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Hitler's Rage - Downfall video with no subtitles (1)

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Mr Lawell...the result of the game is in.... We've had it confirmed...all over the city they say the same thing... Even here at the Graveyard of Hope, our own lego house...they are saying that Rangers won on penalties. Ah but surely we'll do them in the second leg, or get UEFA to overturn it....just like Legia. But Boss.... Oh shit... There's no second leg....we're oot...and to be honest, we were totally gubbed. Anybody with a season ticket they don't use get out. How the actual fuck did that happen ? Who forgot to threaten the ref's family ? For fuck sake ! That's basic intimidation !! Threaten the family, hint to the press he's a mason & that we were practicing with 10 men. Scare his kids ! Set a detective on him !! Shhh. We won't tell. And another thing! Who the fuck missed the last penalty ? I want his head on a fucking pole ! I want to wave it at Delia when he comes in tomorrow !! and I want some Irish guy, a REAL one not a plastic from over here !! To cut his fucking brakes !!!! Boss that's too far !! What the fuck did you just say to me ? I'll rip your spine out ya cheeky bastard ! You can't do that Boss ! That's it ! Pack your lube ! I'm sending you to the Fritzl Fun Factory in Ireland !! We'll see how fucking cheeky you feel after a few years in his basement. That'll wipe the smirk off your coupon !! Your arse will be able to swallow a melon when he's done with you !! For any deviation there are consequences......always involving subterranean anal violation!! You all want a good boot in the hole. In the name of Dr Reid, get it sorted out !!! You had one fucking job and you've made a cunt of it ! Get a Delia lookalike to take over the last games...or a fucking orangutan.. BASTARD Magic Hat genius Warburton... The man's a fucking Jedi of football.. Has he got a Sellik minded relative ? Of course he doesn't FUCKSAKE ! Don't worry Ronnie will get the blame... I'll just console myself with my million quid a year bonus. Bastard magic hat..where did he get it.. The youngest looking of you lot will have to tell the Dermot. He always eats a child sacrifice after a defeat. Get Blinky on the blower, and then the phone. If he won't do it then it's back to a ginger manager. Pubes like piano wire...

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Posted by: jeffk on Jul 20, 2015

Hitler's Rage - Downfall video with no subtitles (1)

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