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HB video #8

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What's up everyone? This is unfortunately our last Hei Briskeby video PSYCH! This is not our last one! Never! Yousef went to Turkey, like you know But in the meanwhile, we have a stand-in He deserves an introduction Okay, ready? Okay! Come on! We're starting slow Great, okay boys. Who is coming? What the fuck? -Who is coming? Who is it? Who is it? -Oh my God. Who is it? Are you ready? Hold on Yes! As you can see we have the one and only Even back! -In the gang -It's good to be back -It's good having you back -In the squad -It was nice to be invited It's always nice! So... finally back! -What is it? -An alarm, bro -Trump is bombing Norway -No, this is... it's... Okay, today's challenge is "Best Friend's Challenge" [Best Bud Challenge 1. Someone gets a question... 2. The others answer on a piece of paper 3. The loser gets his nipples twisted] The ones who choose a wrong answer get a nipple twist I'm not doing that man Okay, it's Even's turn What is my catchphrase? Fucking... What... What is it I KNOW IT! I know it Ready, set, go "Relax, I've got you" -What was it? -"Relax, I've got you" -"Relax, I've got you" You wrote that? "Hit it" (a joint) He always used to... "Hey bro," "Relax, I've got you," "Do you have snus (tobacco)," "Bro do you have..." -It's true, he always says that -"Do you have any perfume?" "Yeah, relax bro, I've got you" Okay, where is your nipple? Get it together, you idiot! Poor him Who was the last person to send me a DM on Insta? -You know them -Yeah? One, two, three -"Isabell," "Isabell from Elvebakken," "Isabell" -Nooo? Isabell -They're still talking -Are you hooking up with Isabell? She's cute, though -He was the one who... -She's cute If you're going to hook up, tell me, because she's seriously hot -Oh! So you... -You talk to too many girls at the same time -So you're taking my leftovers? -Wow! Wow! You can't say that -You're not even going to touch her -He takes my leftovers One, two, three! "What song do I play before fucking?" Mutta! Mutta, you should know this If he has kept his tradition... One, two, three! -What did you write? -"Birthday Sex" [Part II: Memory lane & real talk with Even Bech Næsheim] -But are you coming to Sana's party? -When is it? -Of course -Yeah You're coming over anyways -But Isak and the boys were really awesome -Yeah, they're fucking awesome -You're a very nice couple. Very cute together -That's nice -When did you get together? -Like half a year ago or something -Yeah? Awesome. Where did you meet? -At Nissen -I talked to him at Eva's birthday party -Yeah, fuck, that was really nice Yeah, really nice. Remember when we had our science exam and I had to go to the bathroom? It was so fun at Elvebakken! -Those were good times -But I don't miss school I'm glad I'm done with school Why did you quit, Even? What happened? Why did you quit Elvebakken? Uhmm... No it was during that period of time where we started losing contact And I just felt like... stuff was at the bottom of a hill, if you know what I mean? And I felt like I needed to have a fresh start -That's understandable. We understand -So it wasn't because of us? No, no, no Because we heard this rumor going around, and we didn't dare to ask you It was... We called and called, but we didn't get an answer And you don't have to answer, you can answer off-camera if that's better, but... We heard that, during that time, after you quit Elvebakken That you tried to kill yourself Mhm. Uhm... It's probably very difficult to answer I was sick Yeah Uhm... I was in a really bad place, but I feel a lot better now Yeah, that's good -Now I have a good daily life, and... -That's great. That's the most important I have a job and I graduated and it's chill -Now, it's only going up -I'm back with the boys -It's good having you back, too -Awesome -Don't get us wrong, Even is an awesome guy -He's the coolest person I've ever met The coolest! He's the one who taught me all my dance moves What dance moves? And all the pick-up lines Guess who taught me this one? This guy Then you're a bad student, because he's fucking good at that -It's good having you back -It's good to be here EVEN! EVEN! EVEN! Three, two, one! -You have to be in more videos in the future -Yeah -Yeah, can I? -Of course -Yeah, of course -Now... -Yousef, just stay in Turkey, man -Yeah, Yousef, if you're watching: Stay in Turkey -Just stay there -We're six people, not five -We'll need a bigger sofa Bring a sofa back home from Turkey. It's probably cheaper Okay, everyone. That's all for today. Should we do it together? One, two, three HAVE A GOOD SUMMER! WE'LL TALK LATER!

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