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TVP Teamspeak Q&A Seminar - 2012-08-12 - Dealing With Ego

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The Venus Project - TeamSpeak When presenting The Venus Project, They are identifying of the world that we were brought up in, and you can’t turn it around immediately. What you have to know, if they have some technical background. Technical background means, in the associative system that has physical correlation. Whatever field it is, if it's plumbing, And you show them them the relevance Now, in working with a person that gives you a hard time, due to ego, it might take you 4, 5 years to get to that person. And you don't want to do that, because with children you make an investment, you say. After they get out of highschool, you can begin to talk to them. You can't even begin to talk to them, You can only fortify them as youngsters, give them a method of evaluation. But you wouldn't be able to use that method into much later. Actually put it into years. So, you don't want tackle people that are 4 or 5 year projects, so she can't talk them for 4 or 5 years. Unless they do some thinking too about it. And most people use the system they have because it is the only one they know of. And they keep using it. Now, the reason you can't talk to K, I don't want to mention names, because you know what I'm referring to? It's because they like that system and they use it, and though it gets them into trouble, and they feel it's no use talking to certain people, but they don't alter that behaviour. There are people that use the same behaviour. They don't know they are making an assumption that being direct with the other people they can alter their behaviour. They can't. They have to accept these as valid tools, until they do... Now, you're always dealing with associative memory. Do you know what that means? That's a track in the brain, already there. And you can't undo that track, except over years of experience. And they have have to think about it, and come back to you and say, if that's so, then what about this. If they don't question that, they say it's no use on questioning, and I don't get the answers. They don't get the answers that they identify with. Would a guy came here he said "I hate domes." And I like certain types of architecture. That means he wasn't open for anything, he was announcing, and I don't want to tackle that. Not at all. I made no attempts at tackling it. Because the person wasn't asking questions. If he was a student who says "I don't really know at all." I'd like to know what your views on regarding them, and I'd like to contradict them. I'd like to bring them my own views. Well, his own views are not based upon the long track study. So I wouldn't tackle it. Unless he said "I'm not sure... how does conditioning work?" If he posed the right questions, I would give him my right answers. But if he says,"I think that people can surpass that background." I didn't want to get into a discussion on that. But that what he was saying when he said,"I hate domes." He didn't come in and said,"Why a dome?". He was giving his personal reactions. And (?) which gets some point, she gives her reactions to. That is not what the cure is. The cure is "Why does [?] insist on that system?" Because this it's his identity. And if you take away his identity, he loses his ego. Because my views are just as great as your views. -Is that how you approached it? Before the (?)? No, I didn't approach him. Because he never came at me, saying "Why do you conclude that?" Well, how is it that you arrived at that viewpoint. No inquiry. But if he doesn't understand the basics of semantics, you can't begin to talk to them. Unless he says,"Why semantics?" What can you tell me that might give me better tools? They really are lost, they don't even know it. And that is a terrible thing not to know when you are lost, when you're not sure. There is a word called 'doubt' and 'certainty' in science. The certainty is that if you pour water, at a given rate fast, it won't go in a narrow tube. You have to pour it in relation to your experience with water. But if you have no experience with water, you can fabricate all kinds of stories. And keep nurturing them. They are based on false assumptions. And if you believe that some people have it and some don't, you can't communicate with people. But if your communication alters human behavior, use it, if it doesn't alter behaviour, it means you are not getting to that person. Or that person doesn't want to be gotten to. For whatever reasons. It may destroy their self-sufficiency. You understand that? "Why should I surrender to you, my opinion is as good as yours", that's an ego trip. I never ask a person to surrender. I ask a person "If there's something they don't understand? Anything you like clarification on?" Now, I never heard anybody who said to me, "You know, very few people that altered my thoughts along a lot of lines." I have being so, the acquisition of better tools is what they're getting. And if they don't get the better tools, and if you were involved into an ego trip, you try to get in with human reason. Doesn't work. "Like my mother, like your mother." It just doesn't work. Because your mother doesn't say, "Why are you trying all these different foods? - Because I'm not sure." "Or I think you are going off the deep end." Well your mother doesn't object, she doesn't know how to object, so she says,"You are a strange boy.." or whatever she says. It means that she doesn't understand you. Your mother never tried to understand you. She has (?) instruction she (?) give you. Your mother felt that she knows more about a subject than you did. Or she felt that way. Otherwise she say, "How do you think of things? Why do you go with Jacque? He's much older than you?" Or whatever that she was questioning on. And there are people who don't even know that there's anything wrong with them, with their viewpoint; they may be bright in particular areas, but out of those particular areas she can't get out of. And you can't discuss it, because she never even thinks about it. She thinks (?