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Turtle Wax Scratch Repair Kit

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If you've got to scratch like this which catches your fingernail but hasn't gone through to the paint lead but as a white scratch repair kit contains everything you need to repent and keep your car in the market after washing and dry your car apply masking tape about an inch either side of the area to be repaired this will help you remember where it is take the clearcoat took took an unprecedented onto a piece of paper to stop flow read carefully along the scratch to fill it with resin dispatch will look as if ti's disappeared needed to dry for an hour redo it if you need to go into the scratch is completely filled but the final application dry overnight now all that remains is to smooth it leveled blend it into the rest of the paint work statt by applying spray lubricant to the area out into the number two pad number one pad to deepa scratches when you're using touch up paint prabhupada gently the scratch about twenty times and why dr repeats until the repair blends in with the original thakes next years the number three brown pad keep everything what's rob gently about twenty times until the repai area smooth using the number four blue pad continue to blend the repairing it with the original paint work by robing widely keeping everything wet with the spray lubricant with blended while dry now you can remove the masking tape all that's left to do is to bring back the blocks to the damaged area put a little paint clarifying compound on a cloth rob lightly at right angles to the direction of the sunning process this area needs waxing so finish with your favorite turtle wax product that's how easy it is to stop scratches from spoiling the look of your body work and that's scratch package form turtle wax

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Posted by: jlin8 on Nov 30, 2013

For use on minor scratches, the Paint Clarifying Compound will polish out repairs and remove scratches, while the Clear Coat Touch Up Pen can be used for filling in moderate to deep scratches. The Spray Lubricant will keep surfaces wet while using the Abrasive Pads, which will remove any excess Clear Coat and facilitate the removal of minor scratches, far quicker than traditional compounds and liquids.

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