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Hi everybody and welcome again to the worldwide classroom Power of Kabbalah 2, class number 5. Today, class will be about the power of prosperity. Financial prosperity. All Tikkun and issues that we have around money, how to free ourself from the chaos that is attached to money. You know, if you really look at it, most people spend so much of their day to make a living to be financially secure, so much of the day is spent worrying about finance, worrying about money, worrying about prosperity, so much chaos attached to it and as we know there is probably so much Tikkun, issues, corrections attached to it as well. So the purpose of today's session, today's classes to understand what's the real, spiritual Kabbalistic significance of true prosperity, to learn about personally where's our Tikkun around prosperity and money, and actual tools how to get rid of the chaos attached to prosperity. First, I would like to define what is financial success? or true prosperity, as we say it, you know, success without the side effects. Because there are many people that may be on the paper in the account number, they have great amounts of money but have so much chaos as a result of the endeavor and dealing with the money caused in their life in many other areas, we do not call it true prosperity, we do not call it true success. Because kabbalistically when we talk about success in one area in our life, it's supposed to add and not diminish the success and the blessing in other areas in our life. So our financial prosperity and success can bring blessings and add dimensions of goodness in every aspect of my life instead of taking away from it. Like the person that will be a workaholic and all his sense of identity will be his success as a result, he will ignore his family, he will ignore relationships, he will ignore his health. And sooner or later the chaos will appear in so many other areas and he'll still think but I'm financially successful, without seeing and looking even, that Satan actually played a game with this guy. He gave him the illusion of success in one area because he didn't use the real universal laws of prosperity. It causes chaos in other areas of his life. So what we would like to learn, how do I accomplish true financial success and prosperity? True blessing, a win-win in every area of my life, in one end, to open the gates of prosperity and to manifest my unlimited potential to attract it, to maintain it without the insecurity the fears, the anxieties attached to it And in the same way, without taking away from every aspect of blessings in my life. Because the kabbalistic understanding of true fulfillment is not just, let's fulfill the prosperity side, let's fulfill the relationship side, let's fulfill the health side, somehow they're all one and they they're all connected. Same universal laws manifest themselves in different areas and we just need to be aware of the same universal laws. How do we manifest them and channel them in the area of prosperity? Are you ready?! Great. So, where do we start? Let's start from understanding money. What is money? What is money? Is money really physical? You know, in today's banks, I would say, I would not exaggerate to say they probably have only 10% if that, of the money that are supposed actually to have the bank. So is money just a number? Is money an energy? It's a power? It's a means to buy things? What is really money? Where does money come from? What is the source of money? We know kabbalistically that the source of all blessings of anything that can be used as a channel to enhance our life, the source of all energies is the Light of God. If he's the energy of health, what strength our immune system comes from the Light of God. If it's the energy within any type of food, comes from the Light of God. If it's the energy from the sun, comes from the light of God. So when we're talking about power that manifests itself as money that can help me to buy, to manifest, to help, or to destroy, it is coming from the Light of God. Money is a physical manifestation of the energy of the Creator that manifests itself around financial abundance. The Light of the Creator is the infinite force of sharing, manifests itself in many, many different ways in this world. One of the ways it manifests itself is as money but the money itself, the check itself, the number itself, the account itself, the bill itself, the coin itself, it is only 1% channel to carry the Light of God. The fact that with money, I can save somebodies life by feeding them and I didn't have money before. Or the fact that with money I can buy a gun that can destroy somebody's life or drugs that can destroy somebody's life, it means, theirs energy in it and there's only one source of energy in our life. The Light of the Creator. Of course it is in my power to channel it as a negative force or to channel it as a positive force. And of course, in order to be able to channel it in a positive force, I need to know what's its source, what was the intention of the Creator of bringing this money into our life. So the fact that money is power of course can be used positive or negative. We know the source of all power comes from the Light of God and like all the other things in life, one of the indications that can help you and me to understand that actually money is energy, that it's not really in our direct control, if you look at all things that we have in our life, that in a second can go away and we can lose them, like health, God forbid, like all the talents that we have all the brain capacity that we have and... including money we can lose it in any second. The fact we can