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In a previous video, we discussed how there are 3 main elements that need to be considered when we are learning as adults. and we started talking about habits and how adult learning is actually largely habit change. My name is Celine Mullins and I am the founder of Adaptas Training We have been working with Organisations since 2007 and we have created the Maximising Brain Potential series of books which is being published by Oak Tree Press and this video series is in line with those books, bringing it to life to help you to think about how you are learning, how you are taking the learning's that you take from say, workshops, programs you attend, podcasts you listen to, books you read and thinking how you are actually embedding that learning long-term. So, I wanted today to think about how Adult learning is habit change Lets think about what a habit is.... A habit is a redundant set of unconscious, automatic, behaviours, thoughts and emotions that we still act out in same situations, in the same settings even though they may not be the best habits or best behaviours for us in those situations. As human beings, it is thought that about 40% of our behaviours are habits. So if you think about it, you wake up in the morning and all the things that you do even by the time you've got to work, brushing your teeth, the route you take to work, all habits. And as human beings, we like to think that we are making moment to moment decisions and that we are using our logical brain but actually nearly half of the things that we do everyday are just plain old habits. And, so that's why when you go to learn more new information and you try to apply it, it's usually the old habits that you have had for 2 years, 5 years, 30 years that are a lot of the time are blocking you, from taking that information that you have learned and helping it to stick. and being able to change your behaviour in the long term, months and months later. So, I want you to start thinking about, the habits that you might have Think about when you went to a workshop or when you listened to a podcast and you thought, oh yeah, that's something I really want to apply I want you to start thinking about what might the habits be that are stopping me from taking that behaviour and changing and repeating that behaviour so that it becomes a long term habit or a new behaviour. Do check out the Maximising Brain Potential series, published by Oak Tree Press - you can get it as a downloadable PDF which is available on, on Amazon and also at our website and tune in next week for more.

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