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SpaceVidcast Episode #015

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(dramatic music) (Ben) Welcome to SpaceVidcast episode 15. 15. My name is Benjamin Higginbotham with me is the beautiful, talented and wonderful and charming... (Cariann) Ooh charming. (Ben) and that went in there this week, Cariann Higginbotham because you didn't get any last week. (Cariann) That's right, you were like whatever. (Ben) This is the wife. That's what you got last week. (Cariann) That was awesome. (Ben) So this week we're going to be talking about how safe space travel actually is. I mean would go into space with today's success rate? The Space Shuttle, I believe is a one is 75 change of total loss of crew and vehicle. You know we've got the Virgin Galactic, which is, they've got their SpaceShip Two, it's not, not been proven or unproven. Would you go to Mars? Would you take the risk and if so, why? (Cariann) I think the personal bigger question is and how much would you pay to risk your life? (laughter) (Ben) Sort of and why? So we are going to be talking about that in the second half of the show. But the first half of the show... (Cariann) All me. (Ben) All you. Ready? (Together) 'SPACE NEWS!!' (Ben) Alright. (Cariann) Cause apparently we are never coming up with an open for that. (Ben) (laughter) That's correct. (Cariann) Oh my. (Ben) I decided doing this little thing is WAY more fun. (Cariann) Apparently, and everybody loves it. Don't you guys? Yes, we are getting a lot of "w00ts" and "nevers", ok. (Ben) (laughter) (Cariann) Wow. In any case, so for those of you that have never with us before That the soyuz group did, so thats what they lunched on Yes that was the suase its a beautiful picture isn't it? i love it Personilly um two of the space station astronauts also know as Sergei Volkov and Oleg Kononenko I can never get that right!. Oh my goodness. Right there. Yes thats them. The very Russian looking guys.umm, *giggle* Had to do what they call "un-precidented" spacewalk today and what the big deal was with this is that the part of the shuttle or the. I dont know what its called. Its a rocket.Did you just call it a shuttle again?. The Soyuz rocket there part of it that capsule. FINE.. When the thing comes down back to earth. I feel like Bill Cosby all of a suddenly *giggle* There's a protection part that's suppose to pop off. And the way that they do this is. They have these bolts. That they umm, If i remember correctly they are about 3 inches or something like that. They can't tell on video.Ok, well anyhow they're big!.They are suppose to explode.This whole part of the rocket is suppose to fly off and away. And burn in the atmosphere. Something, something, something along those lines.And what they think part of the problem was on the last two reentries of the Soyuz missions?. Rockets Is that these bolts didn't explode correctly. And so what these poor guys actually had to do was go on there. Or go out there. Spacewalk, EVA. Cut through the insulation which keep in mind please. That actually means that part of the insulation is keeping them

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Posted by: spacevidcast on Jul 19, 2008

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