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Hello, everyone! We're back in Power of Kabbalah 3. This is the fifth session. The subject we're gonna speak about is understanding the concept of inner light and surrounding light. What is that concept?... Inner light represents the level of enlightenment that I can handle based on my level of spirituality, my level of vessel, my level of affinity with the light of the creator. Surrounding light represents the aspect of the light I am not yet ready to handle. It's my potential. So let's picture for example ten circles which the inner circle represents the lower level of spirituality, level number one. And the outer circle represents the highest level of spirituality, level number ten. So let's say the level of light that I can handle is the third circle, level number three. That's how much my vessel can handle. From four to ten, it's considered to be my surrounding light. It means it's there, it's around my soul but I am not ready to handle it yet. My capacity is to handle all the way from one, two and three. From four to ten, it's beyond my intensity of my vessel, my size of my vessel, the level of affinity to the light. As I'm growing from three to four, so, four that was my surrounding light becomes my inner light. Now, what becomes my immediate surrounding light? Five! Of course also six, seven, eight and nine but surrounding light is the one level above. Now how does it work in real life? All the spiritual action that it's comfortable for me to do... spiritual action, positive attitude, understanding, seeing life in spiritual ways... as long as it's comfortable for me to do and it's pretty natural to me to do... it means I already attained that light, that level. Up to three it's all OK and fine. But all those spiritual actions that it's beyond my comfort zone... the reason it's beyond my comfort zone is because my vessel isn't ready to handle that light that energy. So it's considered to be my surrounding light, my potential. I need to stretch myself to go to that next level and next level. But the nature of the light is to help us to ascend, to grow. So the light wants in all its different ways to allow that if my inner light is up to three, that my surrounding light number four, someone will get in. The light wants in different ways to penetrate. That I'll expand my vessel. That from three I'll go to four, from four I'll go to five and so on... That's what truly spiritual growth is about. What are the different ways we feel this surrounding light? There's internal barrel between the inner light and surrounding light. The purpose of the klippot is to remain in level three and not to expand. And to create a wall between me, between my consciousness and my surrounding light. Our wall is represented by fears: 'it's too uncomfortable, it's too much, I cannot handle it... it's beyond me, I'm pretty happy with what I'm doing already... But we know the rules of the game. If I'm not going from three to four, I'll go from three to two thirty; from two thirty to two and so on... My vessel will shrink. As the Rav always said, either you grow or you fall. Life is as if you're standing in an escalator that's going down. If I'm just standing still, I'm simply going down. And especially when we speak about spiritual growth, transformation, expanding our consciousness... So one of the simple ways we feel our surrounding light, very often we have a gut feeling telling us: 'do it, let go, commit, fire someone, go to the next level, stretch yourself. In any meaningful area in my life. And then, the fears telling me: 'I'm not sure, not now, tomorrow... What's the fight really? It's between my surrounding light and my inner light. The surrounding light that's knocking at the door of my vessel: 'I want to come in!' do the next action, and if you do the next action... If you stretch yourself, I'll come in, I'll become your inner light. And my klippot tells me: 'forget about it, I'm pretty happy with the level that I'm at' And that's what the fight is about. But, we have to understand always between my inner light and my surrounding light our fears... our laziness, there's procrastination, there are doubts... Those are the technology that Satan is using to prevent me from pushing to the next level. That's the fight we're all going through. Staying stuck in the same level... A person can be very spiritual... And he transformed himself in the last five years... But now he is stuck... That's what Satan wants. Even he'll even let me be a little spiritual as long as I'm not moving forward. Because if I'm not moving forward, I am going backwards. And Satan will even use my spiritual levels to make me feel that I'm great and better than others. Then, it'll feed all my spiritual work and feeding my ego and doesn't really help me in a real way. Now, let's define being able to handle more energy. Why I am three and I cannot handle four? What's wrong about it? I say I want four. And if you don't want four. Surely, you want four. More light, more blessings more fulfillment... So, why are we fighting? And not having four? What's wrong about it? I want more