lose it in any second means it is not energy that we can say we own. That's the first clue of tapping the power of prosperity. We are not the owner of money. We may be the channels of money the Rav Berg would say so many times, "we are just the managers, we are not the owners". The owner, has total control over it. A manager, if he doesn't do a good job, he might not be a manager anymore. So kabbalistically that's the first principal of prosperity. Money is energy that comes from the Creator, that can channel itself through me into this power called money. That hopefully we will learn how to channel in a proper way and the first rule of prosperity I'm not the owner, I'm just the manager. Understanding that money is energy from the Creator that needs to be channelled right. Yes but we might get this client that got me the money because I did a great job for him and I worked so hard for it, always remind yourself, there's people who are smarter than you and work even harder than you that have less money than you have that accomplish less, so it's not just about your effort and your talent. There's something else coming, there's another equation which is maybe not seen to the senses. There's no question we have to make an effort but actual power to manifest money it is the energy of the Creator that somehow we would like to learn how to tap into it and how to maintain it. So it is energy. It is power. Any successful person knows that sometimes whatever he does goes right and he's tapping into that wave of success and sometimes whatever you touch turns bad. Nothing works. With all this smartness, with all the ideas, with all the expertise, with all the research, nothing works Why? Because somehow, I was not able to tap into that energy called prosperity. That energy called true abundance. Or if I tapped into it, I still feel empty and insecure and something is missing in my life. It's also indication maybe I connected to the 1% aspect of money. Which is just the number and the physical money but the blessing and the fulfillment and the freedom it's supposed to bring me is not there. So, it's another indication I'm not connected. Something is missing. So first thing is, I'm not the owner, I'm the manager. I just came to channel it in a proper way. Even though it seemed to be in my pocket and for sure I'll keep it. Am I in control of it? We see left and right after decisions that we thought would be so secure nothing can happen. In a second a person can lose it all. So first realisation. Which is not easy, and we might have tikkun and ego attached to it because the ego doesn't want us to feel I'm just the manager because of so many times money becomes our identity. If I'm good in it, that's what I'll brag about because what else will I brag about? That's what Kabbalah is saying. We truly want to be secure, security doesn't come with bragging about success that I got. Security comes with understanding, feeling, and acting as a channel in this world, and knowing that the Light will provide and I'll be a channel. That's the confidence that security I need to have. The issue of waste. The issue, the tikkun around wasting money. What is the whole concept about wasting money and why is it such an essential Tikkun and another tool and ingredient in the laws of prosperity? You know, if a person is a very wealthy individual, the penny or the quarter doesn't mean much because it's just a quarter comparing to me. If a person is a beggar, that every quarter makes a difference in his life, that quarter means a lot. So when one person, the quarter doesn't mean much because relative to me, it's nothing and for another person, the quarter means a lot. Is it the right perception? Is that how we should think? Imagine a person doing well, ah, it doesn't matter wasting a little bit of money here, money there, don't treat it too seriously. I'm not talking about being generous. That's another whole issue. I'm talking about being wasteful. Wasting and spending about this about things that I don't need and I'm not saying there is a problem even to have luxury in my life as long as it's not a waste. I'm really appreciating what I'm getting, I'm appreciating the Light of God in it, I'm appreciating the blessing, why not? But I'm talking about wasting. When I don't have just to spend extra, when I'm just being very careless about it. When I'm allowing it to go away without any calculation because I can afford, what's the big deal? The idea is that if I'm a billionaire or if I'm penniless, if I truly understand the concept that money is a gift from the Creator, that I'm just a manager, that 25 cents has the Light of God in it and the same Light of God in it if I'm a billionaire, or if I'm a beggar and that's the problem. When we're looking at money, it's all relative to me. If I have a lot it means nothing, if I have a little bit, it means a lot. It means money is all around me. That's called the desire to receive for one's self alone, it's all relative to me. But, if I'm looking at myself as a channel, it doesn't matter how much money I have. So every penny means something and every penny needs to be treated right without wastefullness because that's consciousness that's stopping me from being a channel. So one of the essential ingredients that will help each one of us to be the XXX channel, and to have the consciousness of prosperity, do not waste. Treat the penny, treat the quarter, treat the dollar treat the hundred dollar as important energy from the Creator that I came to channel in this world. And I'm a manager, if I have a lot or if I have a little bit. It doesn't mean to be stingy. Appreciation, respect, is it the right thing to buy? As I'm