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Bond marks 50 years on film

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The title sequence that can mean only one thing... Mr... Bond. James Bond. Sean Connery, playing 007 fifty years ago in Dr. No,

the first instalment in what has become one of cinema's most successful franchises of all time. The actors playing Bond might have changed,

but the man, and his tastes, have not.

Fast cars... ...high tech gadgets... (like this?) ...exotic locations... (stay where you are!) ...and glamorous women. (I can assure you my intentions are strictly honorable) It's an amazing thing that it's lasted so long, and it's such a special thing within movie making that...I can't help but feel incredibly proud to be part of it.

(It's time we said goodbye to an uninvited guest) Bond is a contradictory character, charming... but brutal. It's part of its mass-appeal. In every country everybody knows about James Bond. I remember once being in Yorkminster and some French children being there, and they suddenly came up and said: "zero-zero-sept"!, they said to me, and I thought: "Oh, that's fame" For early audiences, James Bond was an antidote to post-war austerity, (What's your game, Mr. Bond?) a jet-setting fantasy figure, a sophisticated western spy, who could outsmart the baddies from the eastern block. That famous scene was shot here, at the Golf Club at Stoke Park, in Buckinghamshire. It features many of the ingredients that made the Bond franchise so successful: there's humour, there's menace, there's power-play with a nasty villain,

and there's always a vicious henchman. Now I'm here, I'm thinking I've never had a round of golf. All I need is an opponent. Eh, can we get going here? But does this action man from MI6 actually bear any resemblance to reality? On the whole, British intelligence thinks that they have been misrepresented by James Bond. There are many women now working in our intelligence services, at the sharp end, and there are not many men like James Bond, so let's have a woman James Bond, a Jane Bond, if you like. 007 is a screen legend,

and an international icon. With a much parodied turn-of-phrase. Gumperz. Will Gumperz. BBC news.

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