} that some ideas, but you can reach them. And she doesn't know how. And so, only when a person inquires into things do they want to know the answer. Like that guy made a lot of statements yesterday. The guy the price system guy, he did not enquire, he just repeated "If you do... you don't have incentive. What will motivate a person?" He was already, he is a victim of culture. He was not asking questions. He doesn't even know what to ask a question means. But what surprised me was that he was with this woman, who is very different in than he was. All I'm saying is you have to look to a person and say, "Do I want to take it on, or do I want to live with those limitations." You don't want those limitations, because they are painful. So you get on. And whenever you get off, just make sure that you tried to give them information, but you haven't succeeded. Because taking information from you means surrendering their values system. Not just listening to you. Do you know what I mean? They are losing the argument they want to win, that's their motive. They want to maintain 'one-upmanship', if they listen to you and take your advice, they give them up their own new ego. And that is very hard for people to do. (R Meadows) -Is that true all the time in the interaction of people? Almost all the time. Very few people, you say, without those tools, I couldn't made it. They have to have tools. You know what that means: instruments. A surgeon without those instruments can't do anything. They can't perform surgery without the instruments, and knowing how to use them. I would say that most people don't give people sufficient information to make the change. A lot of doctors try to pass the examination, and that is 'rote learning' And 'rote learning' does not make a person creative. That is your point of view. And if you know how you arrive that, because your father was always dominant, you want to be dominant. And if you pick that value system, that is just because your against your old man, but do you want to be against your old man, you're looking for a better value system, one it is more closely related to the real world. -So you don't consider scientific science applied to the social system necessarily to be a value system, or at least an adequate value system? No, that may be a person that picked that up that uses it, but doesn't understand it. There are people that use tools in a limited way, but they really don't understand it. Understanding comes with tossing ideas around in your own head. Say "If that is so, than that may not be so." Like you could take the things I talk about, and reduce them to semantic disturbances if you want to. Or you can say that really people don't understand anything because they wouldn't be part of this system as they did. They couldn't participate in it. (R Meadows) -I don't know what you mean by "reduce it to semantic disturbances." Take what you are saying, "reduce them to semantic procedures..." -Well, if the person that says "The price system is awful, but I am in the real estate system and I got to sell buildings." They still participate in the game. Because they want to advantages of the system, but they don't want to give up participation. Because they can't. They really can't. Now, [redacted] has a certain point of view, which she can't give up. She would fear lost of identity if she did. Nor can she step out of that. She has difficulty. Unless you came here and said "What do you think of my relationship with [redacted], I said what is your relation?" Does she see it as a gigantic intellect, how does she? I don't know that. And what does she understand, of what she was exposed to. I don't know. And he does win approval from certain people, because he is wiser than they are. You know what I mean? In some areas that the social complex. He doesn't understand this system as a system. First of all you can tell you are up against an ego problem. You can tell that at the beginning. But you go on for the benefit of the other people. You don't cater the one person too much, ok? Because you lose the others. I just want to remind you so you don't spend too much time. There is a normal tendency to try to get to people. The word I used a lot called 'identification', I used to think as you did exactly, you know? But it was hard for me to give up my ego. But other person which says they are ready for change, they have to listen to records, read books. A book doesn't embarrass a person. When he reads a book, he reads it and says "Yeah, that was a stupid thing I did", but he's not embarrassed in the presence of other people. But if you surrenders to you, he loses his ego. It is better to give a person a book because they are not surrendering in front of you. They feel when they are giving up their thoughts, they are surrendering to you. And losing their 'one-upmanship' But if you have a need to learn, you just say "My tools obviously are inadequate in some areas. And if you don't get the right tools, you don't accept them. If I say something that does not make sense to you, you contradict it. That is all right, nothing to matter with that. Not as an ego trip, not to retain one-upmanship. I would say that it's surrendering the ego that enables one to grow. That seems to be the only thing. When you give up the ego trip in exchange for growth, like sometimes when a person that says, "Yes Fresco, but you forgot the main thing, human emotions" That is an investment into some area. Or psychologists. The psychologists would argue with me a lot. You know, but they don't... It's an ego trip being a psychologist. And most psychologists I knew in the past had a very low self sufficiency. They became a psychologist because it they gave them the illusion of a