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Upload a file from your computer

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With Power BI, you get a 360-degree view of your business with real-time dashboards connected to your most important business data. Power BI connects to lots of different data sources, but let's start with Excel. I'm going to upload a workbook from my computer. If you want to be able to update workbooks easily, store them on one drive, then connect to them from Power BI. I'm using a spreadsheet with financial data. You can follow along by downloading the sample from the link in the description of this video or upload your own. I want to create a dashboard in Power BI to monitor my company's sales. Dashboards provide an at-a-glance view of my organization's most important data. I'm also going to build a report that shows all the detailed data related to my sales. I start from the dashboard where I want to display the data in the workbook. In this case, I create a blank dashboard. I'm going to pull the data into Power BI by following along the connection steps under get data. In the navigation pane, I see a dashboard and a data set. No report yet. Notice the yellow asterisk next to the data set shows me it's new. I hover over the new data set, select the ellipsis, and then select explore to start a new report. Here I'm fast-forwarding through creating the report. Check out the video "Create a Report from Scratch" to see where we go from here. And there it is, the beginnings of a dashboard. Now that I've connected to an Excel workbook on my computer, I can create dashboards to show the most important data and reports to show the details all based on that data. I can also connect to other data and show it on the same dashboard. Now it's your turn. Give it a try. And bring your data to life with Power BI.

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Learn how to upload a local file from your computer to Power BI.

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