light in my life. If I'll ask you a question: 'How many of you'd like more light in your life?' Will you not raise your hands? We're all going to raise our hands. But truth is we don't want more light in our lives. Why? Because, there's a price that we're afraid of. The three main ingredients that determine expanding my vessel from three to four from four to five... is in three areas. The one area of course the first, which is not one of the three is: first, I need to want more. But really wanting more include few things: Am I willing to give up more? To give more, to stretch myself in giving more of myself outside my comfort zone. That's one determination of expanding my vessel. Number two: Am I willing to develop stronger restriction power? Letting go power. And number three: Am I willing to surrender more, to trust more? To trust beyond logic. Certainty beyond logic. When things are not comfortable; when things are not my way... Am I willing to surrender to the next degree? To trust... Those are the three major ingredients that determine strengthening my vessel. So very often if you really want to test it, at night, you say: light, I really want to go to my next level. I'm too stuck in the same level; I'm now level three. I want to go to level four. I'm ready. And I'm willing to actually expand my vessel. Bring it on! You know what's gonna happen the next day or two days later... Suddenly, certain situation will challenge me. A friend that I had good relationship suddenly realise it's actually not so great. Or somebody will ask me for help that it's too much for me. Or something I thought I'm so sure and secure in my life will collapse suddenly. Why? Because anybody tries to punish me? The light wants to help me to strengthen my vessel, to expand my vessel. So it would send me a test that will help me to increase the level of my restriction. To increase the level of my giving and to increase my level of certainty. Because, those are the three main things that determine expanding my vessel. When we speak about raising my consciousness that I can handle more light, That's what it means. More giving beyond my comfort zone. More restriction and letting go and more certainty beyond logic. And more trust... And more surrender... when things don't seem to be my way. But all the other attributes, which is letting go of control and overcoming laziness... It's all within same frame. Overcoming fears: Fear of failure; fear of success; fear of rejection; fear of being judged. What's the other side of overcoming fear? Certainty beyond logic! Go for it. I know it's my next level. Just trust. Jump! Go for it! Don't calculate, don't hesitate, don't procrastinate. Trust! Yes, but I want to be able to handle the light without any jump. I just would like to open myself and everything is great. It doesn't work this way. I need to pay a certain price to go from three to four. To allow the surrounding light to become part of my light. Part of my comfort, part of my natural being, part of my blessings that can be retained in a lasting way. The Rav in his book, The Power of You, has a chapter about stress. There's a whole chapter about stress. And in this chapter The Rav speaks about, imagine... You are in a factory And you produce certain amount you decided, listen... I need to go to the next level of the factory. I need bigger machinery to manufacture these goods So you ordered a new machinery. And, then, the structural engineer tells you: 'Sorry Sir!... Your floor can't handle this new machinery. It's too heavy. So, you have two options. You know what OK, I'll stay the same size company. That's one option. What's the other option? Reinforce the floor that you can handle more weight. Then, you have more advanced machinery. Or maybe move to a new place where the floor is stronger and can handle it. So, if I want to go to my next level, to bring bigger machinery, I need to do something to my vessel. I need to reinforce the floor. I need to expand it. The ability to handle more of that energy. Now if we don't reinforce the floor, what's gonna happen? There'll be pressure that my floor won't be able to handle and it will break me. And that's what stress really is about. Kabbalistically, anytime I'm facing pressure, for whatever reason, financial, friendship, love, deadlines, too much work, being pulled from too many directions. Anytime, I'm facing pressure; it's the surrounding light wants to come in. When I'm saying 'I can't take it anymore, it's horrible,' And I'm blaming the whole reality, you know what I'm saying, the Rav says, I'm telling the light: 'I don't want your surrounding light! Let me stay in level three.' The Kabbalists will say, bring it on! I know this is in my life to expand my vessel. Where is the areas I can strengthen my certainty in the midst of it? Instead of fighting it, it's in my life already. Maybe I need to change certain things, maybe I need to put more priority... Maybe I need to go and say 'no' to some people. But, if it's in my life... I have a choice to treat this as a bad pressure or as a good pressure that expanding my vessel, I need to reinforce the floor. So, instead