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Finding A Doctor Made Easier

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Ontario has some of the best healthcare in the world. And Ontario residents have easy access to important information about their healthcare professionals. Linda Gough's office with federation health regulatory collages of Ontario "Through our website, Ontario residents can access to qualifications of nearly 300,000 health profesionals. Everyone from doctors to dieticians You can find all the information you need to verify that your health provider is qualified to help you. It's easy to find links of all 26 colleges right form of our website homepage. Click on any of these professions and you're directed to that specific college. The colleges are required by lot profiles of health professionals of that college Access to this information is your right and we encourage you to take advantages of this service. You can count on it to be accurate and reliable." "I like how easy this website is to use Very quickly I was able to find right regulatory college and verified that my healthcare practitioner is qualified and regulated practice in Ontario. I also found out who'd contact that regulatory college if I have concerns about care I receive. It really gives me peace of mind. When you visit individual college websites, you'll find registration status of healthcare professionals whether they have any specialty status, where they work, even check on disciplinary precedings. If you have any concerns or if you want to file a complaint, each college can help you with more information. All public profiles of Ontario's regulated healthcare professionals can be accessed through ""

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Posted by: info4yourlife on Sep 11, 2013

Many Canadians across the country are struggling on their own to find a family physician. The Federation of Health Regulatory Colleges of Ontario is changing the way residents can access health care with a new website. Online, patients can read doctor profiles and find the right doctor or healthcare specialist.

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