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Jefo is a Canadian company founded in 1982 and today operates in almost 60 countries. From the very beginning, Jefo's goal is to support all those that, directly or indirectly, play a role in animal nutrition. Jefo offers nutritional solutions to its clients. They are species-specific, so they offer unique solutions to pig, poultry, aquaculture and dairy. They offer more than a product sale but an overall solution to their clients. In early years, Jean noticed that other countries were developing the Canadian market. He understood that we could offer significant savings to the local producers. It was then that Jean started distributing products from partners that trusted in him. We can say that was the company’s kickoff. In the first ten years, we imported products, which we validated with the local producers, and had great results. Thus, we were confident and started exporting. He understood, and made us understand, that agriculture is very much a global entity. So, the need for products and solutions are also everywhere. We have identified that not every market is the same, and we adapt our culture, and our selling capabilities to each of those markets. The distance is a little bit unique, so, I suppose I am lucky that Jean Fontaine wakes up at 4 am every morning, which is generally 7 pm at night for me. Although it is a global company, we have a great family spirit, and it is fun to work together. We were working with commodities when we launched the added-value line of products, using the Jefo Matrix Technology, which made a big difference for Jefo. Since I was little, my father always told me: Emilie, if you help people, if you make their life easier, you will always be in business. Suddenly, we realized that the company’s new positioning is exactly that: Life, made easier. Jean is bold, perseverant, hard-worker. During university, we could see him starting to promote products. He is committed. Sky is the limit, everything is possible for him. He has proven it. Jean’s entrepreneurial flair is unique. No one can doubt his business sense. But I'd say that the most remarkable thing is his friendliness. When he travels abroad, people expect to see a friend. You are not here as an employee or just a business partner, but you are here as part of the Fontaine family. You stay in his house, you share breakfast, and it goes through. That is very unique in business people in these days. Some people would just like to make sure you make a sale or get the money, and then you go and stay somewhere else, and they keep their own life. Well, he is such a people person and enjoys having people around. At Jefo, human relations are at the company’s heart. We try to share with our employees the pleasure, the common passion to interact with people and provide quality service every day. When looking at Jefo’s evolution in these 35 years… 35 years sound like a lot but time passes very quickly. We were smaller and modest, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 employees... and more. Now, we are a global company. Jean has a real sales talent. We could see it in the university, and that was a constant in his career. I knew Jean was a visionary, that he was going to do everything to make it a big company. Since I am in the business, I believe the biggest challenge is its expansion. In recent years, our growth rate was 10 to 20%. This means new employees. This means finding people with a sparkle in their eyes, who are so committed that, even if we have to train them rapidly, they are very autonomous. That is our team’s main force, the engagement, the teamwork to reach our goals. Last year we experienced a 40% growth, which enables us to foresee an optimistic future for Jefo. Here at the Campus, we have people from all over the world and we will get bigger. I believe we will double our staff in five years. We will be more than 500 people. I am very proud of Jean’s achievements. I am proud to see that Jean has successors, that the company will continue, that it will remain a local company, and that it will continue shining internationally. Thanks to your trust and your support, Jefo keeps its flame for innovation and service. Thank you for motivating us along these years. We will keep surprising you. Thank you, Jean, for the good idea that is Jefo, for dedicating your life to it, but especially for sharing your passion and engagement for the company. I think this is what truly makes the difference at Jefo.

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Jean Fontaine - Gala Ceres 2018

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