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Netapp Data Protection V2b

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Technology advances such as cloud and flash storage are helping organizations of all sizes modernize IT. But as you transform your IT infrastructure, you also need to transform your backup and recovery systems – because data protection is critical to your brand and your business. The trick is choosing a set of solutions that effectively balance cost and time to recovery. NetApp has developed a data protection model that helps you find the most applicable solution to solve your data protection challenges today and tomorrow. The NetApp Data Protection model comprises four quadrants: Cloud-integrated backup can help you seamlessly and securely incorporate cloud storage into your backup and recovery strategy, while reducing dependence on tape. For data that can't be sent to the cloud, NetApp Snapshot copies allows you to maintain backup copies in native format. This gives you faster restores, improves efficiency, and enables you to leverage backups for other uses, like dev and test. Asynchronous replication allows you to replicate to a remote site or leverage cloud economics to provide rapid site recovery at 50 percent less cost and complexity than server- or application-based mirroring. For critical applications and infrastructure, synchronous replication provides an automated, low-cost, flash-optimized solution that offers continuous availability and zero data loss. Transform your data protection today. NetApp offers a broad portfolio of backup and recovery solutions to keep your data safe and secure, freeing you to capture more value from the cloud. Learn More About NetApp Data Protection Solutions

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Netapp Data Protection V2b

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