of treating it as a bad pressure that I believe, maybe I can't handle it I need to pose and to say it's there to help me expand my vessel That's the time I need to inject more certainty and trust I am sure I can handle it. That's the time I say: where can I give of myself more? Where can I let go more? Where can I use more tools? Like the tools of the Zohar, the tool of the Ana Bekoach. That's so essential: tools. And, if you didn't learn about it, look at the Kabbalah University for the specific classes about it. Because expanding my vessel and expanding my consciousness, I need tools to say just certainty and restriction... what are the tools metaphysical tools to change my DNA I need to use the power of the Hebrew letters the meditation, the Ana Bekoach, the Zohar that in a seed-DNA level to expand me... and to change me. But, it's not just for the sake of scanning it and I'll be lucky, for the sake of igniting the light and igniting the expanded consciousness in me. But that's the reason I am going to pressure. Is the light knocking on my vessel? I want to come in; I want to give you more! And what are we saying? Too much! Too much light. It's not too much light. And if that pressure came my way... It's indication, I can handle it. If not, it wouldn't come my way. It wouldn't come my way. How is it possible that two partners of the same business going through major pressure, not being able to pay the bills... the bank managers are running after them one person collapse and almost have a heart attack... the other person is struggling but working through ease and actually coming up with creative ideas and going to the next level of business. So how can you say that pressure is bad? Pressure is energy. You make it good or bad. It's the energy that is giving me the chance and opportunity to expand my vessel. Or, if I want to listen to my klippot that's blocking me to my inner light wants me to have the voice: 'I can't handle it anymore.' This is one of the worst voices, or scripts of Satan in our heads. That 'I can't handle' is what actually bring eventually to what? To committing suicide, if you take it to the extreme level. I can't handle anything. I can't handle it. And we believe in it. And the klippa becomes strong and that becomes our identity. And we develop fears and phobias around it. If it's in my life, I can handle it. If the pressure comes, practically, bring it on I know I am going to my next level. It's opportunity for me. There's a major financial level. Don't say: I'm gonna shrink my light. I can't handle. No! It's my opportunity to go to my next level. I'll figure out how to do it. You might need to be very logical about how to do it but first in the attitude in the consciousness If it's pressure, it means I am about to go to the next level. Bring it on! I'm not running away from pressure. I'm not running away from demands. I'm not running away from so many things happening in my life at the same time. There's a reason behind it. And by my shifting my attitude to embrace it instead of rejecting it, I'm already expanding my vessel. That's by itself certainty beyond logic, even if I don't know how... I'm gonna handle it. But when I'm just changing my attitude from rejection to embracing, It's already the beginning of shifting my consciousness from three to four or from four to five. Of course the other way in life... To expand from three to four is not to wait for pressure to come from outside. To look for that internal motivation: I want to jump to number four. I don't want to be faced with challenges and pressure and somebody asking me for something or a major catastrophe or a major rejection in my life... That says it's opportunity to grow. I want proactively to jump towards change. That's by the way the easiest way To have pleasure and fun in the process of growth to the life, when I'm proactively choosing pressure. Positive pressure, not pressure for the sake of having pressure with some people addicted to chaos, that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about opportunity to go to the next level in my life next level of giving, next level of commitment Next level of stretching, next level of making changes in my life Next level of studying, next level of using the tools that I have in the next level... in the next stretch... Not because I have a problem. Because I know life is about growth and moving to my potential. My surrounding light is my potential, my surrounding light is my unseen miracles that are waiting to come into my life. And sometimes I don't see that they are there. But they are there. As Rav Ashlag called it that there are two forces that guide us in life... from behind and from our front. Behind is external pressure. In front, motivation... vision... how I want to jump there I want to risk. I want to go for it. I want to push. I want to initiate. I don't want to wait. I'm not gonna be a follower of a religion or a spirituality to do the right thing. I want to take control of my destiny I want to jump to number four. Each one of us are given opportunity to give, to stretch ourselves. We all stretch. But that stretch is still