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Building Youth Around the World Mali International Media

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The rural town of Oueléssebougou received on Friday from the American foundation "Building Youth Around the World" an important set of music instruments and school materials worth 25 million CFA francs. This is to help the youth through the music program offered in the main schools of Oueléssebougou. Diemba Moussa Konate. 100 music instrument, 120 back packs, and an important set of school materials are the donations that were offered to the rural town of Oueléssebougou by an American foundation called "Building Youth Around the World" which is in French "Bâtir la jeunesse à travers le monde." This symbolic gesture for the foundation has a great meaning. "[Name inaudible] said that the culture in Mali is very important, and part of this culture is 1. Education and 2. Music. So we did both. We took 100 music instrument, and gave 50 to Mana, and another 50 to a different school, then we took 120 back packs full of materials to study. According to Oueléssebougou's mayor, this initiative is part of the promotion of the learning of music for the students of his town. Here in our town, we want music to be reintroduced in the educational system, because everybody knows that education cannot be perfect without this element and it is scientifically recognized that music contributes to a better development of intelligence for children. These materials will contribute to a new motivation to teach music in the town of Oueléssebougou. The musical note of the military band gave a special touch to the event.

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Posted by: psowen on Jan 6, 2012

International Media coverage of Building Youth Around the World....subtitles are coming soon! it was broadcast in 5 countries to include Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Ivory Coast and Mauritania.

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