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190625_BT_iCare Video Short

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[icare] Hello. I'm Brian Tyler. [Brian Tyler, CEO] McKesson is a special place to me. I've spent most of my career here. And that's because what we do matters. And how we do it matters just as much.

To me, what sets McKesson apart is our people and our culture. And our ICARE values are foundational to all that we do and all who we are as a company.

ICARE has unified us for over 20 years. And it continues to stand the test of time. Through periods of challenge and complexity, through eras of growth and innovation, ICARE guides all that we do.

These company-wide values are the foundation of our reputation as a trusted partner that goes the extra mile for our customers and their patients. We anchor every interaction, every decision, and everything we do in ICARE.

[icare—Integrity, Customer First] ICARE stands for integrity, customer first, [Accountability, Respect, Excellence] accountability, respect, and excellence. We also have a set of core leadership behaviors we call ILEAD. And we believe that everyone, regardless of title or position, has the opportunity and the responsibility to lead.

[ilead—Inspire, Leverage] ILEAD stands for inspire, leverage, [Execute, Advance, Develop] execute, advance, and develop. These behaviors, combined with our cultural values, [icare—Integrity, Customer First, Accountability, Respect, Excellence] are what make McKesson unique and promote a culture in which all employees feel supported and valued.

And I believe it's all of you putting our culture at the heart of everything you do that makes McKesson special. It's who we are, and it's how we'll win.

I take great joy in how I see ICARE lived out each day here at McKesson. I love that you can visibly see and experience our values the moment you walk in the doors or interact with our teams. I love hearing stories of the impactful ways you support our company and all the areas of health care we touch.

So my challenge to you is to thoughtfully invite ICARE into your daily routine. Take a moment and reflect, even for just a minute, on how you contribute to our cultural promise each day. And once you've done that, I invite you to join me in saying I am ICARE.

We are Team McKesson. [we are icare] And together, we're ICARE. [McKESSON]

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190625_BT_iCare Video Short

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