within my comfort zone. within my comfort zone... I need to really listen to my surrounding light to see what is the real stretch. Be real! Don't listen to what someone else suggested you. Be real with yourself. What is my real next level of stretch. Ask this question really. Sometimes it's about moving to a career you know that's your love. That's your passion. And for so long you've had excuses why you're not moving on. Because I'm not secure because I'm not ready. Go for it! You might need support and strength but go towards your surrounding light. Don't wait until it's too late and procrastinate until you have to make this change because you hate and can't stand your job. And you can't stand your employer We all know certain areas in our life... The surrounding light is knocking, telling: Do it! Go for it! And we wait for chaos eventually to make the change. No matter what, we'll make the change eventually. More proactive and faster I'm doing it... easier it is and more fun it is. That's the power of laziness. Body is heavy. Wants to procrastinate... wants to wait... And if we're not honest with ourselves and we listen to our laziness and inner light that wants to be stuck... Then, we'll be blind. Then, we're gonna look at people and look at life according to my agenda, according to how I want to look. There are two ways to look at life: With the eyes and ears open. How can I go to the next level? What's the message here? Or... How can I be satisfied staying in the same level? That's a reason someone will tell me 'you know you're so amazing' and I'l believe in it. And it'll feed my ego. As the Zohar says; a person will be guided... according to where he wants to be guided. If he wants to become purified and elevated, opportunities and the surrounding light will be there. If a person wants to be stuck and more connected to the impurity, he will be guided as well... to be stuck. Question what we want. Do you want to justify our life and our inner light how righteous we are? Or do you want to push to our surrounding light? And that's a daily question we need to ask ourselves. The answers are within. Once someone asked the Rav: Why do people don't remember their past life time. You know what the Rav answered... Because people don't want to remember their past life time. Because if they truly remember, they'll know they need to change so many things that they've done. And that's the reason they're here. And it's too painful. And we're too afraid of it. So, I rather blur it and subconsciously not remember it. Because like this, I can stay within my comfort zone where I'm today. And feel satisfied with the good that I am doing. But if I am real and honest, everybody will tell me I am amazing, If I am really connected my surrounding light will knock and tell me: 'it's nothing compared to where you can be.' The Kabbalists teach us that you know that really to take ourselves to the next level to the surrounding light constantly my spiritual work cannot be just between me and myself and my mind and my soul and even a little meditation. I have to use other tools outside of myself, permitting the surrounding light to push and to break through my vessel. to get me out of my klippot, out of my prison. Because if it's just gonna be left to my mind deciding what's right and what's wrong, eventually I'll be manipulated by Satan. I need to go outside of my limited world. Imagine... A person drives a car and he's a good person. But he has no clue that red light means stop. But he is a very good person. And he's driving through a red light. What's gonna happen? Probably a car accident, god forbid. But he's a good person, isn't he? But he's too much into himself. I'm a good person. I know how to drive. I know how to use the car. He didn't look for the other influences on the road. The traffic lights, and maybe other things in life... The same thing I'd like to introduce us. A little bit outside influences, part of the surrounding light ways to expand and to grow. Many of you maybe touched upon it with your teachers, with other study... But beyond the influences which are internal there are external influences that allow us to expand and access our surrounding light. And we call it 'windows in time.' In the Gregorian Calendar, solar system we have 365 days during the year. In the lunar system there are 355 days during the year unless there's a leap here, there are extra 30 days. Now Kabbalistically... certain days during the week during the month, during the year... There are windows of times that I can access light from my surrounding light without necessarily going through pressure and stress and chaos, that can expand my vessel in effect change my life and reveal light in my life that can be lasting. And I want to speak about some of these. Of course you need to study maybe in more depth each one of them to learn how to use the tools. But let's start with a day: Cycle of a day, 24 hours. So the Kabbalist knows that the morning there's a window of the energy of Chesed energy of mercy, energy of giving. It's the seed of the day. That's the time that the Kabbalist will make a spiritual connection