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Equality of Ministry Team

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Equality of Ministry Team When I was growing up in our family company I was a dock worker. That means when the trucks backed in I had to take the empty wooden pallets off the trucks with hand dollies. Then the foreman would tell us to get a case or skid of lettuce. It was very rudimentary physical labor. My dad began to buy farms so we could grow our own produce and distribute it. I drove tractors. I crawled in onion fields to pick weeds. I know what it is like to be filthy dirty and for a manager drive by and not look in the field. Someone drives by in their Mercedes. I am making $2.25 per hour crawling on the ground in hot weather and the foreman drives by in a new car and does not look. I know what that feels like. I had enough of that growing up. I humbly go to our pole barn where the maintenance equipment is and stop out there once a week. Hey, how is it going out here? I do it to let them know I notice. I know where the pole barn is. I go out more than other senior leaders at Willow because I remember what it is like. We bought our maintenance people high quality, cool blue shirts that came from the sailing community. They wear the shirts while working. It was a statement to them. Whenever senior leaders see a person in a blue shirt we tell them we are glad they are on the team. My standard joke to them is asking, "What do you have to do to get a blue shirt like that?" Since I have been doing this for the last year they respond, "You have to do my job for one day." I have that rapport with folks. Back to the point... The people who are in the spotlight need a certain amount of your attention. And people who are out of the spotlight need a lot of your attention.

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Posted by: landsm on Apr 6, 2015


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