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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~10:45:34 - 11:00:34

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And this one. And this. ― What color should grapes be? ― Grapes? ― They can't be green, can they? ― Green? They aren't green now. Grapes should be... Look, it says red, right. So they should be red. ― Look here first and then... ― Zhanna, that's... That's you. I drew how you eat. That's you. That's you again. You did this one wrong as well. Zhanna, is that your 20 rubles? ― Where? ― Over there. ― No. ― Hmm, whose then? I don't know. Look, it looks like a flower, doesn't it? ― What? ― Like this. I'm making a scene. That's a flower. I colored this one. This one is correct. And I colored this one. And this one's correct. Correct. And this one's not... Zhanna, stop distracting me, I've got to get some leaves. ― Leaves? ― Yes, Vasya asked me. Have you got marker pens upstairs? ― Not marker pens, but erm... ― Pencils? ― No. ― What are they called? ― Brushes? ― No. Can you do like this? They look like marker pens. Pencils? What then? Zhanna, don't distract me, I need the leaves. Zhanna! Oh, yes, I am tired. Well, clear all your supplies, and we'll go to the bazaar. Let’s put everything in the bag. Zhanna, pencils... Put everything in the bag. I drop in... Busy as well. Drop in on the girls. ― Over there it's completely wet. ― Over there? There. Kairat said, there's a leak in some tap there. I didn't think it was that bad. Which of the taps is leaking? I've no idea, Kairat has just sent Vasya to find out. There's a huge towel over there. Did they place that thing, forgot its name? ― Did they lay the towel? ― They did and it's all wet, too big a leak. Go and fix it somehow, we can't just leave it like this. Mom! All the pencils are falling. ― Is there a hole? ― Yes. ― And here is a hole too. ― I will bring another box. Put them here, put your notebooks here, I will bring a different box. Mom, somebody is calling you. Take it and put your pencils here, put them neatly, OK? ― How does it open? ― There's a small lock there, see? ― Where is the cell phone? ― It is ringing. Mom. Put all your pencils. ― Who called? ― I don’t know. Put it here again. And put these pencils too. Hello? Yes. Wait. Zhanna! So heavy! Give me the ABC book, now! Where? Now! ― Heavy. ― Give it to me now. Now! Now, Zhanna! Just a sec. What's with the engine? Zhanna! I mean can you fix electronic devices? Mom! I want another one, dress me in that one. ― The one you bought. ― So I need to come to your place, right? Where are you at the moment? I see... One more thing. Wait a minute, could you tell me how much it will cost all together? I see, OK. Galym, Galym, where are you? Close your mouth, OK? Zhanna, close your mouth when you cough. Nope, on this one. Right. Your voice, what is your voice? No, it is illegal. ― Zhanna, put it down. ― Are you at home? Push it ahead. If I cannot come before lunch, I will after lunch. Push it ahead. Does he work at home? Wait, I am coming and turn to the ‘Aina’ bazaar. ― Do you understand? ― Let’s go. Will you take a bag? ― No. ― How can I drive around the Aina bazaar? ― Wait, don’t take it. Should I go that road? Pass Tauke Khan Street? Yep. Angrey, you've got Play-Doh upstairs, right? ― It's finished. ― I will contact you. Will see, don’t be afraid. OK, bye. Banana, did you finish your classes? Well, we are leaving, ah napkins... Blow. Again. ― Gulshat, I arranged for Mukhtar to call. ― Where are they? Put it in the pocket. ― Hello, hello! ― Put it into the pocket. Yes! Fine, fine. OK, where exactly are you? Stay, stay, stay, stay there. You are at the traffic lights, right? ― The pocket is too small. ― Put it right there. ― Yes? ― Have you got the marker pens? ― What? ― Marker pens. I thought I gave them to you, no? ― No, you didn't. ― Wait a minute. Right, Vannovka, Gritsynina Street. Yes. Pardon, pardon me? No, no. You don't cross the bridge. Have you driven into Vannovka? Yes. So you've driven into Vannovka and to the right is Kulimkham-bazaar. Yes, you drive pass the bazaar. And to the left will be... Right. So the next street will be Gritsynina Street. There you turn left and you drive approximately one block. The second crossroads... At the corner, there's a big electric transformer here, you'll see it right away. Along the Pervoye Maya Street, the corner house. Gritsynina and Pervoye Maya, the corner house. Yes, 71. ― Where are they? ― OK, bye! ― Aunt Valya? Aunt Valya! ― Zhanna! Zhanna, are you leaving? ― Yes. And them as well? ― Have you done your homework, Andrey? ― Yes. Let’s go, Kairat. ― Is Ilyas staying? ― No, Ilyas is coming with us. Here you go. Bazaar.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
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Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 2, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 10:45-11:00 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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