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โคราชต้อนรับ [Korat welcome] - Khun Pra Chouy TV Show

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Duration: 3 minutes and 36 seconds
Country: Thailand
Language: Thai
Producer: Khun Pra Chouy
Director: Khun Pra Chouy
Views: 202
Posted by: pasa_6370 on Aug 6, 2010

โคราชต้อนรับ [Korat welcome] - Khun Pra Chouy TV Show
เพลงคุณพระ ลำดับที่ ๖ - Khun Pra Music No. 6
Auther write be Mr. Kampun Bantaan, Nakhonratchasima College of Dramatic Arts, Nakhonratchasima province.
Singing by Takkataan Chol-lada, the wemon Look Tung artist.

โคราชต้อนรับ (Korat Ton-Rab) or Korat welcome is based on Koratch (Nakhonratchasima) old-fashioned local music called Pleng Choi music (เพลงฉ่อย) whis is local amusement specific for people in Nakhonratchasima province or Korat people (คนโคราช).

This music saying about welcome to Korat. Then this music introducing you for the interasting thing in Korat and invite you to come. People in Korat will welcome you with the best friendship.

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