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Shakespeare's Journey

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Hi I am Charlotte Headrick and I am the director of Shakespeare’s Journey. We at OSU are really thrilled in the University Theater to be doing this play. It's the west coast premier. The play is by Leroy Clark and it's never been produced on the west coast so we're happy to be doing it. The play is about Shakespeare's life. Shakespeare's life has been the subject of tremendous interest and we don't know a lot about Shakespeare's life. So this is Clark's re-imagining of what he thinks it might have been like for William Shakespeare. Torn between his life in Stratford with his home and family and his professional life in London. So what I have done with the play I think Clark envisioned something very different than what we have done with it and we are excited about him coming out to see the performance and see the play. We've added...we've instead of doubling the characters as he had originally envisioned because we are University Theater, we are teaching theater department we have put individual characters in all the roles and we have also added music to the production. So we have a madrigal singers who are singing throughout the production ...adding sort of a musical support to it. And its Elizabethan music from the period and the cast is also singing at times in the play. And we have newcomers to the University Theater stage, people who have never been on the stage before... and then we have some veterns of the University Theater productions. And we have everybody from freshman through seniors and we have two professors emeriti, who have been here on the faculty Judy Ringle and John Ringle are playing Will and Mary Shakespeare William Shakespeare's parents. And we have a member of the community Lori Mason and also Derron Coles is also a member of the faculty and he's in the play. But by and large its undergraduate students here at the University Theater. We're excited about the play and it's got sword fights and music and humor and there's a love triangle. So a little something for everybody. And hopefully when people leave they can debate whether "oh ya we think his life might have been like that" or "well I don't know." So that's the play!

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Posted by: umarket on Sep 2, 2009

Oregon State University Theatre production of Shakespeare's Journey. Charlotte Headrick, Director of the production talks about the play.

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