higher self sufficiency. But they didn't... I used to speak at the Los Angeles Psychological Association. When many psychologists came to a place and we talked about different things. They wanted to share ideas. But they couldn't make the fact that man was a machine, I could not present it in an acceptable way. The definition of a machine is what prevented them from learning. - Is that what your talk was about to them? (J Fresco) -Yes. (R Meadows) -What is the definition of the machine that you had used? That everything in a machine is moved by something else. There is no part of the machine that does all the moving of its own. Yes, that is why a mechanic is easier to talk to. If you start out with "A transmission is turned by the engine". You will understand that. Now, if you get back to human behaviour, he may not see that connection. It is hard for a mechanic to look at the human brain as being shoved. What is (?) Who is doing the shoving? And the proof of that, if you want to prove it to him, you say when did you learn to talk? And you can not say, "February 2nd, Saturday morning." Because it is a such long-drawn-out process he doesn't know where it began. "Don't you respect your mother?" Well, a person that uses that language is a victim of the culture. "Don't you respect your mother? Just being your mother she deserves the respect!" Well, that was a real product of the culture. A person that uses those examples, is very difficult, to deal with; "After all, he is your dad, you should listen to him." No, a person cannot command control, because of age, or because they are a professor of physics. Now, I would say that an aeronautical engineer can apply the right amount of dihedral to wings, if you are carrying 4 ton bomb load. He knows how to do that. But he doesn't think in terms of "What do I am working on". This isn't social. And if "I work on social stuff, would it do more good for society?"; he doesn't question those things. I think that the more people that study engineering principles, the better off society is. The more people that study business management, society can not grow. I don't see how it would grow, that is what I mean by that. And unless a business man comes up to me and says "Let me show you where it grows." I haven't had that experience yet. Okay? That is the one thing I wanted to get across to you. That you try not to waste too much time. But don't give up on a person. If you identify with them, they are willing to surrender their ego. If you made the same mistakes they made, they can surrender their ego. But if you come up as a superior being, you got it all wrong. "I WILL TELL YOU HOW THAT WORKS." That is not good. That's the main thing I wanted to try to get across to you, guys. Your hopes that you have with the people. (R Meadows) -First question is "How are the 70's unreleased lectures coming along? We have four more edited. Yes we are talking about putting them out as mp3, so we are working on that, maybe in about a week, do you think Joe? -Yes. - Okay, hopefully in about a week. Jacque, what would you say has contributed significantly to your good health and long life? (J Fresco) -I don't pay any attention with that. I just go on doing what I do. I don't do anything special. I don't do anything special to promote my health. - Well, you watch what you eat now. - Only to limited extent. - Are there still plans to release new lectures on different topics on TVP Media? -Yes.-Joel is taking care of TVP Media. What significant information did Jacque get out of the book 'Looking backward' by Belamy? (J Fresco) -The simplification of explaining complex social systems with simplistic examples. I loved the examples he used, the parable of the water tank, for example. -Do you want to describe that briefly or? - No, you read the book. - Yes, that is good. Also I remember you talking about and tell me if I am not correct here was that during the time when 'Looking Backward' came out Bellamy got a lot of letters and for those who don't know this was kind of... (when was it in the 1800's... -I imagine... - Eighteen something I don't know. And he was talking about a better world; conditions were really bad back then, a lot of slave labour, poor health and everything else, And Bellamy was wealthier person wasn't he? - I don't know... - I thought so, maybe I'm wrong, but anyway he wrote of a better world and what would it look like even technically to some degree and a lot of people back then got in touch with him and wrote letters and said "Let's do this, let's build this" and he said "I can't I'm not a technician." And as I remember that helped initiate your direction somewhat, when you read it when you were young. - Yes, you are right - Okay. So Jacque set out to further the aims of building a better world, but technically as well which a lot of futurists don't do today. - Would you agree that corporatocracy is the end games of capitalism? - Yes I would. - It's kind of the evolution of capitalism. - Yes. Would you agree that throughout history groups that opposed a new vision ended up getting killed? - Not always but sometimes they were; they were tortured to death or burned alive, and sometimes they weren't. They were just thought to be deviant or screwballs. Jacque what did you think of Bertrand Russell's work, have you read any of his books? It appears he has some respect for behaviorism and the scientific method, Bertrand Russell. -Yes, I would agree that it was a necessary ingredient to help people learn how to think about different things with less bias. -If you woke up tomorrow as a twenty-year-old and still have the intelligence and associations as you have as a 96-year old today what would you do differently to achieve The Venus Project? -I would not be in control, so therefore I would not be able to do very much. If I don't control the situation, if I don't have access at NBC, CBS and publications there's nothing I can do. -Are