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Jesus - Will the Dead be Awaken

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: What Really Happened 1, Waking the Dead - Jesus Hi this is Jesus, yes I am..a being, that actually did come to earth..and expressed myself. and..I am here to communicate about..the actual, experience..of jesus. Ok, now this is obviously..quite awhile ago. in the dimensional..existence, there were..beings, who..I wouldn't say completely but to a certain extent, understood..self-expression, as oneness and equality. Who weren't..aware even of the situation: on earth. and.. this was me, in the dimensions I was a dimensional being, and.. we were quite a..strong few but, really just a handful. and i'd say we were those on the planet who..on a planet, we weren't on a planet, we were more on a dimensional existence. who understood, who we self-expression. not dependent on a something separate from us, to dictate or tell us who we must be or how we must express ourselves..etc. so in terms of self-expression..we were 'free'. and one day, another being..came to me, and said that..there is a situation, there is a 'problem'. there are beings that have been manifested..on a 'planet' and they seem to have..'lost themselves'. they seem to have..forgotten, who they are. They seem to have forgotten that they're 'dimensional beings'. and that I must come have a look because the situation is really troublesome and.. they are starting to turn..against each other and.. it is not anything that has ever been viewed in the dimensional existence before, or in existence in it's entirety. there's much confusion between them, they are completely separate, they're.. the definition and manefestation of lostness. and.. that I am required to go there, and inform them, and remind them..of who they are. and see..if i'm able to get through to them. and, so I did. i..went, which is..well, I didn't yet call it earth then.. only when I heard the definition human beings have given earth. So, I went there and i, still dimensional, they couldn't see me, I..looked at the human beings walking around on earth, and I realize.. but you know, what is going on here? something is..something is wrong. you know, this is not how I understand..any being.. to existence, and they are manifested. how did this happen? don't understand. but, all I was..information I was given: was that they were lost.. and that they require specific direction.. 'reminded' of who they really are, as me. and so, I didn't know..exactly what I would say I didn't know exactly what I would do. all I knew was that I could do was be an example, you show them who I am because, if I show them who I am, certainly they would be able to then realize themselves. and so in one moment, I on earth and.. the story about me, being born..through human beings is, a tale. that is not true. I manifested myself here on earth, amongst human beings. in one moment, that's where the..'idea' comes from..that I was born..from a male female..a 'virgin' because, they did not and could not actually, comprehend, the human beings at the time.. how I was able to manifest. and so..I walked with human beings here on earth..for a while. I gathered many human follow me, but follow me..from the perspective of: becoming..what I present to them as an example, as one and equal with me. That is the definition of following but even the word 'following'.. has been abused extensively by humanity even through the ages. Following..even in the bible terms, are completely..misinterpreted. Following is not's not following in terms of, a blind belief.. in that which something represents or that which a human being represents.. or even that I myself represent, no. what does following in someone's footsteps mean? Following someone's footsteps practice, live..apply become, that which the being represents equal and one with you. For yourself! not for the being not for anything else. but it is the concept and.. the concept of religion, that has transformed the word of following..into a blind belief. Which it is not. following, is an application. it is an expression. it is a is a manifestation of a living expression of yourself. Anyway. so I manifested here on earth i..communicated with human beings, I showed them who I was..what I was able to do, basically saying to them.. that they're one and equal with me, you know..I did many applications, for instance, manifesting myself..'dying'. I removing myself from my body, just as the portal is doing exactly the same thing. coming back and.. showing them that..death, does not really exist. that's basically what i'd shown them. that death, is an idea. because I realize that everyone: fear death. that's the one question most human beings on earth asking at the time..was, 'what is death?' Why was this death exist? where do we go? and I explained to them heaven: go to heaven is able to be defined as dimensional existence, at the moment you're lost, because, you've defined yourself according to this manifested realm..of earth, and it is not who you are. you're not your physical human body, and that's what I showed by going out..coming back in that.. we are, who I the breathe of life of this human physical form, and..for instance.. walking through walls, etc, was simple. just..ok. it was simple, and.. waking people from the dead, simple. Place you hand, on the chest, search for the the dimensions, bring them back..the breathe of life, it's basically a, it's like a.. from your hand, you connect yourself..and you move through into the dimensions, and you basically search for the signature of the being's physical body it was, you.. connect you, and you just bring them back into the physical human body, becoming the breathe of life it's that simple. that's how it was done. but don't try, because it won't work again. (smile) it was just examples I had shown.. that death doesn't exist. that it is a..idea. Thank you very much. this is jesus. and i'll continue. More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: L. Ron Hubbard Aaron Spelling, Adam Weishaupt CC English for DestenI Production ©

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Jesus Himself - through Interdimensional Portal Talks about how he Brings the Death Back to Life

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