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Bernard teach: Experiece Living and Principled Living 2

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Desteni Presents: Experience Living and Principled Living - Part 2 D: So what about people who, place their lives according to 'values'? I assume that the values are, probably experienced based as well or is it another word 'for a principle'? When a 'value', understand that 'Values' are 'assessed' according to what it 'gives you' I mean, if that 'giving to you' is at the 'cost' of another that is not a principle, it is self-interested, 'values' D: It can also apply to a group To a group, to a religion, to a culture, to 'a race', have a look there is values 'attributed' to races to cultures to religions 'to' Masters! to Christs all kinds of things But none of those things make a difference, to the way we live in the world considering our 'current', diversity our 'current' diversity, should be 'considered' within the principles that guide, existence Diversity should not be 'a value' diversity is simply an outflow, of DNA it's simply an outflow, of a coupling that takes place where specific, 'forms' of information, called DNA Mix, and come up with the 'Life form' that is then 'programmed' according to a culture 'or language' I mean, it's an organic robot if 'that', we're all organic robots if we are not considering each other No one is going to to claim that there is a 'god' that apparently 'Oversees' all of this, dispels the whole principle of DNA I mean, 'god' wouldn't need DNA to bring up, a child, that is based on mom and dad's DNA coming together I mean "god" would bring the child, forth according to "god's wishes" not according to a 'pre-designed', DNA specific outflow which is what it is - every human being on earth, every animal every plant is the result, of 'DNA', that takes one form it was already known, before the child is born, that particular DNA is going to be, in that child (K: It's the DNA manipulating itself) Yes, and that will automatically will, according to who 'couples' with who you know the various, 'bloodlines' if you want to call it that the DNA, information lines, from different families will mix and come up with a "new - being" but it's not really new it's "simply", a mixture of information, that comes from the DNA (K: So then, technically DNA is god) Technically, DNA is 'god' B:Technically- K: (chuckling) Because it's the one thing "that creates" It's the thing that comes up, with the designs that we call 'Life' but it's actually the "design" of a robot that is 'functionally - useless', until it's programmed so when a child, is born the child is useless, and nonfunctional until it is First, 'educated' thus education is programming when, the child is programmed according to principles that do not 'consider' or values, that do not consider all Life 'as equal', the child will abuse And our education, systems do not make 'provision' for equality or oneness (D: It's a closed system) yes, it's a system that "only serves" self-interest it serves competition, it serves the capitalist 'system' where a capital, which is- is power, or what is capital? Capital is those with money - has power that is capitalism I mean what is Comm-unism? is that the 'community', should have the powerthat means it's "equal and one" but that's been abused by capitalism, capitalism saying: NO! we have the capital we decide the community has no 'say', the community works for those with 'capital' therefore the capital-lists, 'decide' what happens in the world which is all self-interest, per-say because, they control from 'product' Through- through production, to consumer: 'all points' are controlled because all the money has centralized, at the central point - The Capitalist (D: So is there any, other systems- I'm sorry, not system but is there any other "principle") (other than, equal and one, that- takes into considering all Life?) There is no principle we've been able to find, in the physical or the metaphysical who had considered, 'all Life', equally Obviously, when we start to consider 'all Life equally' even, our experience in 'how - everything come Forth', in the physical will start 'changing' that means our evolutionary process will change But yes, at the moment what we are experiencing, is a 'form' of evolution but evolution, in the- from the 'perspective', that it is information based, 'strands' - DNA that 'meets' and come up with, 'new' pictures of itself New, 'contextual - forms' of itself That 'follows' particularly the information 'that is available' I mean, human beings, cannot 'claim', in the physical to really know much because they are all based on information, the information is coming through five senses the 'sixth' sense, is very much simply a 'self-reflective' one There was a 'time' when, beings had some access to the metaphysical that has 'progressively' if one do some research - been diminishing and If you look at the 1900s, in the books of the 'The Life and the teachings of the Masters of the Far East' (by Baird T Spalding) there were humans on earth, that could walk on water that could manifest food, and things like that that was still possible, if you look at the 19-40s, 1950s! you had 'materialization' that means, beings could through ectoplasm, materialize and actually 'move - on earth' then after that came, the time of the 'psychics', the 'healers', the goldsmiths (Joel Goldsmith - Infinite Way movement) D: The UFO Cults the UFOs also became more 'prevalent' there was- the experiences of the, UFOs they were actually UFOs that's crashed, and so on So, but none of those points were understood, there was some 'interaction' with that 'Then' came, 'the New age era' - the age of love in this age, the- form of channeling has changed into a 'mind-expression', completely that means the being go into a 'mind-set' which is a particular 'mode' or vibration, then 'speaks' and the message is always the 'same' the message is always the same: it's always about "love", and it's always promising better days which never come and it will go on now, for close on 30 years - the new age started about what- '75 (D: Yeah, that's when I first noticed it) yeah, and right about 1975 approximately the new age started emerging with, using the 'love' principle and obviously it was to 'contain love' into, a form of future 'projection' so the experience is 'forever', one of hope but never any 'principled living' that actually change the reality for those that live in this world To be continued in Part 3 - For Full discussion please join: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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