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Forecast Pisces

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So, finally here we are. We are entering the month, the new moon of Pisces. Thank God, Mercury's no longer retrograde. In the month of Gemini in June We have to worry again about the tribulations of Mercury But we are done with that. So, what type of energy are we entering this week with the new moon of Pisces? The one's of us that know the sign of Pisces who have a friend or relative Pisces know how difficult it is for everyone of us to say no to them. A Pisces enters your heart straight. Their face, their eyes, their energy. It's impossible not to love them. And that's the reason why they drive us so crazy. Because most of the time they hate taking responsibilities. They can't say no so they vanish in thin air. They disappear instead of saying no. And when we enter the month of Pisces Guess what? All of us are going to be under this energy. This energy of peace and love so to say, this energy of being kind and nice like Moses or even Jesus according to the Cabalistic tradition Jesus was also born as a Pisces. Love your neighbor as yourself. This is the energy we are entering in this month. One of the things we need to take very much into account is that we need to be accountable this month. Since the Pisces makes everybody feel that they want to learn and they want to be philosophical and they don't want to say no to anything. A lot of times, a side effect of entering the month of Pisces is that we let go of responsibilities that are very important for us. is that we don't confront, just like the sign certain things we do need to confront. We feel more like letting it be. And, unfortunately, when we let things be they tend to not disappear. They tend to snowball into much bigger chaos and much bigger problems. Therefor, one of the things we want to take into our heart when, while entering the month of Pisces Is ozo, we want to learn. It's a Jupitarian month. We want to grow. We want to learn. It's the month of poem. In the full moon of the month of Pisces we have the holiday of joy and happiness which is poem. So we have unbelievable features happening this entire month. However, every one of us needs to take into his heart to be accountable, to be responsible to confront in a kind way that to confront And absolutely not to be in denial and going to We are going to learn a lot during the month of Pisces And let it be a wonderful month of joy and happiness. Have a great month. [inaudible] to everybody.

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Forecast Pisces

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