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Muttu Kumar - Hampi, India - Kannada (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~07:15:49 - 07:31:09

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One set. This of the tanks. People from the village they take the water for laundry and drink. This is the boat. This is the backwater. Yeah. Cochin. Sadhu people. Again backwater. This is an Indian game.... ...their children, they play. This is a wheel of stone... No, wooden chariot. Wooden chariot, not stone chariot. In front of the market, there is a big building with metal, you know? - Yeah. Inside this building, there are 2 chariots. They celebrate April, full moon day festival. On the 11th they celebrate. The date of 11th. Flower market. This is a red flower. This is the Hanuman temple, across, over the river. That small,'s there. There are stairs to go. 567 steps to go all the way up. On the wall there are many carvings. Girls dancing, boys dancing, and uhh..fighting. Horses, elephants...and camels also. This is Mysore, there's a big palace here. From here. When you go inside, you can see a lot of old paintings. This is banana-selling. At the end of the market, they sell bananas. These are dancing girls. Sister stones...these are also from Hampi. You can see from here now also. Straight route like this. - Yeah yeah. There. Happy children. Elephant stables. Elephant. There's one elephant like this inside the temple also, in Hampi. Counting money, smoking bidi. It's from Kerala...or Goa I think. From Kerala. Varakala beach. Here in Kerala there are some temples... Israeli temples, Jewish temples, they said. And also here, there is one of the street names in Israeli language. Milk tea finished. Black tea. Can we take this? - Yeah. How much do you want to pay? Three. Three of them you can pay But it's going to be each ten but I'll make a discount. You take four now. Danke, Mister. I hope today nice walking, have a nice tour, enjoy Hampi. Bye. Take care. Bye. Here, here, here... When we walk we can find it. But they're going down... Have to be up here like this to take nice pictures, light is shining. Everyday he comes up here, salesman to chai... less business So I took his postcards, I sell them, I give him... They took some..? - Yeah. Four postcards I sold at Rs 30. Regularly I sell expensive if it's mine 'Cause I asked him, he said the price..I sell... Took some nice pictures? I don't no, I'll need to see in the computer. Because small screen... Back one is a little different, eh? The back of the view... This is a nice picture. Wow, nice. This one..this down...I don't know why.. This one? Yeah yeah. That's this one. Very beautiful. Yeah. It's very beautiful, with one of the trees with stone. This is also nice -- Krishna temple. So what is this part of the temple? This is when, from this way, when they climb up this is part of this temple also. They're used to take rest, because... When we took a break there for 2 minutes, so. There are 3 like this. One here, one there, one here also. Behind. You saw 2 already, so the other one when we go down, you can see. This is the they cut Sadhu. Baby monkey. Very cute. Very small. Beautiful sunrise. Then this first one you've seen. Very pretty. Who is this? This is Slipper man. Ah...shaving guy. Yesterday I took some pictures. Yesterday -- Naga Monkey God. Snake house. We are going today also, here. Ah, look, look. This is very funny. Because of one customer, every rickshaw driver from the market from... from the bus stop there, this bus will come from Goa. They come and stop here, they will drop here -- the tourists. Because of one customer, all the people are waiting there. Even I wait everyday, the same. Sleeper bus. The other one's also coming, but it's a bit late somewhere in the traffic in Hospet. Because this bus, they leave earlier. How much earlier they leave, they come faster. And sometimes big trucks...traffic also. For them it's difficult. Probably today there are less people standing out there. Nearly around 10-20 people will be saw last time also. When we were walking back. Less people. Two... Seven... Ten... 13... 14 people only. Make it 15 people. Maybe one guy went fast. This time it's very hot..? -- Yeah. We'll be getting the shining hot sun. Looks like the river today has a little bit more water. Yes. Yes you can see up there, near the boat. The boat, where it will stand, see because it used to be before that. See the boat is going round like this. Little bit river... water came out today. Because usually this'll be dry. The river comes on the left side here, water comes like this. Do you want chai? Green... No milk, black tea. He brings just water. In the cave, yeah. All tourists have gone, eh? Back... There are people. He has black tea. You want? -- Yes. one black tea, for mummy...

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Duration: 15 minutes and 20 seconds
Country: India
Language: English
Producer: Srikumar Venkatraman
Director: Rahul V. Chittella
Views: 106
Posted by: globallivesindia on May 30, 2009

Muttu sells postcards to a German tourist. He also interacts with a Russian and helps her get black tea.

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