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Kornelia Kulbovska

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I used to go to work, , now I'm going to the studio As it's very cold here, I work quickly. It's about 5 hours. Welcome To aswer why my works are a bit erotic and a bit sexually organic? Because when I was deciding what should I do standing next to the dormitory. It was 2009. I was standing there and doing some documents. I was deciding "What....what specifically do you want to do?" Well, the first thing that comes to your mind is a landscape. Mm,no Still life. Also not it. Abstraction. Well, you still need to grow , grow as the Crimea to became Ukrainain again. To the abstraction So ... so I've chose the human body and human relations. The relationship between two people. They are, in any case, erotic. There is nothing more intimate than the human body and the interactions between the two bodies. Well the human body, so I do not know, I just do not know what could be more beautiful than a human body. I had, for two years I had a real skull in my backpack. My profesor that is already deceased, Pavlo Karlovych Bala gave it to me. His name was Janos Bachi saying using the Hungarian style, Uncle Janos, Yanyk, Ivan He had very beautiful teeth. He was healthy man from Zakarpattia. I took it with him, he slept next me. True real skull. It was trepanated and you coukd open it. The skull is just a space. There, well, you can draw it every day for the rest of your life and still find something new. Everything in there is based on the golden section. I do not think that all artists are alcoholics. An artist need to let himself to have an opportunity to buy more expensive materials, so in this way you ensure, like insure your works from distruction. My favourite shop is 'Art Skrynka' in Lviv, I buy everything from Mr Mykhailo, he provides me with nice discount. I really like this shop I ordered almost everything there. In Uzhhorod I bought 2 felt pens. Literally, that`s it. For the rest I rode, I took blablacar, I rode to Lviv, or Zhanna bought it for me. I`m, on blablacar, I`m an Ambassador. What is missing maybe some kind of expensiveness. I mean mid-level art in Lviv is already developed, like, I`m not going to say this words. They make a lot of small stuff, but doesn`t do something monumental I think that it`s time to move forward to something massive and more expensive. Because art is for elite, on top of that it must be accessible for each human, in principle, for middle class. It must be accessible for everyone. And this, I guess, is not what we have. This accessibility Perhaps being an artist it`s not that complicated, it`s very interesting. But considering today`s realities indeed it happens to be hard. Well, if you could pay less attention to distructions, then, i guess it`s really interesting I became an artist in Lviv. So wherever i`ll be in this world... always, I will always consider myself as a Lviv artist. Because only there I have become the person I am now. Only that environment has made me this kind of an artist. Wait, Let`s start over I think I'm an artist from the fingertips to the tips of the hair.

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