saying again. God doesn't want us to be poor. God doesn't want us to be stingy. God doesn't want us to suffer, to live in a shack there is nothing wrong if a person lives very comfortable, big life. But he's using it for good purposes. That's one of the ways to appreciate God's gifts in this world. But is it different when it comes to waste and being careless about the spending when I don't need or the wasting when I don't need. Because when a person doesn't appreciate a penny, how can it be a channel, it's about him and not about the Light of God and the money of the Creator that was given to him. So the second concept is the concept, the tikkun around waste. Not stinginess because when we'll talk about generosity and giving, of course we need to be generous and of course we need to look at what he gave me as a channel to help others. There's no question about it but here I'm talking simply about the concept of appreciating that its one of the Light of God. In the same way I will appreciate every day that I wake up in the morning. The fact that the same way I'll appreciate every morning that I'm healthy. The same way I'll appreciate my kids every morning. The same way I'll appreciate every fruit and every vegetable and every food was given to me which is clear it came from the Creator. The next concept is guilt attached to money, it's another tikkun. Guilt attached to money. What is the concept there? What is the guilt attached to money? Unfortunately, a lot of people are blocked prosperity wise because they feel guilty of having a lot. They feel guilty of thinking bigger about money. Isn't money dirty? Isn't money corrupted? Why should I, in the world of God, why should I think big about money? Why should I try to have bigger goals about money? Why should I? And again, if you look at money as physical things, that just separate people and create destruction, you should be guilty about it! But, if you look at money as abundance from the creator that came to enhance our life and to bring stability and to bring win-win blessings in every aspect of our life and for other people because the nature of Light, Light doesn't stay in one person's life. If I know how to translate money and prosperity into that energy of Light, if I'm truly igniting the 99% of money which is Light and positivity, of course I want more! The more I have, the more light I'm sharing and revealing and connecting and more blessings I'm bringing into the world. There's nothing wrong about having more. The guilt, oh I'm not entitled. I'm not deserving. That's part of the ego that's playing games with us that wants to block us from allowing the blessings of the Creator to be manifested in our life. That's the purpose that the guilt exists there. It doesn't have a real source and essence from the soul. It doesn't. And of course, if I'm all day long just receiving from people. If I'm all day long just receiving and doing no effort and using it for myself alone and not contributing to anybody the money and I just got it as a gift and as a result I'm just lazy, sitting at home, doing nothing, of course I should be guilty because something is wrong. Because I'm not connecting to the law of receiving for the sake of sharing. So there's nothing wrong about feeling guilty here but I'm talking the general sense of true prosperity. Why not? If in my channel, I can be potential for billions, why not? Feel guilty about it? Why am I deserving it? Again, especially if part of your goal in life is to reveal as much Light as you can in your life and positivity as much as you can, so you have a chance to let in more Light. And more blessings, to you, and for the world! As I'm talking, I would like to ask, look inside, reach inside and say, wow! I do have some guilt attached to it. I'm not going full force. I'm not truly opening myself. I'm not really, really believing it's the desire of the Creator to give us unlimited amounts and unlimited benefits in this way. It is the desire of the Creator! The Creator has no intention that money will be ruled by corrupted consciousness of people and especially if there's managers that the Creator has that can channel it in a right way, he would love it and I can tell you that each one of us can be bigger channeled than we are to prosperity. Not everybody meant to be a billionaire but everybody meant to have financial security and abundance without worries. We are all meant to. We're all supposed go through some tests around it sometimes. There's no question about it some chaos around it, in order to test us and to expend our vessel. No question about it but we can be much bigger channels and should not be guilty about it. When I understand it's not about me winning and the world losing. When I understand, when I have more, the world has more. When I more every aspect of my life being enhanced and I can share more. So, when I can reach a place of freedom around the insecurities around money of course, right away and automatically, everybody else would benefit from it because the reason we've become takers because we don't feel free, we feel insecurities, that's the reason we hurt other people. But, if it really would bring true freedom, of course everybody else will benefit from it. And, the fact that there are many people looking at money in a corrupted way and it separates people and accentuates the egos of people, it doesn't mean I need to think this way. That was not the original intention of the Creator for bringing money. He gave us the free will. Money is energy. I can use it for myself alone or I can use it for the sake of sharing. So, that's the other consciousness attached to money, the other tikkuns around money. Which is