to use this opening. And we would use the Ana Bekoach prayer which is the seven verses connecting to the seven levels of consciousness from Chesed to Malchut. And it's a tool to help us to strengthen our consciousness. from reactivity, unconditional love, thinking big, the power of true prosperity, the power of healing the power of overcoming the negative influence of the stars in the zodiac. we'll use it everyday in the morning. as well, we'll use the power of the Zohar. The Arameic; either reading or scanning As a tool to help us to get to Binah consciousness which is part of the surrounding light we can never by ourselves reach there. It's connecting to energy of miracles. connecting to the energy of overcoming issues and blockages, and fears, and even our regular tikkun process reaching directly to the power of the surrounding light and bringing that light into our life. The most difficult time during the day is the afternoon. You know afternoon before the stars' coming out. Especially actually before sunset to the stars' coming out. It's more times of judgement. That's the time a person need to be more careful about his consciousness. A window of time It's from midnight until dawn. Midnight, depending the time of the year. If daylight saving, midnight starts around one o'clock, depending on the time. Or regular time is twelve o'clock Dawn... It changes In summer, dawn can be three thirty; three forty five. In winter, it can be six o'clock even. So, these few hours; in summer it can be three or four hours. In winter it can be even six hours. There's a window of time. This is the time. The cosmos is most open for meditation, for connection, for transformation for creating change, for spreading light, for creating miracles in our life. This is the time that the Kabbalists everyday make sure to be up, either stay up or wake in the middle of this time, to make a connection. This is the time that when we use Zohar use meditation, specially the Zohar... That's the time the effect is so much greater. Satan is actually shut down in that time. The light is assisting us. The surrounding light is available freely in this time. That's the hardest time to be up. That's how it works. Usually most people sleep in this time. But that's the opportunity to make connection especially if you want to work on yourself on something, on your tikkun... especially if you want to pray for someone. There's brain surgeon who tried it. Used to do like 400 surgeries a year. And when he started to use Zohar for his patients... in the middle of the night, before dawn. He saw major results and miracles the next day. These are the tools. It's a window of time. People don't know about it. But that's an amazing time... to connect, to shift. Most of the books that the Rav wrote... The Rav wrote after midnight before dawn. That's the time Kabbalists meditate to bring peace. Into the entire world. That's as far as the day. As far as the week... We know Shabat is from Friday night until Saturday night Some of you've been introduced, some of you, not. But it's twenty five hours from sun down Friday night, to stars coming out Saturday night... There's a book of Yehuda Berg about Shabat. That actually this is the time that our soul can be recharged. The rules of the game during these 25 hours are different than the rest of the days of the week. If during the rest of the days of the week, the only way to connect with the light of the creator is only by fighting Satan fighting negativity, earning... In these days if we choose to be a part of that our soul can be elevated naturally to a place of light. Of course there are different tools to use. There's even streaming of Shabat from different centres all over the world that people can connect. Maybe you'll study more about it. But this is another -in our future- another major tool to take advantage of. As a window in time I can access huge light. And the klippa around my inner light is not blocking actually. Month... Once a month there's the new moon What is the new moon? It's the seed of the month. And as we learn in our body there's body and soul... you know; the limited part: the Satan part, the unlimited part: the light force in us. the same way the stars, the zodiac, the different influence in our lives as body and soul. The soul is the positive influence of the month. The body is the negative influence of the month. That's what astrology is. There's positive influence, negative influence. In the new moon the beginning of the lunar month... In that day we have access to the positivity of the month and we can plant the seed that we can connect to the positivity of the month and reject the negativity of the month. That's the reason there's all over the world all the centres start streaming. There's new moon event. It's twenty-eight hours of forty-eight hours, depending on which month which we can access the positivity of the month in a seed level For example if you take the month of Cancer, the negativity of the month is uncertainty, fear; the positivity of the month is that the month has healing in it That has the power of injecting certainty in it. We can choose to