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Interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows (Part 5)

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It didn't even work on my mother. I brought a Japanese kid home one day and my mother said: "I don't want that kind around." So, I used reason, this was years ago, and logic, it didn't work at all. So, I said: "If you can't change your mother, how the hell you gonna change the world?" So, I said, this is a lie now, I said: "I was swimming in the East River and there's a high wall and I couldn't get to shore and Masato, the Japanese kid, threw a life-saver to me." My mother said: "Oh my god, you mean he saved your life?" I said: "Yes." "I was so rude to him", she said. I said: "Yes, you were." Please Jacque, ask him to come here. I want to beg forgiveness. I said: "I don't know if he'll come back now." That's to get her to plead with me. "...'cause I feel so terrible, please Jacque." Well, I called Masato and I told him the whole story. So, he knows. I said: "The minute you walk in the door, my mother's gonna hug you, God bless you. All the usual crap, you know. And at dinner, she was talking to him, really talking. So, I walked down. I came back when Masato went to the wash room. I said to my mother: "What do you think?" She said: "You know, he's just like you and I. He's a nice boy, has a nice family." I said: "But he's a member of the yellow race." With this face. She said: "It got nothing to do with it, he's a nice boy." I said: "Look, he's a Japanese, slanty eyed, you can't trust him." "Well, he's very nice, you're wrong." Now, she's arguing with me, I'm giving her all the examples she gave me. Then, a month later, she really likes him. He's a nice kid. So, she always puts her arm around Masato and calls him son and me. Once that was established, I said: "Mother, he never saved my life." She said: "You little devil. I would have never opened the door." You understand? But always tell the truth later, if they can't understand it now. People are so involved in their own little values, which they get from where they're brought up. The god damn Filipinos, the god damn Jews, the god damn Swedes, I'll get a dumb Irish to clean out your cellar. You know, if you were brought up in Ireland, they say: "He's a fine Irish lad." You'd speak like that. And if you'd brought up in New Zeland, you'd say: "How are you, mate?" See, that's normal to that area. One more thing I wanna say. In Ancient Rome, they used to believe in many different Gods. And when the Christians came to town, they believed in one God. They were disruptive to Rome. So, they used to feed Christians to lions, you know that? Ok. They'd take their clothes off and they'd starve the lions for a week, to get a better show. The whole family would come. Kids and all. They say: "Daddy, can we come next week to see Christians fed to lions?" And he say: "If you behave yourself." Now, is he dumb, insane? No. That's normal to that culture. What's normal to this culture is man fighting each other, punching each other in the head. That damages the brain. But we all go to prize fighting, 'cause it's a normal thing, for this culture. In the future, this culture won't make the history books, it's so sick. But maybe certain things you can't say. A lot of sports are not good for people, they brake their wrist, they injure their knees and they don't shake hands and say: "Was a great game." They feel resentful, they argue, they beat each other up in the stadium. It's not good for people. - It really primes people for war, too. Us against them, you know? My country, my team against them. - So, we got educational jobs, the movie deals with that. If you have the time, I can tell you what the movie is about, you wanna now? - Yes. - Ok. It takes us on a trip fifty years into the future, all around the world. Garden cities, flowers, canals, irrigation. The rebuilding of the world for all people. Art centers, music centers, shows them around. It shows children different than the children today. They say: "I wanna a ballon, I want this." The kids know geology, they're trained when they're very young, kids wanna know how airplanes fly. They wanna know. "What makes war, daddy?" Why do people kill each other? Why do murderers murder people? They wanna know. But we don't give them any of ... Say: "The stork brings the baby." We don't... Kids are ready for real information. So, the kids of the future talk differently than they do. My kids talked of geology, continental drift. They talked of atmospheric conditions, hurricanes. They never talk like babies, 'cause I brought 'em up differently. Now, what happens is if you don't bring up kids sanely, you're going to have a trouble. - What you are talking is exactly the question that we, for portuguese, want to understand, is... that transition and how we help. I want to ask one question. You told us we could help doing media. We write articles, we publish your content, we translate your content to portuguese that is a language spoken all over the world. So, we're helping that way. Can we go or must we go further like doing research of our own and projects related to your ideas that we know by... I just want you to understand... Movie can get to millions of people, my lectures no. I've been all over the world, some five hundred, three hundred people. A movie can get to millions of people in one month. And the movie shows so they don't project. A lot of people think, they project their own values into The Venus Project. They picture a bunch of scientists in grey. "You! Will work in area D. You! In area K." It's nothing like that. That's Hollywood. They show robots choking the designers, blowing up spaceships. That is not The Venus Project. But the book 1984, Brave New World, Atlas Shrugged it's anti-science written by artists. And it's nothing like that... - The Greek Movement is doing a non-profit also. And they're trying to get together with all the other European Zeitgeist Movements to work together on different projects, you might wanna get in touch with them too. I'll get you their information. And also on The Zeitgeist Movement, we just saw Gilbert and he mentioned something about maybe having the Greek Movement getting in touch with them, because they have some criteria for non-profits. I don't know what it is, yet. You, I can't really say what it's about, but... I think they have some criteria for the Zeitgeist non-profits. I can't say if we go along with them, I haven't seen them... - No, of course - I'm sorry. - We want to understand that. We have a legal entity as it defends and it's only existence is to do scientific work and investigation. That is the first question. Should we do it? Should we do investigation... - I think it will help you... I think a legal entity will help you and will help bring on other people who are in the scientific world. - Exactly. - That's the way the Greek Movement feels about. - We have... - And they can do projects more... So, you can get, from the European Union, you can get funding, if you have a non-profit which would be helpful. - Exactly. - And if you join with the others, it might be even more useful to get more funds and do larger projects. - Exactly, because there is a concept that is the recognition by the State, that is... to have benefits on taxes. - Yeah. - And that is one of the ways we want to go. So, do media. I want to sintetize, not to take you much work, but on the main question is do media. We do media and do the content. Do research, we do research. We even try and are doing a project of switching hours of labor between the members of the non-profit organization as it is, I think, the most... better way to do a collapse in the monetary system, because we don't use money, so we exchange the service between us and that is the question. I want to say: "What should we do if more or less between the non-profit organization and The Zeitgeist Movement, we are talking about that... contribution of both. - Collaboration. - Yes, collaboration but we want to really know is... The Venus Project think it's ok if go with the megaphone in front of the Bank of Portugal? You understand? Is that the kind of question. Until where can I go and that I'm doing the idea and not much using an institution that is corrupt. - You have to convince the wealthy people that they will not suffer, we don't wanna take their property away. What happened in America and during the depression... The big plants had no water and they failed. And they were never bailed out. And what happened when I was a kid, a man owned an aircraft factory. And I was... He was a friend of mine and the government came in and said: "We're taking over your factory." He said: "Why?" "You haven't paid taxes for three years on any of your machinery." He said: "I have no orders for airplanes." "Take the god damn factory." When you don't sell automobiles, General Motors and Toyota is winning. You can't sell your factory. Do you understand me? If you have an obsolete factory, you can't sell anything. If you make computer chips and he designs a chip ten times faster than yours, you can't even sell your production equipment. You understand? So, what happens is the capitalist, the guy with a lot of money and his cigar... He can't operate. And when people...

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Interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows (Part 5)

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