the whole issue around thinking big and not feeling guilty. We need to reach inside to see what is the missing link around too much guilt to it. Another thing, you know, around money, there are fears. You know, beside the guilt. There's tikkun that I think everybody has around fears of not having enough. And that's a test that everybody has to go through in this world. And the fears of not having enough, is again not just because I don't have enough job, it's not because, I'm trying my best and nothing is coming, I don't see it coming because this is one of the tikkuns that we need and have the opportunity to inject this concept of certainty around money. Means in many areas in our life, certainty is a principal we need to apply. But, money is a big one. And in order to be really prosperous, in order to really earn to become a channel. And, of course we can always become bigger and bigger and bigger, that's a constant process of growth, I need to identify my fear around not having enough money. Around not being secured financially, and being able to overcome it and we all have to go through moments that it seems that we don't have enough. We all go through these moments. It seems that we don't have enough, that it's not going to come, there's no source it will come and that's the time to practice what we're learning intellectually. And to say, if I'm doing my maximum effort, if I understand money is a force from the creator, not from a client, not from the job, not because I make enough phone calls, of course! I need to make maximum effort in a 1%! To do the best that I can and not be lazy sitting at home. But, in spite of it, we are all going to go through moments in our life that the fear comes and the fears give us a chance to earn to be true children of prosperity because it gives us a chance to put away the fear. Inject certainty! Money is not a physical thing, it comes from the Light of the Creator, there's no shortage of it. And the fact that I have the fears and physically it seems to be very dangerous, I'm not going to have enough. It gives me a chance to inject that certainty. So the fears around not having enough, the fears of the insecurity around money, it is an essential thing to help us to overcome the Tikkun around fear around not having enough by injecting certainty. Because, the only way I truly acknowledge I'm connecting to the Light of Prosperity, when physically, I don't see anything coming, but the only way I can turn, I am surrendered to the Light by continuing doing the maximum effort, it will come! By saying, yeah I know I have a lot of money coming in, I know it's for the light. That's not indication I truly know it's from the Light. When I don't have, when things are so tough, there's no evidence of money coming in, that's the time I have real opportunity to acknowledge that money comes from the Light. If it's just intellectual concept, doesn't mean much. And that's to overcome that fear and the lack of trust. And to inject that certainty and trust, and later on, we're going to use one of the 72 names of God that will help us to connect to the power of prosperity which we're going to speak about towards the end. So, that's the other tikkun connected to the power of money, the tikkun of fear. Fear and uncertainty, that in order to become true channels and in order to have true prosperity, I need to overcome around money. The next one I'll speak about is the whole concept of tithing. The whole concept we call receiving for the sake of sharing, the whole concept of charity. So, the general concept of giving away money is the basic concept of the Creator gave me this money as a channel What does it mean as a channel? To receive for the sake of sharing. That's what a channel means. So, the more I have, the more I can give. So, the idea of giving away money is not obligation because I have, I feel guilty because people are needy because I need to help. That's great idea but the idea simply is the opportunity to reveal the true potential of the money as Light as a blessing in the world. because money has two aspects to it. The 1% which is only chaos, which causes separation chaos wars, fights around the inheritance. Or, the 99% which is the energy of the Creator. All our purpose is to learn how to do I ignite the 99% consciousness of money? How do I do it? What do I need to do in order to ignite the true power of the Creator in this money? So all the things that we said leads to the last thing, is the power of sharing. By me giving away money, beyond my immediate responsibilities of my family of the things that I have obligation, that I have to, that's great, we always need to try to help. I'm talking about outside my immediate responsibility, to a cause that I believe in. To a cause that will make use of the money as a positive energy to help others. That I personally believe in. That can work for me. That I see that it makes a difference. By doing it, I am becoming a channel to receive for the sake of sharing and I'm allowing myself to maintain that energy of prosperity. What is the concept of tithing. Which appear in many spiritual teachings in the bible, in the old testament, new testament. Tithing represents a tenth of a portion. What is the whole concept of it kabbalistically? Because, Kabbalah does teach that in a, for the sake of allowing myself to be the best channel and to hold true power of prosperity, it would be the most recommended, there's no such thing as, "have to" or "must", most recommended to give not less than 10% and in most cases, not more than 20% that's what tithing really means, between 10% and 20%. Why suddenly 10%? Why not 5%? Why not 50%? What's the whole concept of tithing? Why 10%? How is God suddenly connected to numbers? To percentage? A lot of people are asking this question and what's the connection? So here, we're getting a little deeper into kabbalistic technology. We know kabbalistically that there are 10 sefirot. 