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CNN Student News - 2/22/2010

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Could be getting harder to get a new credit card. The reason why is coming up in today's edition of CNN Student News. I'm Carl Azuz. Welcome to the show! First up today, we are talking politics, starting with Americans' views of the U.S. government. In a recent CNN poll, around a thousand people were asked if they think the government is broken. 86% said yes; 14% said no. Not great news for Washington. But of that eighty six percent, eighty one percent think that the government can be fixed. So maybe holding out some hope for the future. The national economy growing a bit. The state economy are not the new report from the national govern of association predicts that the 2011 physical or financial year which starts from most states this July, could be the most difficult, physical year, yet. That puts pressure on governors. The rubber hits the road with the governors with the States, that's where the problems are. And we wonder the remoteness that exists and the lack of connection between Washington and the States. The economy is a huge issue but so is the debts state are facing and that is making governors make some very difficult decisions regarding spending cuts and the like and so it's a challenging time for everyone but the key to all of this is to get the economy move again and get the jobs growing again The Conservative Political Action Committee, or CPAC, brought more than ten thousand people together in the nation's capital late last week. It gave potential presidential candidates a kind of early audition for the 2012 race. In an unofficial vote representative Ron Paul came out the winner, And the Texas republican talked to the conference about some of the positive things he sees happening in the country This is a different year than anything we have ever experienced before And I am optimistic to believe that a lot of good is going to come out of what is happening in this country today whether it is a CPAC meeting or a tea party movement or the recent victory in the election. But believe me, by the end of this year, I think this country is going to be a lot better off. Here's the deal. Today's money word is interest. When you borrow the money, interest is how much you have to pay back in addition to the original amount that you borrowed. put that in your work bank For example, credit card. That's borrow the money. And if you don't pay off your credit card purchases completely you will be charged interests. The longer it takes you to pay the more you end up owing Some lawmakers are worried about how much credit card debt people end up with especially young people So they passed new laws, which start today that could make it harder for anyone under the age of 21 to get a credit card in the first place One of the biggest changes is about cosigners. That's an adult often a parent who puts his or her own credit score online for you. Anyone under 21 now either has to have a co-signer or has to prove that he or she can pay off the credit card on a regular basis. Another new rule- no free gifts when you sign up for a new card you see this on college campuses a lot t-shirts to water bottles when you sign up Some experts said the laws would help keep students from getting in a financial trouble. Some students argue that their economic is still struggling. They need those credit cards to pay for tuition or books. Authorities are trying to figure out just how many people were affected by mudslides on the island of Madeira. It's controlled by Portugal. You'll find it in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. This incredible video shows you just how powerful those mudslides were. They were triggered by heavy rains Saturday morning at least 42 people were killed at least 120 others were injured. But because some people were still missing, and because bridges to parts of the island were down, it was hard for officials to know exactly how much damage had been caused. One said that Saturday's rains were the worst in Madeira in 17 years. Tiger Woods may get back to the golf course later this year. For now, he says he’s staying away from the sport in order to work on his family. The golfer has admitted that he cheated on his wife. And last Friday's speech was the first time that Woods has appeared in public in nearly 3 months. He apologized to his family, friends and fans for the behavior that he called irresponsible and selfish. Woods says he has a lot of work to do and he plans to dedicate himself to doing it. See if you can ID ME I'm one of the world's best known sailing competitions I date back to 1851 when I was first called the 100 Guinea Cup I was later named after the first boat to win the race I'm the America's cup and the yacht club that wins gets to make the rules for the next race That means that the Golden Gate yacht club has some decisions to make Last week, a team sponsored by the club brought the America's cup back to the U.S. where it hasn't been for 15 years. The BMW Oracle racing team won the trophy by defeating the two-time defending champion crew from Switzerland. This America's cup The 33rd running of the race on water took place in Spain. It was a best-of-three series the San Francisco based crew was honored at a ceremony on Saturday where the head of the golden gate Yacht club was given the key to the city. He said he hasn't made any decision yet about where the next America's Cup will happen but San Francisco is its first choice. On the other side of the country, thousands of people participated in a race to help Haiti. It took place in New York Central Park, raising more 400,000 dollars in donations for earthquake victims. It's been more than a month since the devastating quake hit the Caribbean nation. Some Haitians are beginning to get some sense of normalcy. But in the aftermath of this quake, normal takes up a very different meaning. David Mckenzie explains how. Kids doing what kids do everywhere. But these Haitian children now skip rope next to makeshift homes. Almost every empty patch of land in Port-au-Prince is now a tented camp Since the earthquake, 50,000 people have crammed into the once exclusive Petion-ville Golf Course And it's becoming a kind of community Here someone's advetising of the showing Of the Manchester United-A.C. Milan game for a couple of cents You can have your cellphone charged, buy everything from carrots to shampoo at the market. Pastor Jean who helps run the Petionville camp says life is still far from normal. You get it wrong. What I'm saying is not normal for the people. It's not normal at all. And i'm saying they've got no choice here, because if they go back home it will be worse. Some of them have got no place to live. But across Haiti, this is becoming the new normal, as hundreds of thousands seek shelter far away from buildings. People want something to do. But nothing is possible now. Still, more people stream into the camp. Making the best of what they have. and pray they will find permanent shelter before the rains come. The running event in New York we told you about just a few moments ago. is just one way in which people are trying to help earthquake victims in Haiti. These relief efforts are going to take a while There are dozens of organizations involved you can be involved too, though. We get a lot of questions from you asking how you can impact your world We're showing you right here Head to the Spotlight section at You just find the "Impact your World" link You will find a world of ways in which you can make a difference Before we go today an activity that can really rope you in …yo-yo. Although these superior spinners can do a lot more than just walk the dog. That’s what you might expect to see at the Pacific Northwest Yo-yo Championships. Yes, they have a yo-yo championship. It’s where the tools of the trade can run you more than 100 bucks. With moves like this one, it might be worth it. Yo-yoing can have some ups and downs, it always does, but if you make it to the championship level, you know you’ll be in the first-string.

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This edition of CNN Student News covers a lot of ground, from politics and mudslides to yachting and philanthropy.

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