there any updates on the motion picture and is 'Future by Design' embracing multi-platform storytelling, the technique of telling a single story, a story experience across multi platforms, okay, and formats to supplement their motion picture? the The motion picture we commissioned kind of a down payment with a script writer who we had met and it was really was not to our liking; it was similar to other scripts we had submitted, so Jacque and I are taking it and doing ourselves more so we're going to try and laid out the entire thing, we don't see... we don't have too much and respect first what we've seen in script writers although will still be looking for some but we are going to try lay out the entire script ourselves. the good thing about that is that will be paying ourselves and we'll have a lot of funds left over to further this once we get it finished and we can perhaps show it to other script writers or will have funding to get a budget and whatever else we can do in regards to maybe a trailer and other things or have funds to work with traveling to trying to pitch it to people or whatever we have to do so in that way it will be good. Has anyone ever been at the tour at The Venus Project in very argumentative with the information of Jacque's lectures, how do you deal with situations like that, has anybody been at the tour who had been argumentative? -No, not really, there were people that were naive that didn't understand it that needed more elaboration but I've never had any conflicts like that. - Yes, there are some people that come to the tour and still uphold the monetary system -but very few people - Yes, and it's interesting to watch... - I don't bother with that. - Yes, sometimes is interesting to watch how you kind of cater to them in certain ways and how they become more sympathetic. -Well, we modify them very little (R Meadows) -The last person that came actually like last week who was like that the rest of the crowd was really working on him as well... - Yes. - To try and modify how he thinks about it, so that was interesting. -He was put down by most of the guests. -Is there any concrete plan to get an an autobiography completed of Jacque's before he's gone? No we haven't been working on an autobiography really. If there are any writers out there that would be interested in it, we would be interested in as well, experienced writers in the field. Have you tried to do a survey of all The Venus Project supporters around the world? No, we don't know. - No yet - No, not yet. Having studied The Venus Project it is harder people to suffer because of money knowing there's a better way perhaps educating people about The Venus Project is the best way to cope with deficiencies created by money, do you have other suggestions? - No, just read the books, view our tapes and get familiar as you can with the Venus Project -Yes, I would say talking to as many people as you can if that's the only thing you're people to do with your skills it's extremely important and a tremendous contribution and you get better at it as you practice. - That's true. - Would it be wise to create a Venus Project only operating system for all computers? This would protect our system from virus and hacker attacks. "Do you have experience to do this?" We don't have experience to do this term maybe some in the group who have but right now the people who were working with computers in this way or programming, they are helping us is doing a new website. We are working on that, it might be a project we can get into later. Are you open to prearranged meeting in London when you are coming? Yes, if there are several people perhaps, a group of people that want to get together, yes. You can write me about it at [email protected] or Andrew. Have you ever thought anytime in your life Jaque to just try and fit in? (J Fresco) -No, I never had. - No, I never seen him do that either. It's like trying to fit into the Klan something like that, you couldn't just fit in. What would be the role of psychiatry in the future if any? Are things like schizophrenia caused by environment too or are they physically caused? -I really don't always know the answers to that, there's a lot of work that has to be done in order to decipher exactly what the conditions are that produce that, whether it's a form a disease that affects the brain whether it' due to habits that are not valid or whether is due to individual projection. There's a lot to be studied in that area to be certain as what produces it. - Do you think that a value system can look like schizophrenic? - Yes, I think it can. - What will the role of psychiatry be? - There's no role of psychiatry; children are brought up to be able to handle situations, not need psychiatric advice or psychological advice, they will be going to understand the factors that shape their values and learn how to ask questions about their own insecurities. That will help them to overcome most of the stresses produced by invalid information. (R Meadows) -"What frequency and portion size does Jacque and yourself eat? I watched the Horizon Science program the other day about portion size and eating frequently which has a direct link to age?" (J Fresco) -I can't deal with that, I don't fully understand how you mean that? - How big a portion do you eat? I don't know if you're talking about this but I've seen that studies with rats that they've done where if you eat a little bit more continuously during the day, if they feed rats more often but a smaller portion that they lived longer. I don't know if you're talking about that type of study but... - Yes, that's true. - But we don't adhere to anything like that. - As long as you don't stuff yourself at each meal, always leave room. - For what, for apple pie? -Okay, Jack Reed's book "The Next Evolution" says we need to change from everyone for themselves attitude to our highest good for all attitude. - "Do you think this shift in