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The Legend of Killer Killer Episode 1

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All peoples all through galaxy where we go, got story. Story is help make society. Story is help make civilization. On Hoidan Zeday world and on Human world, in long before times, People make fire. People sit by fire, tell story. Teach young ones about how world become. Hoidan Zeday and Human people got what is hero legend. The legend of how people be strong over bad happening. I tell you very oldest hero legend Hoidan Zeday got. Is legend of Narghay Narghay. Name is mean Killer Killer. Greatest, oldest Hoidan Zeday hero. Teaches us story for tell at fire. Hoidan Zeday world is much as Earth only is colder. There be much mountains. Long time before Hoidan Zeday, was little animal live in mountains. They is mnenhengay. Means little parent. The is for us, ancestor species. They live together as big families, as we live now. They climb in mountains with they special sticky feet as we got now. Predator eat they. Predator is we name Narghay. They fly, but is not as Earth bird. They got skin wings with fur. Narghay fly down fast and quiet. They grab little animals and eat they. So is, mnehnengay change. They get bigger. Narghay get bigger. They get fast. Narghay get fast. They learn hide in holes in mountains. Narghay get smarty. They fly over families and make scare threat calls at people. Baby ones get scared and cry. Mnyeh! Mnyeh! Narghay hear they scare calls, they fly at the babies. Babies get so scare the run. Narghay fly down. Kill. All family is sad and scare. Everybody cry. That is how it is, until the time come Narghay Narghay. To be continued... The Legend of Killer Killer Credits: script, illustrations, animation, voices, sound effects and music by Cynthia Echterling. Original Music,"Idda Gaah" made with ... my mouth, an oak desk, a plastic water bottle, a wooden meat mallet, a gourd and a wash board Special thanks to the following people: Thank you for watching. If you would like to know more about the Hoidan Zeday or any of the Network Species. Please visit our website at or email us at [email protected]

Video Details

Duration: 3 minutes and 26 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: Cynthia Echterling
Director: Cynthia Echterling
Views: 50
Posted by: cdechterling on Feb 22, 2011

The story of an orphan who saves the Hoidan Zeday people from the giant, flying predators who prey upon them.

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