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Introducing WordPress for iPhone 1.2

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When you own the world's most elegant mobile phone Naturally, you want to use the world's most elegant full-featured mobile blogging solution with it Introducing WordPress for iPhone 1.2 All of the core simplicity that you're used to With a bunch of fresh features that make your life even easier, wherever you're blogging from So by now, you're used to being able to write and add photos to your and posts... on the run. Change your core settings, and edit the content you've already published to the web Well, we've been listening to your feedback and we've added a few things that might make you happy Unless you have particularly tiny fingers typing long-form content on the iPhone can be... less than optimal So say hello to landscape editing, and a super-wide keyboard that makes typing even War and Peace (the blog edition) an absolute breeze Tapping in HTML code is less than fun Especially when you have symbols buried one or two menus deep With the new version of WordPress for iPhone when you start to type "http:" you'll be greeted by the link assistant Put in your URL and link text, and there it is, in your post and because the blogger of 2009 likes to think into the future, there's no reason that your mobile blogging app shouldn't do the same. So whether you want to publish a week... a month... or a year later just dial in your date, and you're all set to publish whenever works for you Sometimes the benefits of speedy uploading make resizing your photos a good idea but if you prefer to have them displayed just as you took them the choice is yours. Just flip "Resize Photo" on or off from the blog settings and you're good to go Because your blogs are made of posts AND pages we thought, why not give you the chance to edit both on the move? So now editing "About Me" is as easy as updating your latest news, right from the main menu And because publishing is just the start of the conversation, we've added comment moderation to your iPhone. Approve, Unapprove, Spam, or delete your comments one at a time, or if you have a whole bunch of them bulk moderate them with the edit button, just up here So there are a few more ways you can make the most out of blogging from your iPhone wherever you are in the universe

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Duration: 3 minutes and 19 seconds
Country: United States
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Posted by: wordpresstv on Mar 30, 2009

WordPress for iPhone is a free application for blogging on the move. In this three minute video we take you on a tour of what's new with version 1.2 of the application

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