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Beginners (2011)

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Arthtur, you're coming to live with me now, okay? Here's the bathroom... This is the living room... This is the dining room, where people come and eat sometimes.. Look, it's lonely out here, better learn how to talk with me. This is 2003. This is what the sun looks like, and the stars. This is the president, and this is the sun in 1955. And the stars, and the president. My parent's got married in 1955. They had a child, and they stayed married for 44 years. Until my mother died. Six months later my father told me he was gay. I'm gay. I remember him wearing a purple sweater when he told me this, but actually he wore a robe. I'm gay. He was gay the whole time they were married. Oliver. I just met a girl. You point, I'll drive. This way? [woman's scream, then laughter] [phone rings] Hello? Oliver? Yeah They had some wonderfully loud music in the club tonight. [imitates drums] Insa - insa - insa - insa. What kind of music's that? Probably house music. Yep, house music. Okay. House - house music. (woman's voice) The bronchoscopy revealed a a mass. There's no rush on telling everyone. ♪ Sometimes I wonder ♪ Before Anna, I had 4 serious relationships. I let all of them fall apart. Is she happy about it? ♪ melody ♪ The first time I saw him really in love. ♪ And I am once again with you ♪ (woman) Half of them think things will never work out, the other half believe in magic. Sex. Life. Healing. Nature. Magic. ♪ The memory of love's refrain ♪ This is what I'm supposed to feel like. Yeah, me too. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 8, 2011

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