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Sacco and Vanzetti

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♪Oh Sacco Sacco Oh Nicola Sacco Oh Sacco Sacco I just want to sing your name♪ ♪Sacco Sacco Sacco Sacco Sacco, Oh Sacco Nicola Sacco Sacco I just want to sing your name♪ Beginning with the First World War, an alliance of the departments of justice labor immigration, initiated a campaign of oppression Agents broke into the homes of suspected radicals, arrested them and seized their possessions Many were deported Most of the victims were foreigners, usually russian, italians and jews Two men stand out as targets of the anti-radical campaign. They were italian born, residents of Boston for many years, respectable workers and dedicated anarchists. They were attempting to dispose a semi anarchist belief list when they were arrested on the charge of armed robbery and murder Their names were Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti ♪Oh Sacco, Vanzetti, Oh Sacco, Vanzetti Oh Sacco, Sacco, Vanzetti. I just want to sing your name.♪ The state's evidence was flimsy, and the witness for the prosecution gave confusing and contradictory testimony Sacco and Vanzetti proclaimed their innocence but they were convicted and sentenced to death Appeal after appeal was denied. The case became an international cause. Marches and defense efforts were organized world wide But on August 23, 1927, the state of Massachusetts, which had condemned Sacco and Vanzetti as violent and dangerous men... ...mobilized 500 heavily armed policemen to suppress protests and electrocuted the two bostonian anarchists

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Posted by: mimachan on May 12, 2013

A brief history of Italian American anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti who were both executed in 1927.

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