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Felipe Gómez - Las 3 virtudes para alcanzar el virtuosismo

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I'd like to profit from being a music enthusiast, and try to find in these virtuous musicians that are touring the world, playing in the big stages: Which are the characteristics they have that make them virtuous musicians? I'm convinced we have a lot to learn from these virtuous musicians. So, I'd like to begin this session asking a question that I believe to be very relevant: How do they make it? How do they make it? What's that these big musicians have that they're systematically able to produce in their audience that incredible effect at the end of the concert? People standing to applaud them with enthusiasm spontaneously and with no planning. What is it that produces that effect on the public? I've studied for years what produces that and I've found or I've reached the conclusion, putting it simply, that when a musician or a group of musicians meet 3 conditions, that's when they are able to produce that effect in their audience. The first of those conditions is that they have a method Method. and they follow it with rigor and discipline, and that makes them master their instruments, to play them with mastery, to be expert in what they do. The second condition is that on stage Attitude. they have the right attitudes that allow them to connect with their audience, independently of it being a small auditorium, or a huge theater like the one on the photo, London's Royal Albert Hall, or a stadium with 50,000 or 60,000 people. And the third condition is that these musicians Passion. normally arouse, through the passion they put into what they're doing, feelings and emotions in the people that are listening to them. If each of you, for a few seconds, close your eyes and remember a great concert that's impacted you in your life, you'll surely remember that at some point of that concert you had goosebumps, or felt something in your stomach, or even shed a tear out of the blue, because those musicians were able to touch your soul and produce that emotional connection.

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Posted by: wobi on Apr 15, 2021

Felipe Gómez - Las 3 virtudes para alcanzar el virtuosismo

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