attitude needs to occur before the The Venus Project can come into existence?" -Yes, I do think so. -What will happen to the current zoos, animal zoos, in the Resource Based Economy? (J Fresco) -Animals will be put back in natural surroundings and people would walk through caged areas, the people will be caged, they will walk in caged areas observing animals in their natural condition. Putting them in a zoo is like putting them in prison and that is not a natural condition for the animal. - I have a question, hopefully everyone's ok with it, it wasn't read in the announcement but it's basically I'm trying to offer some practical things that the everyday person could do to help advocate for The Venus Project and other than a short list on my website I haven't been able to come up with any so I was hoping someone could give me something practical. - First become familiar to introduction to science, how scientists arrive at decisions and once you have learned how they arrived at decisions you'll be better skilled at presenting The Venus Project, so try to become familiar with various aspects of scientific disciplines, from chemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics. Whatever you feel competent in handling and try using it to alter peoples values and behaviour. -I would like to pass one if I may (?). If a person would like to write a book what kind of information would you like to be about the Venus Project and how can the person present their future vision from this point of view so people will engage in understanding of The Venus Project would be in this project. -I would present ideas that would show people what altered my behavior and values, and also when you look into the works of very creative people you can ask them what their major influences were, or what made them deviate from conventional thinking, and that you'll find that either reading other books or associating with people with a different value system and learning that there are other ways of thinking about things and that we can observe anything absolutely, we can only observe it relation to our background if we don't have the proper background we can't understand the submitted ideas that are radical and different -How would you describe the process which persons could use to envision the future I mean had not imagine it, but extrapolating the future? (J Fresco) -You use your knowledge of present day systems, for example: you know that motion pictures will eventually become 3D on television and there will be full sized imaging and the next will be teletactile, meaning touch so you can smell apple pie or anything else cooking; you will be able to generate the same frequencies that affect the olfactive nerve so you can smell the forests, the green, the fresh air, you can feel the fresh air on your face watching TV in 3D, that's teletactile, meaning not just 3D but the image is in front of you, when a person cuts a beef stake, you will be able to smell it, almost taste it. (R Meadows) -I think the question too: was what processes do you use to be able to extrapolate for the future? (J Fresco) -You ask what is reality, what's the difference between reality and a generated image. In a generated image of a person in 3D, you're not able to shake hands with that person, although the person may have died some years ago and do a lecture on TV that has been pre-recorded. But what you have to do in the future is to generate that image full-size so you can even shake hands and question of the speaker, and provide other changes that have occurred, and inform (?)person, but you have to know their value system an order to do that to make the recording of a value system you have to know how that person thinks and his major influences in their own thinking you don't know that, you cannot get to people. -Okay, I think I understood the answer but can you please give the same example how you can socially extrapolate with values because it's a little bit easier when you were thinking about current technology but it's very hard to do it with values. - Well, if the values have no description, you can deal with them, if they have a description, you can begin to deal with them. If you can't describe where your values come from, if you can't describe what your values are, or why you pick certain segments of different values that you hear if you don't know that you don't understand the psychology that affects selection and choice. (R Meadows) -"How do you extrapolate what the values might be in the future?" I guess in the future within a Resource Based Economy. - In a Resource Based Economy and the new schools a set of values that have no relationship will never emerge; you do that in schools in the very beginning of education, you show children that which is relevant to their lives you don't teach them things that were never been verified or checked out. - I learned about The Venus Project through The Zeitgeist series by Peter Joseph and I spoke to Roxanne on the phone a few months ago, but I was curious as to... it seems like The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project have a similar goal or outcome and I just am curious as to why the relationship hasn't kind of working together on this goal. (R Meadows) -Well, when the Zeitgeist Movement first came about Peter approached us and said he was going to do a movement and he wanted based on Zeitgeist Addendum and he wanted it to be the activist arm of The Venus Project, but as time went on we really had really no...very little association with the movement other than they did, people did help when we went on the world lecture tour and also Jacque met a lot with the members to try and bring them up to date as to what that The Venus Project was, but we weren't involved that much we didn't have much to say in terms of the direction of the movement, it was Peter's movement and it was going off in different directions than what The Venus Project