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What do I really want? Hello and welcome to our Kabbalah online course My name is David And I'm so excited that you chose to join us for this journey of finding more meaning and inner fulfilment. So, let's start right away! What does the word "Kabbalah" actually mean? The word "Kabbalah" stems from the Hebrew word "Lekabel" and it means: to receive. And in fact, we all want to receive something in our lives. Every movement that we do, every tiny little action that we take, is motivated by a desire to receive something So, let's think together for a moment: What is it that you would like to receive in your life? Think what would make you happy and excited? Great! So, let's talk about the things we really want to receive in life. Maybe, you want to receive more love in your life, maybe more health, maybe you want to have more success? Maybe to find more courage to face things in your life. Whatever it is that you want, you probably already know, and noticed that, it's not really the physical things, it's the energy. We are talking about energy that fulfils us. Even if you thought about some materialistic things that you want to receive in your life, I think that, we know that it's not really the physical things, but it's more what we can get from them. Again, it's energy. So, what is it that we want to receive, truly? It's energy. We probably developed many many ways, to receive this energy in our lives, one way or the other, maybe we go dancing to have more joy in our lives. Maybe we pursue a career, so we can have more success, and more wealth in our lives. Or, maybe, you want to find more courage and you want to know how to face your life better, so you pursue some spiritual path or you do some life coaching that will give you that certainty in life. Whatever it is, it's always the energy that we are looking for, and we are facing, probably our 1 challenge: and that challenge is: how to make those things last? How to make this energy last in our lives? According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, all these energies that we are looking for, all this fulfilment that we want in our lives, it's all coming from the one, singular force. We call it in Kabbalah: "The Light Force" This Light, is the creational force of all existence, and it's the source of all fulfilment and goodness in our lives. We can say two things about the Light Force: 1. It's nature is to share it's to impart. and the second thing we can say about the Light Force is: 2. It's endless fulfilment It's nature is to fulfil us all the time. If you imagine a singular Light, a ray of Light, that will go through a prism, you will be able to see all the colours of the rainbow stemming from that singular Light in the same way, this spiritual Light, this energy that we are looking for, has inside, all the fulfilment that we want in our lives. So now that we learned a bit about the Light, I would like to introduce you to the next Kabbalistic term, which is: "The Vessel" What is a Vessel? We are Spiritual Vessels A Vessel is a desire to receive the Light. That's what it means. Basically we are running Vessels that constantly want to be fulfilled, and receive that Light into our lives. So, in Kabbalah, we love to ask questions, and, there is one question I would like to ask you: If the Light is the source of all fulfilment, and it just wants to share with us all the time, and we are Vessels, and we want to receive that Light all the time, why aren't we fulfilled all the time? What is it that prevents us, from being happy and fulfilled all the time? Where does all the chaos and anxieties, and pain, and difficulties come from? In our next mission, we are going to talk about the source of all our lack and chaos. See you there.

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