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If you want to manage who in your organization has got access to use all of the mobile applications for Power BI, you can do that through the Azure management portal. So go to, and you'll land on this page. You can see your active directory within here, and if you look at the applications that are registered to your active directory, you'll see Power BI listed on there. A whole bunch that we're actually enabled for in our test tenant here. And under Power BI, you'll see this configuration tab. And there's a set of properties here that you can use to control who has access and how people access Power BI. The first one is around multi-factor authentication and location-based access. If you turn this on, you can chose to apply it to individual users or to everybody within your organization. And it lets you choose whether you need to require people to use two factor or multi-factor authentication to sign in. So for example, having a device and a PIN or a password and a smartcard or something like that. And also this allows you to control whether they do that anywhere or just when they're not inside a work location. And you can use Azure's settings to control what those network locations look like. You can also control access based on specific devices. So you can again say, "Should this apply to particular groups or to everybody?" And here your choices are whether or not this is a domain joined with this device, something that's just anything to the domain or specific things have been marked as compliant. Or for specific devices running Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, or Windows. And again, you'd be able to choose how these people have access, what devices they can use when they're using Power BI through your active directory. So really simple if you need to control who can access using those mobile devices and where they can access the Power BI service from.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 5 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
License: All rights reserved
Genre: None
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Posted by: csintl on Dec 10, 2016

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