10 levels of consciousness. 10 energy levels that exist in everything. It's between the Creator, the endless Light of the Creator until we're receiving any aspect of blessing in our life there are 10 dimensions. There's 10 dimensions in our own head, in our own consciousness. That kabbalah teaches us we would like to grow from the lowest dimension to the bigger, to the bigger, to the next one, to the next one. There's dimensions between a seed of a tree until it manifests itself into an apple. There are 10 dimensions. 10 dimensions is 10 levels of enlightenment, that every blessing starts from the potential to the manifestation. Now, every abundance of energy divided into 10 levels. For example, our health, our body we know is a micro cosmos, the same way the Light of the Creator reveals itself in 10 levels. Our body is the head, it's the upper three levels and from the neck down is the lower seven levels. And, basically each organ of the body channels another level. And, the difference between the highest and the lowest level? The lowest level we call the 1% realm, or the code name for it is the Malchut, or kingdom. Which the nature of the lowest level is the 99% consciousness is the desire to receive for one's self alone. There is a little bit of Light but the ruling consciousness, 1%, limitation, "me, me, me" and that's where Satan is resting, that's his camp, that's his playing field. The 1% realm, the 10th level, the last level. The other 9 levels, Satan really does not exist there. Now, the difference between the other 9 levels and the 10 level is the other 9 levels, each one of them is just passing and channeling the light, maybe the highest level is pure channel and others are less pure but all the other 9 is part of the 99% realm and the last level is part of the 1% realm, the Malchut, the physicality, the me, me, me consciousness. Now, all our purpose in life is in the one hand to live in the physical reality called Malchut, or 1%, but to overcome its nature as many moments as we can and every time we're doing so we're freeing ourselves from the force of chaos and connect to the 99%. We're not avoiding the 1%, we're not running away from it. So, back to the concept of tithing. What is the concept of tithing? Money, any portion of money a person has got a $1,000 now. He just got a check of $1,000. And this $1,000, it's energy that reveals itself like any abundance in 10 levels. Which is a hundred dollars per level. Malchut, the level of the 1%, where Satan's kingdom exists, owns a $100 out of the $1,000 because it's the last level in its 10%, because that 10 sefirot abundance is 100% so 10% per sefirot, per level. So, the world of Malchut, the world of the 1%, the world of the territory of Satan owns 10% of the money, of the abundance. Now, it's not that he owns 10% since the Malchut is the lowest level, it actually either controls in a negative way or in a positive way the other 90%. So, the whole concept of tithing is giving away the part of my money that as long is attached to me, me, me, it's ruled by Satan, giving it away and freeing myself from this 10% that's ruled by the force of chaos the force of Satan. And, basically by doing it, I'm empowering my money and I'm igniting the 99% consciousness of the money. Because the 99% consciousness of the money the blessing consciousness of the money, the prosperity aspect, the win-win aspect of the money, exists in the money potentially. I need to free the chaos that is attached to it. Beside all the other Tikkun's that we spoke about, one of the major ones it giving at least the 10% that's holding me back that makes me attached to the force of chaos and the reason why sometimes people will have enormous abundance and still they're very insecure and fearful because they did not let go of at least the 10% and the force of Satan is still in their money, and the force of Satan will make them insecure and fearful and even though I have $200 million in the bank, they still will wake up with tremendous fears and anxiety around it, because it's not about the amount. It's about freeing the negative energy that's attached to money. So, the concept of tithing, even before the, how to I give it? And, where do I give it?, the intention that I give it to a really good cause, did I do the right thing? Step number one for me I need to understand. We came to this world to remove the forces of chaos and to ignite the force of the Creator. So, giving the tithing, it is a powerful tool to free myself from that force of chaos that exists in the territory of Malchut of the 1% which is 10% of everything. That's the reason kabbalistcally, we don't just say does, tithing need to be around money. It needs to be around time if not more important even than this. Because time is also energy. And the time that we have in this world and awake or even asleep, if it's 24 hours, somehow, I need to reach a goal that 10% of this I'll give towards something outside of myself alone and my immediate responsibility. Because it's also something that belongs to Satan. It is not just around the power of money. It's about any abundance, in order to free the forces of chaos and anxiety negativity attached to it, or bad luck, which there is no such thing, but bad luck is when I allow Satan to take over. You will manifest bad luck or something that appears to be good luck, but then insecurity negativity, fears and chaos in other areas of my life will manifest