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fast food restaurant

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yeah...right after lunch...yeah Good day, sir, and welcome to O'Brien's fast food restaurant. May I suggest O' Brien's O`burger, or O'Brien's famous O-chili? Oh, no, it's you, from Charlie's restaurant. Every time you wait on me I don't get what I want and it takes forever. Oh, no, it would not take forever here, sir, because this is a fast-food restaurant, see? Fast food is already made, and it comes out right away, it is very fast food indeed. Oh, it's fast, huh just pick from our fast wall menu, and your food will be here before you expect it, very fast OK, I'll take the O' fish One o-fish... the o'salad, the o'bread... o' white or o' rye, sir? O' rye. ...and a glass of o-milk. A healthy o'meal, sir. And it'd better be fast. It is fast, sir, believe me. OK, Chat, listen... one o' fish, one o'salad, one o'rye, and one o' glass of milk. What was that? That was your o'fish. Was that fast enough for you? There goes your o'salad. But I wanted to eat the salad! Then you should have grabbed it, sir, this is a fast food restaurant, the food is fast. If you want to eat the food you must be fast too. I don't believe this! You have blown the fish and the salad, sir, you still have the chance to catch the o'bread. OK, OK, I'm ready. Where's the bread? Oh, no..! I forgot to tell you, sir, the bread comes from the other side. But I'm hungry! I want something to eat! We only guarantee the fast food, sir, the rest is up to you. Thank you- you're welcome. What was that? Instant mashed potatoes- not your order. There goes your glass of milk. That'll be two dollars, sir. But I haven't had anything to eat! But it was fast! But I'm still starving! Don't you have any slow food? Yeah, but you shall need the slow waiter for that... ...Tony, your shift. Be with you in a moment, sir. That does it! I'm getting out of here! I'm going to another restaurant, I'm going to Charlie's for lunch! Oh, good, so am I! That is my other waiter job. Let us go together and I shall serve you lunch. He O'fainted.

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Posted by: totleigh on Nov 3, 2011

fast food restaurant

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