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Guatemala, naturally, is a forest country with a historical problem of access to land The forest policies and programs in Guatemala should take into account the basic needs of people With people who do not have anything to eat because the only thing they know is subsistence agriculture The people who can no longer be invisible are the indigenous people We are learning our ancestors' customs and the customs are to grow and conserve In Guatemala, we are still talking about the fact that community forest that has no recognition We have already started productive projects and social development projects as well we are organised as a small enterprise from the seed, to the cup of coffee when we harvest macadamia, we let them fall from the tree we get the shell and we use it as organic fertiliser Now that we have experience, we work better. Where people don't reforest, we cover it. different types of plants, like coniferous, broad leaf, ornamental. Men who criticized us before, now they asking us for work. I encourage other women because we have to keep on working. Here, there are jobs for women now, we dont have to suffer anymore. Sustainable management of forests is the method that we are using here under the areas we manage we guaranty the existence of the forest cover We don't just take care of forests, if we take care of the forest we have better water. we have better land, and with better land, we have better production. The only forest that are completely intact, are the ones that the state has given to the communities then people who get benefits from the forest, are saying: "We defend the forest, and nothing will happen to it" About traditional systems, if we don't integrate the occidental technical approach it's going to be impossible for one to make it without the other Therefore, it's recognised and we are developing new plans for the strengthening of governmental institutions and we are looking for financial mechanisms What we have protected is for the benefit of the world Because, neither a community, or a municipality or the private sector, or NGO won't be able to conserve if they are no financial mechanisms We are forming the national alliance of community forestry The programs, the projects of the alliance have to start from the bottom to the top In this case, it's not a secret that being organised is essential Therefore, allied we have force, united we develop projects because we have a unified national vision

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