itself. So, the concept of tithing that so many spiritual teachings and religion speaks about. Kabbalah teaches the essence behind it. Eliminating the force of Satan that owns my money, the force within me, what is the force of Satan? It is the power within me which is only into itself alone, which I'm not a channel. I want just to fill my hole more and more and I want to use it for myself. Eliminating it and freeing myself from it. That's the first aspect of tithing. So, I should look forward to the opportunity besides the fact those of you know the concept know that when you start to practice it and that's what I recommend to people. If you do not do tithing yet, don't believe what I'm saying. Try it for yourself and see actually by freeing the force of chaos how actually more will come physically and more blessings will come with it. And it will bring true joy. That's the first aspect, now, of course, to tithe or to give away is much more than this of course I would love to have the best intention that I can. If I'm taking even money that I'm tithing but I'm using it to give for my own ego. That's not tithing, really. It still stays with me. I'm not giving. If I'm giving away to somebody just to brag and just to make sure that they will know that I'm a good guy. Or, just to make sure that my name is known and I'm recognized, I'm receiving honor and respect, Even though we will always have some ego attached to it, don't worry about it but if that's my sole purpose, of course I'm not really tithing. I would like to have the real intention to give, to share something I believe in. Something that I believe can make a difference in other people's life. Absolutely yes. I want to give away and let go of the power of Satan that attaches by tithing. But, at the same time, since I'm already giving, I would love to have the intention of giving for the sake of revealing goodness and positivity in the entire world. Now, another concept that is a major tikkun attached to money is dependence around money. It means I'll be so dependent on it, I'll be so attracted to it, attached to it in a way that I have such a need to attach to it, that it's my only identity. Without it, I'm nobody. When I am dependent on such a strong level, it is indication I need to give away even more. Because, the attachment and the fear of loss and the bragging and feeling empty if I don't have enough It's indication I'm not a true channel and I'm too attached and I'm too controlled by it because real connection to the Light of God is, the Light of God is not controlling me. I'm looking at this as a blessing in my life that goes through me. It's indication I need to do something to free myself from it and one of the powerful ways to do it is by giving. We need to understand an important thing. Even though intellectually it's great tithing, giving away, removing the fears removing the waste consciousness to it, removing the guilt attached to it, removing dependence. All the type of Tikkuns that we spoke about but when it comes to truly giving away for some people it's easier than others but the only way it will be easier for people is if you're doing it again and again and again and you test the laws of the universe for yourself. Of course sometimes you'll see immediate results, other times you will not see immediate results but I can guarantee, if you truly understand, we talk about universal laws and not just be lucky, let's try "God will bless me. " God wants to bless me every second! If I'm plugged into the laws of the universe, I will ignite the true power for prosperity that exists for me. And the fact that I'm fearful and I cannot and it's too much and how can I afford it? So try smaller and make the giving bigger and bigger and bigger. Treat it like everything else in life. I need to overcome fears by facing the fear and trying it for myself. I'm not doing favors to anybody. I need to understand that I'm connecting to universal laws to bring true prosperity and harmony in my life. Because, the rule about giving, when I'm giving and I think I'm doing favour to somebody, I did it for them. Giving is limited. When I'm giving, of course I make a difference in other people's lives in the world. But, I'm simply igniting the Light of the Creator in my life. And, as I cause blessings there, I cause at least as big blessings for myself, that's true circuitry of giving. It's a win-win. It is a win-win. Especially around money that we have issue and some people say but why do I need to give money? Why not time? the answer is, do you want just one aspect of blessing in your life? I would suggest, give money, give time, give heart, give energy, give compassion, give in every area that you can if your goal is to get as much light as possible. Now, as far as just the general levels of giving and you heard the concept already that there are two general areas. To give somebody a fish, to feed somebody with a fish or to teach them how to fish. I can give somebody just to feed them and they need it and it is important, sometime you do need to give money towards just feeding people, give them their needs. But, something that can reveal even more light and positivity, if I can empower people to earn their ways of getting blessings in their life. So, in every type of giving, I'm either giving them directly something that they desperately need, which, sometimes I do need to do it. But of course, higher level is empowering people in being able to, independently to bring their own joy, prosperity, food, work, or any level. You know, I think it's an opportunity for me to speak about some of the projects that the center is involved. And I'm sure that through your student