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- Okay, so you introduce yourself: your name, who you are, where do you come from, and then a little bit about your background. I mean... - My career path? Okay. -... Ouvrier de France. - So you look at the camera. And then, speak in French. - Okay. Hello. I'm Jean-Marc Tachet. I'm a cook, and Meilleur Ouvrier de France at the age of 25 - the youngest of France and Europe at that time, in 93. During my career, I've been working for very big restaurants in the region of Lyon - I come from Lyon - and among others, I worked for Mr. Paul Bocuse, the top chef and the Pope of world cuisine. - So you look closely at the camera. - Yes, yes, yes, yes. Okay. - And you explain what we are doing here today. - So today, with Sugarcreek, our partners, we made a presentation about "sous-vide" cooking, at low temperature, the correct temperature for vegetables, meats. We explained everything about the products that can be cooked: fruits and fish. It is essential to know the technique which is very important for food security, which allows you to provide optimum consistency to all partners who want to use and implement it in restaurants. - Can you describe briefly the "sous vide" cooking? - "Sous-vide" cooking is simple. It is a papillote, a product that will be cooked with all the flavors, which will maintain a maximum of taste and juice, so as not to dry the product. That is important. So the most important way, the easier way to understand the technique is the papillote. We cook "en papillote" and we preserve all the softness and the flavors from the product. - We repeat. What is the sous-vide technique? - So, where I left off...? Yes, that's it ... The "sous-vide". So the techniques are simply the same approach as using a papillote. We cook "en papillote". We preserve all the flavors, all the juiciness, the taste. It allows a correct and perfect cooking. - How do you see the future of "sous-vide" in the United States? - For me it's obvious. This process saves time, uses the most from the product, without any loss. So it's obvious, everyone is going to implement it. It meets the standards of hygiene, of responsiveness, of financial gain, and also for the staff operating mode and management. So this is an obligation... and the one who will not implement it will struggle in order to stay tuned, to put it simply.

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