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The Dangers of Improper Yoga. Sadhguru

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what kind of damage one can do with improper yoga? this is many years ago this boy was just about fifteen years of age at that time Karnataka is one place where yoga is big, you know generally almost in every town or every village you will see under the banyan tree there'll be a few people doing yoga early in the morning, that's almost like part of the scenery there so one day early morning this boy is going somewhere, he saw some people doing yoga that is they were doing Shirasasan, headstand you know Shirasasan? normal means like this yoga means like this, for most people to stand on your feet that is not yoga you must stand on your head, that is yoga so he saw people doing yoga he liked it young boy, agile so he came home and he stood on his head fifteen, twenty minutes he's able to stand on his head he' staying there and calling everybody and asking them to see how wonderfully he can stand on his head without any training or any help he did this just for about two to three weeks and then he started getting bouts of anger he'll be just fine once in two or three weeks he will get into a huge uncontrollable bout of anger lasting just about fifteen, twenty minutes at this time he will do anything in one of these situations he actually took a stick and hit his mother on her head she had a skull fracture so after this incident they started tying up the boy they said he's dangerous in a small town they didn't know what to do so they tie up the boy and keep him in one room a fifteen-year-old boy is perfectly normal otherwise, if you tie him up and keep all the things that he goes through and this started happening more and more often then when it became they didn't know how to handle it they tried to give him sleeping pills they tried to do all kinds of mantras tantras everything, nothing worked he started getting more and more violent at that time they brought this boy to us and I knew this boy is just wrong yoga, you know? then we put him on various kinds of energy balancing systems and getting him right he became quite settled down in about a year and a half he was completely absolutely normal but then he stayed on with us for another two and a half years, four years he was with us he discontinued his education he was with us for four years, those four years were very rewarding for him in a different way but if he had not come at that time let's say another two, three months had passed it would be very difficult to reclaim that boy it would have been very difficult I have seen any number of people like this simply by doing improper yoga SO is yoga dangerous? yoga is not dangerous, on this planet I don't know if you come from elsewhere I don't know on this planet stupidity has always been dangerous always and still is you need to understand this when you're talking about yoga as as science that can transform one's life just a simple thing sitting like this or sitting like that can transform a human being there must be something powerful about it isn't it if you mishandle it it could cause immense damage to a person. it's just like electricity it has no discretion you can't think of life without electricity right now, isn't it? it's so useful and you fell in love with it and you went and stuck your little finger in there and you know what happens so I am not trying to make it difficult its my wish too that yoga really reaches everybody in the world because it has to but if people want to take it they must show some dedication to it they must show some willingness to spend the necessary time on it rather than just doing quick quick yoga and not only that they are so frivolous they want to modify it for thousands of years people who come from within who know the system absolutely well those people have formulated some things upstarts who do not know one thing from the other are modifying it today there is power yoga, aquatic yoga, sky diving yoga, what not? this is just you know irresponsible, that's all absolutely irresponsible the way it's happening here the yoga in united states is absolutely irresponsible see this five-day session see there are few teachers, ask them how many years of training they've gone through four years of nonstop grinding training and out of this, if hundred people go through, only our average has just been about twenty to twenty three people have been passing, we're trying to improve that percentage it's just not getting there only twenty to twenty three percent actually pass and become teachers others we put them into administrative work and on some other work after training for four years is this just to make it difficult no, there is a lot more to it there's a lot more to it than just what's on the surface

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker who was quickly trained in a four week yoga-teachers course asks Sadhguru what she should do. Sadhguru explains how dangerous improperly performed yoga can be. (AO83)

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