction site, kinda like we're in here, you're not gonna have a great viewpoint on either side. The clarity of the picture allows you to see exactly what's around your truck. So as you can see, as you're slowly backing up, see the truck right there? It definitely takes a lot of blind spots out of the construction site. The view from the high mounted camera here really helps when you're hooking up a gooseneck or a fifth wheel trailer. And, the centre high mounted stoplight camera also lets you keep tabs on your cargo. Plus, you can get this camera, which you can easily mount to the back of your trailer yourself. This camera is specially designed to mount on the back of your trailer for enhanced visibility behind you. It provides a view that traditional mirrors can't. Even for the experts, backing up can sometimes be a challenge. The trailer reverse guidance system enhances visibility to make it easier. Visual guides are displayed on the centre dash screen. You get an enhanced view of where the trailer is going, with the guidelines changing in response to the steering wheel. Anyone who has been on a busy worksite, crowded with equipment, materials, and workers knows the visibility is the key. With advanced camera features like these, you'll not only own work, you'll own the worksite too.

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