wanted to do. The people worked toward this direction with The Zeitgeist Movement and when we separated When we said we weren't advocating The Zeitgeist Movement anymore we had and for the first time people helping us doing what we thought was important to help this direction to help The Venus Project Jacque also felt that... - It was going off in another direction who is going to go in another direction not the in the direction of The Venus Project - And it wasn't cooperative. - And it can't go off in any direction, it has to be specific if you hope to attain a world without war, poverty, hunger, unemployment; you have to redesign the social system. It wasn't a cooperative venture between The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement really so we felt that it might get run into the ground and using our materials and we wanted to pull out and promote what we thought was necessary for this direction. - Yes. - And the things that we wanted to do they were bucked a lot with Peter and so it wasn't a comfortable situation at all It was supposed to be the activist arm of The Venus Project but in ended up near the end saying that there's another group working toward the same thing we are working toward when they were describing The Zeitgeist Movement, so it became something very different. I do have to say too that everything that The Zeitgeist Movement advocates in regards to the future was taken from Jacque's work, and for Jacque to turn over the whole direction and the activism and everything else to somebody else's organization that didn't know as much about this direction; Jacque made a comment about how I think The Zeitgeist Movement knew nothing and if you watched the rest of it you would understand what he was talking about that The Zeitgeist Movement really contributed nothing to the pool of knowledge of The Venus Project they did help tremendously advocate things that they learned from The Venus Project but they did not arrive at these directions. Since then I've heard Peter say a lot of nasty things about how Jacque arrived at anything but (?)is totally ridiculous statement so you know Jacque arrived a Resource Based Economy and the values that helped promote this and did a lot of experimentation in all sorts of erroneous notions that this system promotes that he showed does not work you know ideas like purpose and instinct, well not instinct but other things. He really lays out a value system for a Resource Based Economy and none of that was done through The Zeitgeist Movement so it's a more appropriate for us to call it The Venus Project and work under the guidance of the person who arrived at this direction. - Just real quick, could you explain how you view protesting because I'm kind of feeling personally that in order to get this message out more attention needs to be given in a certain way but but I think you've mentioned before that protesting is kind of a waste of time so... Occupy movement was really successful in a lot of way, but in my view is also very unsuccessful so, what is your view or Jacque's view on protesting or some kind of awareness bringing? - If you protest the present economy, if you point out the shortcomings of the present-day world it's useful only if you offer a possible alternative but if you just criticize the stock market or investors or bankers if you criticise bankers and their corrupt behavior it's not enough. You have to also point out what will work you have to work on transportation system that does not have the amount of oscillations or accidents as the present day transportation has. You have to show new ways of doing things, if you don't do that you just leave people in mid air and confused. -Yes, I agree. I meant it more, I'm sorry, maybe I misspoke, I meant it more like MLK did the march on Washington something that's just like a awareness bringing not more than a protesting and critiquing the system but something that is just more like "Hey, we are here and we have a lot of people who want this." - Yes, well, we have to know what they want and whether it's obtainable and if so what you have to do to attain it. You have to also show what the schools of the future would be like, what they would teach children so you will know that they don't grow up with aberrant viewpoints or unrelated viewpoints. (R Meadows) -But I think any type of presentation or demonstration or anything like that if you're trying to present some of these ideas in a very definite direction is useful but like you said just protesting is not helpful. - Only if it offers solutions or possible answers it's useful. So if it just criticizes it's useless. - Okay, thank you. - I have a question here from the audience, it says "How much time does Jacque think that our behaviors as a human being would be changed when will be in the RBE system? because what I'm seeing in the monetary system the major problem isn't outwardly, it is in us so that is why I am wondering how long will take for the whole population to be in this changing process?" - It depends on what the members do to inform other people. If they do nothing nothing will occur. It doesn't depend on Jacque and Roxanne, it depends on what the members do and also depends whether we get on the media; if we can't get on NBC, CBS, World News Media we can't change people. We have to have access to those things, so when you say that, you don't say "From the day Fresco has a access along will it take?" That will be different; it takes about just a few months to alter the behavior of most people, IF you control the media. If you have no access or control of media it may not occur. (R Meadows) -Say, for example, within the city if we have a city build, how long do you see changes, how will it happen? - Just a few months, it doesn't take very long. - How would you instigate that within the city itself? - Within the city we have free classes to train people or teach people how to approach