support coach, you heard about some of the projects but I think it is essential that you know some of it and to know the intention behind it. I would just like you to know that the intention of the Kabbalah Center through all the projects that we're involved with is one intention. Is to empower people through spreading light and tools, how to remove chaos from their own life and as a result from the entire world. That is the purpose. So whenever we speak about the concept spreading light. Spreading Light means empowering an individual or group of people, or the world with tools that will remove chaos from their own personal life and from the world but nobody can do it for us. So spreading light means, the light is the wisdom, is the energy, is the strength to give me a chance to overcome my illusion my ego, my desire for oneself alone, my chaos and will make a difference in other people's life as well. And, as you know, the Kabbalah Center is a non-profit organization. And I would like to share, because sometimes there is a lack of awareness about it, some of the projects, you will know that even the money some of you pay for the worldwide classroom, where does it go? Even though it's not directly a donation. So, one of them is called the Kabbalah Charitable Fund. You need to know there's some people who are donating directly to the Kabbalah Charitable Fund there are some people who just by every product that people buy, or every course that people sign, a portion of it goes to the Kabbalah Charitable Fund. And, thank God, we reached a level today that anybody, all over the world that would like to study Kabbalah or would like to read books of Kabbalah and would like to listen to a CD or to watch a DVD, or to get Zohar, and he cannot afford, if it's verified that he cannot afford, the Center will allow them, through the Kabbalah Charity Fund to have the benefits of this fund and to be able to study and to be empowered to connect in spite of the fact that he doesn't pay for it. Maybe you know it, I need to let you know as well all of you and some people are with us today, even are basically part of that scholarship They got the scholarship. So, that's for example some big things that are growing and as the Center of course growing we can help more and more people because our goal is to allow everybody in every corner of the world to study Kabbalah without the limitation of the funds and money. That's one exciting thing that I'm personally excited about. Another exciting project is, you know, the Spirituality For Kids which is another non-profit organization connected to Kabbalah Center, the Kabbalah Center Support, OK, is basically there to help kids from the age of 3 years old and up to be empowered with the tools and skills for life, universal, spiritual tools for life and a big part of the Spirituality for Kids Foundation Organization deal with the less fortunate, the inner city, where a lot of dangers and crime and negativity actually manifested from there even though the goal is to open the doors to everybody. And, we're doing it through classes in the inner cities. We're doing it in countries all over the world. We're doing it through developing a website that will allow kids basically from all over the world through games, to be able to connect to the basic laws of the Light and the opponent within us. Imagine if each one of us would be exposed to the teachings of Kabbalah in the basic spiritual essence when we were kids. How much more secure, more powerful, more effective we would be? And that's a huge vision and we're working with Nova University in Florida. They actually adopted the Spirituality for Kids and we have offices there to help us with research and examination and scientific proof of the effect of the Spirituality for Kids program to kids. So, this is huge effort that the future is helping millions of kids all over the world and last year, we helped five thousand kids. This coming year, our goal, 2006, is to help 30,000 kids directly besides other tools of books and websites. Of course, there are many foundations but other exciting thing is what we call the Zohar project. Which is the ability, since the Zohar is one of the most powerful tools of kabbalah, to spread light in the world. So, the Zohar project is geared towards spreading the the Zohars in countries, individuals, free of charge all over the world as a satellite as a channel to bring Light. Because, the presence of the Zohar alone, changing the frequency and opening the gates of the 99% because what is the goal in the big picture? That in the blink of an eye, we'll reach that place that the curtains of Satan and negativity will remove and our natural tendency will become positive and oneness. So, Zohar is one of the dedications of the Center, to spread the Light. As many Zohars as we can out there. And of course also the program in jails, many many other little programs, but I just wanted to share some of the programs because I think it is essential that people that study in the Center, we know what you're a part of and maybe you'll get more maybe brochures and explanations, because I do understand that some people, that don't know the Center sometimes will question and will doubt, it is important that at least our people will be proud of what's happening. So, the last thing I would like to speak about is about the actual metaphysical tool to access the energy of prosperity. So, in the power of the 72 names of God, the book of Yehuda Berg, we have in page 138, we have the name of God which is Samech Aleph Lamed. You don't need to remember, just the shape of it, which is specifically to be able to channel the energy of prosperity So, each one