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Rav Berg Zohar Emor 2002 revised 2017

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gravado em 2002 The obvious section of the parashat Emor is the assembling of all of the holidays that are mentioned in Torah that the Israelites were commanded and if we can still did use that word and I hope all my listeners know that there is no [system] as commandments that they have to observe all of these different events during the year such as Passover, a Shavuot, [if you think of the giving of the] scroll... a Mount Sinai revelation Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kipur and Sukkot. We have these opportunity because [is ], because it's a scroll The scroll, the only instrument. of a physical level, in this physical reality that can connect and it's unfortunately only on Saturday I wish I could came... we can do this everyday a week but doesn't work that way because again, Saturday is that particular frame off of the Cosmos by which the Lightforce of G_d can reach each and every single human being on this planet and the way that the physicality which is up and attaches ourself to the immaterial to the non-physical which is the Lightforce of G_d is then through the scroll and therefore, [that part], because [it is] mentioned of each of every single event, we have this singular opportunity, that unfortunately for so many millenia, has got wasted because [we are, we didn't] know, we didn't have the Zohar available so that we can [ ] create more Light within ourselves, within our environment, we know after all of... [light it is?] bringing the light and darkness, or caos, simply cannot co exist we have this opportunity in parashat Emor, an opportunity that only comes twice a year, we'll have the [collective] cosmic events all the period at the same time, because again they're mine Passover is generally in the month of Aries Shavuot, the revelation of Mount Sinai that is during the cosmic month of Gemini and the other holidays of Hosh Hashanah, Yom Kipur and Sukkot occur during the month of Libra and here collectively these were the opportunities that are constantly available so that we can make life, somewhat, a little more pleasurable and more pleasant and with less chaos, if not the entire removal of chaos Pay attention! We have a discussion about [ ] family that should light candles the menorah, a candelabra, each and every single day Here again, it's only recently that candles are become a mythical part of many many people lighting candles, always having candles burning in our own all of the sudden, I mean candles is a big business today a way it was a hundred years ago well, [ ] it was reserved for the streets before the electricity or simply people were not into it like many today, are still not into it, lightning candles... what is the significance of candles? cause it represents Light, represents a pure form of Light as opposed to an electrical car What is the connection within this same section known as Emor between all of the events that are presented on this Shabbat and candles again, to stress upon us the important feature of Light but without Light, there is darkness. We have that reminder day in and day out you know, flip the switch at night in your home or your office or wherever, you're enveloped in darkness you're enveloped in what could be chaos So therefore, a scroll, candles and almost everything about Kabbalah is to increase the abundance, the beneficence of the Lightforce of G_d into our lives. Shabbat shalom everybody!

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