the great majority of people with obsolete values, you have to show them the way to do it. There are many different ways dependent on the background of the people you are trying to reach. They would learn the different ways in the first experimental city; there will be classes on behavioral modification. -Also in the media and the materials that would be put out from the first city whether it be books and videotapes or (?)movies or TV shows or gaming would all used to help change people's values in that way. That's what it will be done. - Update their values. -I have another one sitting in the chat. "Do you think that people in power are well aware about environment shaping behaviour and about semantics and they apply it with the purpose of keeping things as they are? - I don't think they are aware of it, but I think they believe that is up to each individual, they believe it is intuitive within a person's behaviour; some people are creative, some are lazy some hard-working I don't believe that. I believe that their values are shaped by the culture they live in and people who don't question those values are victims of that culture. But things like I think they're quite aware of it in segmented ways in terms of, they understand the role that advertising does in terms of selling a product. - They use the systems but they don't understand them really. -You can actually watch the guy who set up Kahn Academy, I forgot his last name, how he described why he did that because he was working with hedge fund managers or people who are huge investors who try are getting lots of money and he found out that some of them don't know the basic math, hence he set up educational course for them at Kahn Academy. So they are hiring people who know how to work with the system or at least at partially understand how to tweak some responses in human brain but they all are limited to their specific field. (R & J)- Yes, that's pretty accurate. (R Meadows) -If they really did understand the notion of how environment changes behavior creates the values then they would be advocating a change of the environment. You know there's some psychologists and psychiatrists that hit on it to some degree talking about: "People are drug addicts because they come from a dysfunctional background" or, "Most people in prison are poor because they are deprived of goods or services there different love and attention when they're younger" but they don't really put it together, they don't take it any farther than that because as I mentioned if they did they would be advocating something very different and they would be saying "Okay, what kind of environment do we need to create a different type of behavior, to eliminate war, and poverty and hunger and selfish behavior?" They don't take it much farther than that. - I agree with that. -So it's really not a philosophy that helps advocate this direction, when I mean this direction I mean the free enterprise system it doesn't perpetuate the free enterprise system, they don't want people to think in those terms because then they would start to question all their surroundings and that would not be a good idea. - You can't control people if you give them freedom, so they try to make people alike; in that way you can control people, you can get to change their clothing by fashion, you can people to change their views by showing a movie actor smoking and driving a certain kind of car. If you do that you can alter their behavior, but if their behavior is based upon scientific scales of performance it's very hard to use propaganda. Propaganda doesn't work on well informed people, so you misinform them. give them misinformation. Make all generals appear like their making good decisions, make war seem like: we are right, they are wrong. "They are always wrong, we are always right and God is on our side!" - that's propaganda. (R Meadows) -And I think it is deliberately used to perpetuate the system for those who have advantage in the system, I think they know that much. (J Fresco) -The people elected to political office are not put there to change things, they are put there to keep things as they as near as possible. A political party has no aim at improving the lives of the majority of people, their aim is to keep the profit system working. - I got another question here from the audience: as TVP students we are reading, writing about and discussion the materials with an in-house study group. Is there more we can engage in to speed up the learning process? -Yes, if you belong to a church group or a political organization, or if you belong to any club get up and present The Venus Project. You have to make people aware of it and what it hopes to accomplish. - That is a good education when you try and present it to others I would say also if you study the book with a group of people which is a great idea also listen to some of the old classic lectures from the seventies and eighties. They had some really interesting ideas as well to discuss and kick around when you're listening together. - The fastest way to do it is to read the book "The Best That Money Can't Buy." If you read that book a couple of times you'll get the general idea, so I would say that that one book will help you a great deal, that's why we wrote it. (R Meadows) -Yes, I would also agree but I think the classic lectures are also very informative in different ways. A lot of the same people used to come to Jacque's lectures about three times a week and so he get into more detail conversation on specific topics which were very interesting so if you haven't heard those it is a good thing to listen to. - Okay, I guess we'll wrap it up for today, thank you everyone so very much. - And keep the questions coming. - Thanks a lot for your help and thanks for looking into the information. - Thanks to you guys as always. - Yes, thank you very much. - Thank you.

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