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Growing as a Leader - Ramon Balderrama

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Welcome to LEAD weekly. Episode #13 Welcome back to LEAD weekly, practical tips to help you grow as a leader. Today I have asked Ramon to share with us how he wants to grow as a leader. Before we get into that video, I want to remind you that every LEAD weekly video has both English and Spanish subtitles. Simply click on the "CC" in the bottom right hand corner to turn these on. For those of you who are English speakers, you'll want to turn on those English subtitles today. We have the privilege from hearing from Ramon in Spanish and we don't want to miss what he has to share. I believe that values are the cornerstone of our ministry, along with our faith. Growing in our values makes the ministry grow and push forward to new places, new challenges, and new decisions. I also think that in any role the values are something we should always use as a basis for our decision making. Whether it's daily decisions, long term vision, or short term. Because once you make a decision, if you believe that decision represents our values, then you can be more confident to know that the decision comes from God. That the decision is going to advance the ministry and the people we serve. Personally, the value with which I struggle the most, that represents the greatest challenge for me, would be invite. So in order to learn, I have to put myself in situations that force me into a situation or in a place where I see myself obligated to invite, to then learn how to do it better. An example that I can give you right now is, that in this moment Rancho is in total quarantine, and I would like to be doing more than I can I would like to do everything, but I know that I can't do everything, so I have to invite others. There are people that are gifted in different ways. And the staff feel... They feel supported. So I think that holding myself back and and embodying one of the values, in this case invite and inviting others to participate, has been a great step forward for Rancho, why? Because in this moment people are seeing a value embodied and seeing in other people other Back2Back values. So, this is going to help other people also invite others. This is going to help so that other people later also see that we all have to learn. So it would be something for all of us. Back2Back Ministries

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