of us I'm sure found areas that we have blocked around prosperity, we have Tikkuns Our own guilt and thinking I'm not deserving, around fear, around dependence, around waste around being cheap, around not being able to channel, around all those areas that we spoke about. Each one of those issues can block me to be a channel. So, with the help of the 72 names of God, that particular name in page 138, in the book Power of the 72 names of God, I can visualize this book and then place it above my head in my mind's eye and see white lights filling me up and goes through my body and as I'm seeing it, I'm closing my eyes, I'm meditating on that area in my life that I'm blocked about. That specific tikkun I am blocked about. I'm truly seeing myself breaking that blockage and opening that block. So, this is something that I would recommend very much to use in a daily basis. Since I believe that most people have some level of tikkun around prosperity. Another book I would recommend very much to read tapes and books of Yehuda Berg called True Prosperity. Very inspiring and very empowering and very uplifting. So, what about all debts that you have, can this be a blockage? Of course that making the maximum effort and taking the responsibility to clear all debts is needed and necessary because it can be a blockage of prosperity in my life. Nevertheless, attach guilt to it, it's not what's going to help. So, I'm making the maximum effort to clear the debt while without guilt I'm trying to still continue to channel prosperity. If I cannot clear the debt at all, I can only do it slowly, slowly - the guilt is not going to help me. I need to make maximum effort around it because of course I would love to clear negative Karma around it but at the same time, open myself to be channel of prosperity, and by doing it I'll be even faster clearing a debt. So, just thinking, ah, it's probably my blockage and I'm guilty about it, and nothing works, it won't help. But, of course I would recommend to make all the effort in the world to clear that past. What does the Kabbalah Center feel about people who study Kabbalah giving to other spiritual organisations? So, first I would like to share that, number one that we do have actually, partnerships especially in the Spirituality For Kids part with other charities, catholic charities for example and others to be able to be the most effective in kids. But, when it comes to regards to students who are studying in the Center and wish to give to other spiritual teachings, that they see the benefits and they got the benefits themselves, we will recommend it. Actually, that is the goal and the intention. I don't think that we have the right to say no. We have to give just for the Center because you study in the Center. Somebody asked me where should they give spiritually? My recommendation, ask yourself where do you get the most spiritually and thus create a circuitry So, if you feel 20% or 50% or 80% in other places, give to where you believe can make a difference and it's true on spiritual tools. So, that would be my answer, I don't think there should be any obligation, maybe a person can recommend and share, but I don't think there can be any obligation. How should one handle a large amount of money that comes from inheritance or from winning the lotto? Number one, whenever there is so much fight and negativity attached to it, of course it's negative energy that you would like to try to stay away or at least try not to get involved in the dirty fight that's attached to it. But, as far as giving, as I said, again by looking at this, the Creator gave to me, even though I didn't work for it directly the Creator gave it to me, so I shouldn't feel guilty about it. Nevertheless, I would like to clean the aspect of the inheritance. Or, that's attached to Satan by giving between 10 and 20%. And, to do it with happiness and joy and not to feel guilty about the rest of the money that stayed in my life because that's a wish of the Creator. So, it's a total blessing and you need to look at it as a blessing and thank you, God, and of course one of the important things, not to believe that now I'm a happier person because I have more. Because, that's the biggest problem. A lot of people who win the lotto actually 95% of them, statistics say, actually become bankrupt, insecure, or empty, or major chaos. Because, they thought, wow, now I got such an amount now I got so much, I don't have to worry about nothing, I can be lazy. And that's the whole trick. In life, in order to excel, in happiness, I always need to take more responsibility and more effort. The fact that I have more money doesn't mean less effort and laziness. Maybe in the area of working hard and making as far as making a living I need to be a little bit easier on myself. But, as far as doing things for others I need to do even more. How far should we go? As far as we consider our family when we're saying tithing, it should be outside of our family. And, again it's individual and one should be honest with himself and say, you know what, helping that person I feel like a responsibility, it's not that I'm truly giving away. I have to, how can I say no here in that situation? And, it's people that I feel obligation and of course, a person needs to make a decision himself, I don't think there is a really clear line about it. But, the main thing about giving is truly giving away without strings attached. Without any other agendas, that's opportunity around tithing. That there's no immediate gain, the family said I'm helpful and we have a social connection here as a result? No. So, Thank you very much everybody

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