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Arabinda Basu: Importance of Spiritual Unity

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[globaloneness project] [The Importance of Spiritual Unity] ARABINDA >> If I find the Spirit in you, find a community there, then at a certain level, one kind of being, [Arabinda Basu Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India] then, I will allow you to do your life, to develop the way that you should. I'll not stand in your way. Because we know what is our destiny and which way you should go. And you will do the same when you come to me. So, there'll be no conflict. At the moment, I think you should do this or not do this. Who am I to decide? But, I do it because of my ego. And I've had more philosophy than you've had, therefore, I will to tell you what is going to do. Who am I to tell? I'm know something of music, of Indian music, which is very little. Then you tell me, "No,no, that is not it. It is like this." And so, who are you to tell me? You don't know anything about Indian music. But I don't do it, because it creates conflict. So, please learn something. Be patient. Learn a little about Indian music, then tell me. I do the same about Beethoven to you. And I know nothing of Beethoven. I like the Ninth Symphony. I love it. And for the Second of Mozart. I play it very often. I'm out when I listen to it.But I know nothing of the technicality of it. And in Europe, I attended many, many beautiful concerts all over Europe. Not quite all over Europe. Some of the area I don't know very well. And it actually took me out of myself. European music. What is with Indian music? Now, there is some unity sound there. The concatenation of sounds in music in Europe and India--basically, the same! Though it is melodic and that is purely symphonic. Why? How can an Indian respond to the Mozart symphonies? When I first heard it, I nearly was lost--completely lost. What is this great music, of the highest kind? And I know nothing about the music. What is it that responds, in me, to that kind of music? It's some unity sound, there. This is the example that the unity actually is functioning, if it develops our conscious a little. Even a little.

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According to Arabinda Basu, philosopher and scholar of Sri Aurobindo, if there is spiritual unity, then there is diversity of life without conflict. Our capacity to respond/connect to/with experiences outside of our culture, (like music for example,) is proof to Basu of our ability to recognize this underlying unity, and then (therefore) value the multiplicity of life.

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