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Hi! Welcome to Colleen's Corner, where every Tuesday I answer your questions. Today I am here with Miranda Sings! Hi.. Thanks for being here today! - Are we almost done..? - No Well HURRY UP! What? Yes we do. We all have two holes. It's the same. No. What?! No! Yes! One for the out, one for the in. What do you have going on down there?! Oh I love dogs! They're so cute! I can't wait to have a pet dog. Do you like dogs, Miranda? Oh I LOVE hotdogs Oh, no. I think they mean like real dogs. Like pets. Oh, I like those too. But... only when they're not living, so... Ooohh. I would be a luscious lion, with a big mane, and I would be the king of the forest, and you'd probably be a worm. What? Why? Because you're useless. I really only like turkey meat on my sandwiches, so... - That is really racist!! - What? I do not discriminate, I like all meat, all sizes, sausages, hams, beef jerkys, taco meat, burrito meat, I do not discriminate. You should check yourself. Equality! You wouldn't have a good life at all without me! You wouldn't even exist if it weren't for me. Actually, I think it's the other way around Miranda. Are you kidding me? Who pays the bills? (She has a point) - NO! - Sure! Are you going to *eat* a cat since you don't live in a apartment anymore? No, Miranda I think that says "are you going to *get* a cat" not "are you going to *eat* a cat"... Well we disagree on that one. And the answer is Yes. I think this will be really fun! So we're gonna take turns coming up with a word, starting with alternating letters of the alphabet, so I'll do A, you do B, -C -D Are you ready? - Yes I'm ready - Okay, -Apple -Banana -Cat -Banana No, that's not how this works, Miranda What? Why not? Because you have to come up with a word that starts with the next letter "D". Those are the rules! Who made up these rules? That's not fair. - I don't like these rules. - I don't know, but that's not how we play! *Arguing* He's actually going to take my name when we get married. He will be known as Joshua Sings. Miranda, I think that question was for me. I'm actually engaged to Joshua, so I think that's... that was for me. WHAT?! - Are you kidding me? - No.. Here's a cheater! Well, co-hosting "The View" was probably the highlight so far this year and that was really exciting for me Miranda what about you? I found an old band-aid yesterday and it still had the sticky part left so.. that was a very good moment for me. Oh.. Er.. I think I would say choose happiness, don't dwell on negativity; life is short so be nice to people, and enjoy yourself. Subscribe to me. Well, there you go! Thank you so much for watching today's episode of Colleen's Corner, and thank you Miranda, for coming on. If you liked this video, make sure to give it a thumbs-up, and subscribe to my channel. Subscribe to Miranda, if you're not already, and have a wonderful day! - Bye guys! - Byyyyeee - Can I leave now? - Yes, you can leave. - Thank you. - (My god.)

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