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Grill Grates Review

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Today I am looking over a product known as Grill Grates, it is an interlocking cooking system, it is pretty cool, there are two different types, there are porcelain coated steel and hard anodized. Which is what I am holding onto today, they interlock in the center as you can see, they don't pull apart. You can cook on them either this way for an excellent sear, no flare up, you can also cook on it this way. This is a pretty cool little deal. The hard anodized, which would be my personal pick and my favorite. You can cook to a thousand plus degrees Fahrenheit, on the hard anodized and on the porcelain coated one you can cook up to about six hundred degrees, which is still pretty high, but I like the hard anodized. I picked up a nice fresh piece of tuna today and we are going to see how Grill Grates performs with a nice piece of fish. The tuna has been on, probably for about a minute or so, let's see what it looks like. That is a perfect sear, I don't know if you can see that? We will give it a little forty five degree turn, The Grill Grate tool that comes with it, this little spatula that I have, it is pretty neat because it is set up to go in between the grates. And then, if you have been cooking a bunch and you are looking to clean your grates out, there are these little tips on the end, you turn it this way and scrape everything out and you are good to go. Let's see what this is looking like. I would say that Grill Grates turns out an excellent looking piece of fish, with perfect sear marks. In just a second, I will get some vegetable planks on there and we will see how it performs with vegetables. Instead of picking a common vegetable for grilling, I decided to go with one that sometimes has a little bit harder time on a round cooking grate, so that I could see how well it performs; so we are going to do some eggplant. You can turn the eggplant, very nicely. It does not stick very much and it is not tearing, that is a tough trick on the grill, so this is a pretty nice deal for vegetables, definitely. I believe I would have to give Grill Grates, high marks as an excellent performer. You can see the way it dealt with tuna and with eggplant, then the basics should be no fuss at all for Grill Grates. I hope you enjoyed the grilling test with Grill Grates, I think they performed better than I even expected and I think it is a very fine product. I have to give it high marks and I hope you guys will try it out and let me know what you think.

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Posted by: cheftonym on Jan 6, 2010

Chef Tony performs a full product review of the grill topper, Grill Grates; including several grilling tests.

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