access it. If you have the power of Aries, the negativity is selfishness. The positivity is pioneering, thinking big, unlimited. So, each month has its positivity, negativity. In the new moon there's a window of opportunity to access the positivity and as a result to have more control. These tools to control my month. There's holidays, kabbalistically which I'm plugging into them, right... I'm planting the seed not just for a day, or a week or for a month. For a whole year. And each holiday has its own consciousness For example Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, which is one package. which always fall in the first day of the month of Libra; Rosh Hashanah in the lunar calendar. This is the time that in the entire world, destinies being determined. This is the time that based on the negative or positive action have done last year, my next year destiny will be determined. Based on the rules of the bread of shame, A person have to receive based on his effort. And not just all the negativity will be buried and everything is OK. We don't want bread of shame. We want to get based on our merits. In Rosh Hashanah, there are technologies. There are forty-eight hours. And always we have international collective event. During that time we have ability to use tools to erase from the cosmic computer the negativity we created in the past. And as a result effect change in my destiny in the future. The personal destiny and the collective destiny. It's not the holiday we celebrate. It's the technology to effect change in my physical destiny for one year. During Rosh Hashanah, the destiny that is determined is my physical destiny. Life or death livelihood, health, prosperity... In Passover which is around month of Aries. The full moon. Always will fall in the full moon of the month of Aries. Every year. This is the time that the cosmos is open to affect my spiritual destiny. If Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is more about the physical, the physicality, the quantity of my life, in Passover it's the destiny of the quality of my life. My level of freedom, of joy, of happiness Actually this is the seed that's being determined how much I'll be able to fight Satan during the course of the entire year. When it speaks about celebrating coming out of Egypt... Kabbalists explain it's not about the physical Egypt. It's coming out of our personal Egypt; our fears, our egos, our laziness, our tikkun... all the addictions that we have. This is the opportunity that is open during Passover. This is the blessing that we have. There are many other holidays. But I just wanted to open the door to realise. These are windows of opportunities. Beside being a good guy and working of my tikkun that I'm able to access the surrounding light, to break through the walls of my soul, the klippot, to allow me to go the next level, which is essential practice in Kabbalah. Beside the day to day work on myself taking advantage from the windows of opportunities available in the cosmos. So, what have we learn today? Constant struggle between my inner light and surrounding light: Satan wants me to stay shrunk, limited... Part of all the theme all we learned since the beginning of the course lasting change, lasting improvement, expanding vessel... If I want to really go to my next level of blessings, I need to go to the next level of expanding my vessels. Expanding my vessel, expanding my sharing ability, expanding my restriction, my certainty beyond logic There are two ways to go about it One way is to stress, pressure comes my way is the way that light is knocking on my door, telling me: I want to give you more, don't worry expand it, embrace it, surrender. The other way look for opportunity to expand my vessel proactively, listen to my gut feeling, open my ears and my eyes. With a consciousness I want to expand, even though it looks like a little painful. Satan will paint a dark picture when it comes to change. It's too difficult. I am afraid. I am weak. I will not be able to do it. And what's gonna be then... It has to be. It's part of the test. And the answer to all of those: Just jump! Don't think too much. Because procrastinating and thinking will make me eventually believe in the small vessel... justify why I'm staying small... justify it's not the right thing to do now... It's not the logical thing to do. And of course using the Kabbalistic tools learning about days of power learning about certain times that actually cosmos open that klippot does not disturb me to access the surrounding light that's another huge way to expand my vessel. See to it yourself. With a friend. with a teacher. What do I need to do in order to go from three to four In what areas in my life I know I need to go to the next level but I am too afraid. I am waiting too long. I am procrastinating. But I am afraid. It's part of the package. Since expanding my vessel is injecting certainty beyond logic, the tool to help me inject certainty is the fear. And the fear will be very real. But it's part of the tools to help me to grow. Have a great day. Thank you very much.

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