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Chris Hadfield Wishes the World a Happy Yuri's Night

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Greetings from the International Space Station! I'm Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield and I'm really glad to be with you on Yuri's Night, the day, no matter where we are, we come together to celebrate the past, the present, and the future of human space exploration. Yuri's Night commemorates the day that humanity first entered space, the 12th of April, 1961. I was almost two. And it connects people across the planet, and even here in orbit. Like Yuri Gagarin did over fifty years ago, Yuri's Night calls on humanity to protect the beauty of planet earth while looking to the stars. Whether it's from a single pluck of a guitar string, to the orbital maneuvering thrusters that are on this space station, Yuri's Night brings the talent and creativity of people together from all walks of life with the inspiration of space. The orbital perspective that I've been privileged to share through social media it shows how we are advancing in ways of communication, allowing us to connect and bring space into everyone's everyday life. On the space station we're running over 100 different experiments simultaneously, from medical experiments on changes to the body, to metal sintering here in the racks, to collecting dark matter and dark energy, the very stuff of the universe. We've come a long way in 52 years! But really we've only just begun to explore the cosmos. In the next 52 years, I can imagine building on this. Inventing new engines and new power sources. A level of safety and reliability setting us free to travel beyond low Earth orbit to live on the moon, to live on Mars and to go beyond. From Yuri's courageous first flight, to Neil's first step, to the leaps we've made since, and to the giant leaps that await our creativity and our drive and our inventiveness.

[French: Celebrons ensemble l'heritage de Yuri Gagarin!] (Let's celebrate together the legacy of Yuri Gagarin!) I'd like to wish everyone a happy Yuri's Night!

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Posted by: yurisnight on Mar 28, 2013

Chris Hadfield Wishes the World a Happy Yuri's Night

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